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  1. nmbeltdesign

    What Is Your Favorite Time To Tee-it-up?

    I'm an afternoon person also because of the reasons you state. It's productive time spent playing and the course looks great when the sun descends. The only slight negative is that the greens get longer and could get choppy from groups. Actually, just get me on a golf course any time of the day.
  2. nmbeltdesign

    Who Is Your All-time Favorite Golfer?

    For me, Seve Ballesteros hands down. H e was an original at that time. He played to win, not for money. He lived a philosophy like Ricky Bobby in Taladega Nights, "if ya ain't first, your last." Fearsome golfer that was exciting to watch. Put the European tour on the map with the US tour. Only issue with Seve was that he was so competitive that he didn't always respond well to media (he wasn't after commercial endorsements) and was a bit unfairly cast in that light. I remember, a long time ago being at the driving range at Doral at one of the PGA touranments. I was right on the ropes and the pro's were hitting balls no more than 15-20 feet in front of me. Out comes Seve and his spot was right in front of me. There were a couple of kids squatted next to me that were probably 6-7 years old. Seve is making small talk with his caddie and some of the players, he hits 5 or 6 shots turns my way and see's the two kids.He comes over, motions to the kids, lifts the ropes and brings the two out to the range where he let them hit balls and conducted his own little lesson for them. He spent about 15 minutes with them while they were hitting balls on the tournament range. Can you imagine.... these kids were hitting balls on the tournament range prior to starting a PGA tour event with a major's winner. The crowd, understandably, went crazy with appreciation. Seve enjoyed every bit of his time with the kids. It was a phenomenal moment and made quite the impression contrary to what some of the media portrayed him to be.
  3. nmbeltdesign

    Chipping With a Putting Method

    Has anybody found success in using a hybrid from this position? I have started to practice using that club to get used to the distance, or "pop" of the ball off of the hybrid (I use a Titleist 913, 3 hybrid) and once you get used to the fact that you have to trust the run out and not hit it hard, it seems to work well. It especially works well when your on the fringe with first cut of rough directly behind the ball. I feel it works better than bellying my sand wedge. Of course it all depends on your position around the green and where the pin is located.
  4. nmbeltdesign

    The 50 yard bunker shot.

    Great movie.
  5. nmbeltdesign

    The 50 yard bunker shot.

    David... That is a great shot and it requires practice and conviction. it's funny to see my friends see me hit that shot and they think I'm flying the green and they're licking their chops until the ball hits the green and either stops or zips back to a great look at the putt. It kills them. It's a fairly easy shot if you put a little time into it. That gives me more control than the chunk and run option of clubbing up, especially to tight pins. Pins that offer a lot of run up with the green are easy to execute given the added options you have.
  6. nmbeltdesign

    The 50 yard bunker shot.

    Hi: like I said, everyone has different comfort zones so whatever works for you.... keep at it! When you get a chance check out the technique the pro's utilize for fairway bunker shots, they don't dig in like they're in a greenside bunker and are very quiet with their legs.
  7. I agree. Quantity vs. quality is a non acceptable condition. you're better off not practicing IMO. Even when I go out to play in a serious round, I would rather hit 10 balls to stretch out with a pace and tempo that suits my game, than hit 30 shots in the same time. All that would happen is that I would replicate that accelerated tempo, pace when I go out.
  8. nmbeltdesign

    The 50 yard bunker shot.

    Hi: just to validate what everyone else has suggested.... club up and keep club face square to target. So, a 50 yard bunker shot would be fine with either a wedge or 9 iron. ONE CAVEAT though.... texture of the sand counts!!! If you are in soft, baby powder like sand I would club up one more time and hit an eight iron still square to target (do not lay open to increase loft), if you are in compact sand, or more granular sand (that is not soft and fluffy) then stick with the wedge or 9 iron for 50 yards. Also, do not dig your feet in as if you are in a greenside bunker....try to keep your feet on the same plane as the ball and aim 1-2 inches behind to make the appropriate contact with the sand to have it push the ball out. Another option to consider, and one that I am most comfortable with in compact/granular sand (and everyone is different with their comfort zones depending on what shots/techniques you practice) is that I grab my 54* Volkey, play the ball in the back of my stance, clubface square to the target, I do not dig in with my feet, choke up an inch and play it as a punch shot/pitch making sure my hands are in front of the ball at impact. I'll take the club only to aproximately 10 o'clock on my swing. I like this shot because it flies like a punch but has much more spin and stops on a dime. Wherever I throw it it sticks. Lastly, committ to your shot - whatever you decide. Do not second guess yourself on any shot because it defeats the purpose of the technique or swing you are about to put on the ball. There is nothing more aggravating, i think, than reflecting on messing up a shot because you either slowed up through the impact area or trying to inhibit the flow of your swing by trying to control it. I would rather mess up a shot with full commitment, than mess it up by not executing - not that I expect to mess it up but I hate feeling like a moron not doing what I know I should do.... you know what I mean. Oh yes, don't forget.... practice. Thanks.
  9. Thank you. A lot goes into the design elements to specifically maintain that balance of distinctiveness and subtlety. Hopefully, It will appeal to others as well as it appeals to our tastes, and offer a fresh fashion alternative to golf/athletic/active lifestyles. We don't produce any item unless we are completely satisfied that it is a quality product and one that we would proudly wear. And, we're very comfortable with that perspective. Thank you again for your thoughtful response.
  10. Male and female golfers often look for distinctive fashion to compliment their golfing and social experience. And why wouldn't you? Golf fashion seems to run the gamut from sublime to extreme and it's not easy to find just the right item to reflect your lifestyle and taste. It's not easy to find because it's not there. We felt we had to offer a fashion option that we think is unique and sophisticated ... so welcome to NicholasMariano buckles and belts. We are not about creating another fleeting golf fashion "trend" that goes by way of blatently seeking attention. We focus on elegant design and quality that is timeless and reflects your style, on and off the golf course. Peek your curiosity, take a look at our website and enjoy yourself. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
  11. nmbeltdesign

    Taylormade R1 Driver

    I would be interested in knowing how many club lines offer adjustability for their drivers, hybrids and fairway sticks. It seems it doesn't make much sense anymore to offer a 1 dimensional option. I and family members have gone through pretty comprehensive fittings, taking hours, to identify the best possible margin of success. But even after going through those exercises, you always tinker with different looks and sometimes have to functionally adjust for types of courses and playing conditions. With respect to TM drivers, and a previous post, I've liked some and haven't others. I liked the R1 but the Slider didn't work out for me. I'm speaking in general terms without getting into shafts, lofts, etc. the R1 was the club of choice for a lot of competitive junior gofers and TM is a marketing buzz saw of a company. So I think the driver sold well, I can't confirm that from a statistical perspective, just exposure to players and competitive fields, and their retail/online distribution. BUT.... Remember, TM is on a 6 to 7 month turn cycle for their driver lines so you can always count on them to discount sooner than later.

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