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  1. NickNasty


  2. this feels like a support group, glad to see it though. I have recently gotten a new driver (diablo octane from 2 years ago so wasn't that expensive), scotty cameron newport 2.5, new ogio bag, 3 vokey's and whenever I am in a store that sells balls I pretty much have to buy a dozen
  3. check of rockbottomgolf, I just ordered a new callaway diablo octane for $99 from there
  4. NickNasty


    boxers all the time except when I am running or playing sports, as I need the support and do not want testicle torsion, i've know people to have it happen and do not want to be in that group.
  5. I group my driver separate, my 3 wood and 3 hybrid together, then my 4 and 5 together, 6 and 7 together, 8 and 9 together, and my pw, sw, and lw together, my putter separate.
  6. Currituck Club is the best in the area, and you aren't going to find much for cheap on the Banks. Nags Head Links is another nice course further south than Currituck (not sure where your rental house is), but it's also pricey.
  7. Nice to see a fellow eastern North Carolinian up here. I grew up in Greenville and played Farmville cc numerous times, though Ayden cc was my course of choice.
  8. The taylormade arrow's that came on my r7's seem to be so slick for me. I am thinking about going ahead and regripping with either Tour Wraps or Multi compounds
  9. I just upgraded to an Odyssey Sabertooth, from a Odyssey dual force 992 that was about 10 years old. I know the sabertooth looks crazy but it just feels so great to me and has improved my putting game
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