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  1. Duck and cover, usually behind the cart.
  2. Right at 4 hours, would be 3 1/2 but it seems at least once a round someone wants to play "rules guru" and argue about a shot. It makes it kinda interesting. We usually take bets on who it will be and on what hole.
  3. I laughed for 10 minutes, thanks!!!! Although you might need that 2 grand to help pay for the gold!!!
  4. Usually once or twice a week, I like to work on my irons one time and then my drive/ 3 wood the other. Although I will admit to going every once in a while just to work out some agression, with no thought on technique at all. I find it to be quite the stress reliever!!!!
  5. Operations Manager for a large retail companies Logistics division. Work 3 days a week and hack around on the courses in the Houston area the other 4.
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