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  1. No I haven't. I try to steer clear of Berman. I can put up with him sometimes during football season but, that is about it.
  2. I am very anal when it comes to putting clubs back in the bag. Top left: 3-Iron and hybrid Top right: Driver Middle left: 4-6 Iron Middle right: 7-9 Iron Bottom left: PW and Wedge Bottom right: Putter
  3. I personally think that every event should be commentated by Jim Nantz. To me he is the classiest commentator of all. He is still accurate but, not as brutal as Johnny Miller. Driver: Ping Rapture 10.5 Irons: 3-PW Callaway X-20 Tour Hybrid: Nike CPR 18.0 Wedge: Titleist 56.12 Vokey Oil Can Wedge Putter: White Hot #5
  4. I am the Vice President of HonestAutoEstimates.com which is a consumer advocate company devoted to auto repair consumers to ensure they are not being overcharged for auto repairs.