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  1. Traded my Ping G2 for a Nike Machspeed SQ 9.5 and Callaway bag to match my irons... thanks craigslist
  2. ouch!! yah - the advantages of the Midwest i guess. that being said, its a rickety, floodplain, old rattrap of a place. but therin lies its charm.
  3. im thankful I was able to put together my Learn-to-play-again bag and my 5 year olds junior bag for pennies!
  4. I go to a "$5-all-u-can-hit" range so i hit usually a couple hundred a session. Had to take off last two weeks because i went on a binger and ripped several chunks of skin of my mitts. But ive been working on proper line up and arm angles on drives and hybrids. I can pretty much get 9 of 10 balls in a washbucket at 15 yards so im trying to get my Med-Short irons consistent so i can take advantage of my short game. Most importantly im trying to find a really stylish hat and a proper pair of knee-high socks to match my argyle sweater vest.
  5. Tonight im picking up my new-to-me Callaway Diablo Edge SW 54 degree (stock graphite) to finish my 3h-SW set. Ordered off Ebay and ill be picking it up at the UPS location so the wife doesnt see that i bought another club...its a sickness you know. But thats some 007 stuff right there. Now all i need is a 60 deg CG14 and im set to hit the course for the first time in 5 years.
  6. thanks - ill hit the heated driving range this winter and really get into it
  7. lived in a townhome for a while. had a full 9 iron swing sized lot in the back. shanked one through the parking lot ....hit nothing.
  8. Ok, so this golf thing is pretty hard. backswing / transition / downswing question: so i know theres 48,000 tips to improve swing dynamics such as: a) twitch your left glute westward on impact b) carry a bearded gecko named ralph in your golf bag c) whistle your favorite Beiber song whence approaching the tee box. but - i ve been watching alot of golf lately and i find that some pros rip the club back and tear into the downswing and some really float the club back and almost hang it there before going forward. whats the pros and cons?
  9. i shall also try this advice,just broke my junker 8 iron trying to swing under that ball. youd think i was mining for ore.
  10. wow - ive been doing this for a while ,,, so much easiers
  11. 1) trying not to kill the person in the next fairway with my Hook from Hell. 2) working on a stiff left arm / locked wrist chip shot ( sorta like a putt ) ... so far - deadly accurate... way less chance of error 3) lining up my irons with the shaft inside the leading edge of the ball ( to keep from hitting on the outer part of the blade mishit). basically lining the ball up with the shaft instead of the blade.
  12. Buy? ha- in this economy?? What i did get was a severe case of the "wants" when i was pounding a Ping Answer 10.5 into the net. But if you consider Craigslist a 'store' i just picked up a Very Good condition 3H,4H,5,6,7,8,9,PW of Callaway Diablo Edges in steel uniflex for $93. Time before that: a mint Odessey White Hot blade Putter for $25, before that a Ping G2 10.5 in Good condition for $20. Sweet mother i love CL.
  13. Well thats kinda the reason I use them - but im used to hockey gloves) and Hotrodjrd , yah Batting Gloves were my first choice, but had none laying around - - i figure might as well go the batting glove route as you can add a bit of style if you so choose. ill probably end up playing with something like this: http://www.softballrampage.com/Baseball/Batting-Gloves/5266/169/Diamond-Elite-Pro-Adult-Batting-Gloves.html?zmam=34062620&zmas;=3&zmac;=30&zmap;=ST59896&gclid;=CIKQ7tDT37oCFYgWMgodSzkAyA
  14. Im going to go out on a limb and say im the only one who uses Mechanix gloves, yes the velcro strap ones you get from autozone. (hold back laughter) I cant stand golf gloves- way too thin and are almost immediately drenched in sweat. If you think thats a good one, let me tell you about how i use hockey grip tape on my driver grips.
  15. Just here to say hi and background.. As a DI hockey player who has "hung em up", i finally decided to get serious about golf. ive historicaly sucked through 18 holes, but ive had flashes of brilliance clouded by many trips to the woods in ball retrieval mode. just monday i purchased a new-to-me set of Callaway Diablo Edge's to go with a real putter and driver ( oddessy white hot and ping G2). So, now after years of rustic hodge podge blade sets, i can swing something i have a shred of confidence in. I believe ive corrected my 'Happy Gillmore" swing and found an iota
  16. Just got the 3h,4h , 5-P... much excite we shall see if i can stay on the fairway now!
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