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  1. Par 5. Playing a pick up 3-man scramble. Hit my drive off the right side of the fairway, but still have a clean look at the hole. Take out my 3W and hit it as pure as I think I ever will. Pull up to the hole and I'm about 10 ft to the right of the hole, pin high. Fairly straight put, catch the right side of the cup and falls in for EAGLE!!! First ever, hopefully not the last
  2. i have the callaway warbird and love it, i love that with the bottom frame you can stand stand the bag upright and it won't fall over
  3. come on, you know tiger and phil should ace every hole on the course (par 3, par 5, it doesnt matter) so wouldnt the sensible thing be to yell at the ball to let it know where it needs to go
  4. On average it takes me about 3 hours without having to wait on people. My record time with a twosome, is right around 2 hours. (we were moving!!!)
  5. I think one of my problems is that I have too much pride to accept the fact that I can't hit a club as well as a want to on a consistent basis, so I keep pulling out the driver when I know I shouldn't just to boost my ego. The problem is, after I hit the ball it usually gets me more frustrated because I know I could've hit my 5 wood better.
  6. That I hit my 5 wood the same distance if not farther than my driver?
  7. i just got the callaway warbird stand bag, so im still trying to decide how to organize the bag. anyone here have this bag and is willing to tell me how they have set their clubs in them?
  8. i try and play at least once during the week and once again on the weekends
  9. Just graduated from LSU and am on the job hunt!
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