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  1. hmmmm, idk man, lol, i guess it's because i hit it more than 300 usually,
  2. your also right about the scholarship, looking for harvard, the 4.0 gpa school
  3. what makes you think i want to play video games, lol, i have wrestling and school, have no time for that crap!
  4. ha, lol, but to be truthful, i barely reach 5 foot, but i am very strong and team captain on the wrestling team, so, thanks for the info on playing, it will be between golf and baseball though, so i wait...
  5. oh, i was just playing the game, real life, 2013, on the real life box, lol, jk
  6. and how would i upload a video from my phoneeeeeee.......??????
  7. oh, i was wasn't taking it personal, lol, i was a just a askin , lol, come on! that is an awesome face!!!!
  8. i live in indiana, why is this important anyways, and i can't believe that some poeple think im trolling, lol, haters gonna be haters i guess
  9. i am thirteen, and i am driving the ball 300+ yards, but i do not even play golf, and im alright at chipping and every thing, do you think i should consider playing golf?
  10. well, i will not kid you, i recently turned 13, and im driving 300 + yards, and to be honest, last month was the first month i started, and i was already driving 270+, i have no idea how i hit it that far, but i did play baseball since i was two, and i can easily hit homeruns, and people say i have a funky swing, but when they tried my swing, they hit it far farther, but idk man, but, im just telling you, if a thirteen year old can do it, you could too! :D
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