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  1. 10 years ago they were big $ total custom made sorta. Huge fitting centers in shops. They were pretty good IMO. I actually just gave my old Zevo driver away a month ago.
  2. I read and read everything I could. Tried out the 1500 te, V2, and Cally 550. Still was a toss up, read more. Ende dup getting the Cally 550 and love it. Had it a week and it is easy to use, love the scanning where I can pick up a pin and then a tree behind it, back and forth, back and forth easily so I know I have the correct target. I am 100% happy with the decision.
  3. Good info, sounds like a rangefinder is for me since I can easily be all over the course. What is a good one you can easily find at golf shops, say under $400? I am clueless on them, but do some actually have green readings or whatnot? I like the aspect I might dog a shot, then be able to judge how far it is to a trap, water, etc. when I know the green isn't within range. Appreciate it.
  4. I'm curious too. But, is it really anything more than a regular chipper? I had read it can be used for up to 100 yds in?
  5. I have one I've played all sumer, I really like it. Very soild feeling and can get through some rough easier than many others I've tried. That being said it is about to be replaced my the Bobby JOnes hybrid. MY pal has one and man, that thing really impressed me.
  6. If an iron is bent upright, does that make it a little harder to use when opening it up? Oppiste for flat, easier to open the face?
  7. I almost bought one last night, but am looking for an 8.5 opposed to the one GG had in 9.5 I was shocked. The thing felt good and I was hitting it long and straight. If the #'s were right, I'll like it better than my 907 and Sumo.
  8. I just came home with a set last night actually! GOing to play a round or two afterwhile, I'll report back then. MY driver speed is around 95 and I play stiffs, but can easily play regular as well. I have a high ball flight so the stiffer shafts help that a wee bit I think.
  9. I have that same club and I hit my ball high as well, but I do with all drivers for soem reason. I have an 8.5, about the same height as the D2 with the Adila. Tried low flight balls, etc. Sometimes it makes a tiny bit of dofference, but not enough to affect the height IMO. And of all the stock D2 shafts, the Adila produced the lowest flight for me. The D2 in a 7.5 would be cool! I am about ready to try a 7 or lower, maybe the Geek.
  10. The Ping S57 felt great, though not sure I'd for over the $ if I was buying a brand spanking new set.
  11. I agree with with having to literally bond with something. These Macs, I truly did and was sort ain awe because of their uncool status ya know. I played them all weekend. I was hitting the long irons better than any iron I have ever hit, so that was a whole new expereince for me! The course I played is total hardpan for the most part. Must be the bounce on the shorts, because unless I could take full swings, pitch, etc with the shorts often came up odd for me compared to my 57's. Now full swings, pretty nice for me. So, I might just throw my 57's 8-pw and use the Macs for the rest.
  12. Think I might, or go for the new CM's, but why keep looking of those older ones work ya know. The price is around $50 higher than ebay, but...might as well.
  13. Well, thanks for the repies. Hit some today... The i10's were not for me, the s57's felt really nice. The new Mizuno 52, I prefer my 57's. Low and behold out of curiosity I hit a used set of...gasp...Macgregor VIP foil irons and wow! I hit the heck out of them, even the long irons which I can;t normally do! So, still negotiating a price due to the need for new grips on them, but I think I Must have them. Seriously freaked me out sorta. Wonder if the new Mac's would be any better for me? NO dealers at all around me.
  14. Alright, after a bad round, I have decided to not go for player's irons this time and go for something between a GI and player's. I have the 57's now, but might as well face it I'm just not consistent enough with them. I love them, the feel, look etc. BUt MY swing just isn't quite there yet. I was going to go for the AP2's, but...Whatta bout the i10's? I hit the AP1's, they were nice clubs, but too bulky at address, though I might have to get over that if I want lower scores. Any insight into such an iront hat might fit would be great.
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