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  1. It seems Titleist account for more than 30% (on average) of the putters on the PGA tour: http://www.titleist.com/players/equipment_counts.asp This suggests that there should be more than 18 users?
  2. Kudos to SpoiledRotten and golfro for telling it like it is and not sugar-coating it. I'll bet there were many more thinking exactly the same but biting their tongues.
  3. Another poster gets slaughtered for his claims of inhuman distance. I'd have thought by now that most forum users should know better than to post how far they think they hit the ball. Why do folks feel compelled to come here pounding their chest like king kong whenever they hit a decent drive?
  4. This is one point I agree with you on 100%, it's definitely going to be tougher than ever! I can't wait for the season to get started after the disappointment of the world cup!
  5. Well, to address your geographical concerns, I was born in Hope Hospital, which is a couple of miles or less from Old Trafford, so I guess that justifies my choice of team on the grounds of proximity? Unless you're a nipper, City were at Maine Rd, not Eastlands when you were born and by the way, Droylsden is in Tameside not the City of Manchester. I'm not sure what to say about your obsession with scum but it sounds like a throwback to the days of football hooliganism. Sure there are rivalries, but some of my friends are supporters of the other team and I don't view them as scum. Each to
  6. This is probably the easiest way for the OP, if the course is within bike distance. Just leave the clubs at the course and ride there each day and no need to ask mom to help out. Alternatively the thing about doing the household chores sounds like the next best option and those days that you have to ask mom for a ride in the car, make sure you at least make breakfast for her. Anyway, what's this thing about 7.30-8.00am being early? That's a lie-in for some of us!
  7. I was thinking the same thing! I can understand how the shape would help if you wanted to dig the ball out of the rough, but on a tight fairway lie it looks like it wouldn't sit very well?
  8. Kingfisher

    St Andrews

    Generally I would agree with some of this, but wouldn't go as far to say that I despise it! I have visited and/or played several of the courses that the OP mentions and can vouch for their pedigree. I have been to St Andrews on a couple of occasions to watch golf, but have never played, so I can only speak from a spectator point of view. Sure, St Andrews is the birthplace of golf and no doubt when you're walking around the place you can almost feel the history - perhaps some golfers get a little too caught up with this and it masks the fact that the course is not the greatest. To the man
  9. His first round was top drawer and those strides he was wearing put Poulter to shame. I'd like to see Daly up there on Sunday, as he's one of the few truly exciting players on tour, but I fear if he blows one hole badly his head will go down and that'll be end of story.
  10. Sean, your uncovered driver looks more like a G10, than the Callaway Hawkeye in your sig?
  11. Nick, bitter blue much? Now a red will throw his 2 pence worth into the mix, so the readers will get some balance. As you are probably aware, Manchester United began life as Newton Heath FC back in 187? and subsequently changed their name to Manchester United in the early 1900s. I can assure you that the Newton Heath area is firmly within the City of Manchester area, thus the name Manchester United was perfectly justifiable - at the time MUFC was born, they were located in the same 'Manchester' as your team. So, it seems that Manchester United was born in Manchester and is also older than
  12. The TV show springs to mind - "My name is nike_golf and I am not smarter than a fifth-grader!" He's not the only one though. Once, one of my American colleagues (i.e. working for the same company as me) asked me which part of China Singapore was loctaed in
  13. Already done by those cheeky rascals over at Bang Golf... 525cc... and 600cc...
  14. What looks better should never, ever, be your primary consideration. What you should be looking at is what plays better - for you - which one do you hit better? I have not hit the Titleists, but I found the Mizunos nice easy clubs to use and quite powerful (I believe they have a 2deg stonger then std loft). In terms of appearance, the Mizzies are undoubtedly a better looking club than the Titleists. Still, having said that you should not rely on what people here say, YOU should try BOTH before you buy either of 'em.
  15. Huh, only $6 for 9 holes - what are you expecting, Augusta National? You should quit complaining! lol
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