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  1. The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

    Any adjustments recommended for S&T; pattern and hitting out of a thick lie in the rough? I have been playing the ball back, like I am used to, but as our rough has thickened up this year I have been struggling, irons really seem to close up fast, resulting in pulls. Trying to hold the face from closing really seems to throw me off.
  2. The ULTIMATE golf wager

    From the post, there was definitely no “keeping score” going on. One nice thing about betting on our game is that it often encourages actually playing golf (by the rules that is). So, we never completed the first hole, then -
  3. anyone create their own practice net area?

    I took one bay of my three car garage (the bay where I still park my car) and set it up for practice. When the car is out, I hit balls across this bay. In the middle bay I set up a mat. At the side wall of the third bay I set up a floor to ceiling net on a roller track slide. When is use the net pulls out to 12 ft. wide, otherwise you slide it back like a curtain so it does not waste space in the garage or get in the way of the car. I just weight it down with some 5 lb. plastic dumbbells on each end so it stays in place when in use. I set up an old laptop with c-swing for video, and got a used Vector launch monitor off of eBay so I have feedback on the shots I am hitting. I could not recommend this set up more for off season practice. For mats and nets I used parbuster.com. Get indoor outdoor carpet to cover the garage bay between mat and net to deaden the balls as they come off the net. No issue with car parking over this all the time. I got Parbuster’s ultimate hitting mat with tee line tuft, and had them drill it for a tee holder – so you can use standard tees without them flying all over the garage. Call them with your garage height and get custom net and track. As long as you are not a chop (of have drunk friends over) balls should most always hit the net. I did have one careless accident, but I think this type of net is more than adequate.
  4. Laird/Bryant Situation. Explanation Please?

    This originally confused me because the article can lead you to believe the pitch was on the green if not read closely, but after researching better versions of the story the pitch was on the fringe, which makes it an improvement of line of play issue. Then you have Bryant acknowledging that the area was part of his line (interpreted by the USGA officials as allowing it to be improved) to seal the violation. A bad situation, because I would be about 100% certain that Bryant would have known that the pitch could not be repaired if part of his line – he just got caught up answering the question without thinking, while Laird was in the process of tamping it down. This said, I don’t understand the “didn’t know that rule” comment if it was in reference to the line improvement, anybody playing any level of competitive golf knows this.