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  1. Yesterday I don't know what happened, but for my twilight round all the stars must have been in alignment because I had the best round of my life. I shot 40 on the back 9 of a local course. Generally I'm thrilled if I can break 50. The round started with my personal best shots of the day. Hole 10 Par 5: I hit a drive that went about 210 yards (thats a good drive for me) with a slight hook (I generally slice). The ball headed in the direction of the dogleg left and disappeared behind some moguls in the left rough. I went looking for the ball where I thought it had landed and found it nowher
  2. I used it on my Blackberry 8800 last year. Of my local courses it only had one mapped. Furthermore, the interface was clunky and convoluted as if designed by drunken monkeys. This year I bough a dedicated Golf GPS and could not be happier. For score keeping I find it easier/faster to use paper anyway.
  3. When I first started, i bought a complete set of golf stuff from Acuity (dicks sporting goods). As I got better I finally bought Ping irons and bought other clubs. My old set I keep around for when I have out of town guests in who might want to play, or beginners who want to play a round.
  4. I have a super high trajectory on all of my shots and almost never take any kind of a divot. I've been trying out some ProV1x balls with the trusty Vokey Spin milled 60 degree lob wedge. For the life of me I can't get any backspin on it. Normally my balls will kindof fly really high and then just plop down as if dropped from straight above and sit there. However, there are some greens and some shots where it would be beneficial to make sure it can come back a little bit, like if the green is sloped downhill from the hole, it may help to stop the ball. How the heck do you get the ball to sp
  5. I spent too much time on the range last week and now am experiencing trigger finger in my left pinky. The finger just locks in the close position. Very annoying and makes it hard to type.
  6. Bought a Taylormade R7 Draw driver today. Also played with it today on the course for the first time. Was a great experience. While i still hit some slice the slice was not catastrophic as normal. If I landed right, it would be just off the fairway. In general, I was on the fairway or on the left rough.
  7. hahahahahaha! Thats exactly what I was thinking! :)
  8. In the Cleveland area we have fantastic Metroparks courses. (Well great for people at my level of golf). They have a very nice par 3 that costs $8 for nine holes, or $5 after 6:30pm (great for practice of anything but the woods). Then They offer an $8 rate after 6 or 7 (twilight rate). It seems that after 6:45 I can go out on the regularly crowded course and there is nobody ahead or behind me so play is fast and relaxing. Also, for every $100 you spend you get $20 discount. So if you look for good parks courses with nice evening rates you can play quite a bit. Other tips from a tightwad l
  9. I like to have 1 or 2 beers over the course of an 18 hole round. Always with some food at the turn. I find that 3 beers over the course of 4.5 hours does not make me intoxicated. Oddly, I have a pal I play with who is an absolute beginner. He has a hard time loosening up and swinging naturally. The other day, after a beer on an empty stomach, his game actually improved after he stopped being so uptight about it.
  10. Wow, can a dent really have that big of an effect? Remind me never to let anyone touch my driver. I'm a high handicapper so I figure I may not notice any effect of such a dent anyway. I suppose he could try to use the club as a trade-in towards his new club. Presumably he may not get as much for it, but you never know. Some golf stores may be able to refurbish it for resale.
  11. I could see using them on the range when practicing the driver, but not on the course. I generally break one wooden tee per driver shot, so I go through quite a few at the range. On the course I've used Stinger Tees and zero friction. I love the stinger tees (mainly for how easy they are to put even in the hardest of tee boxes). But currently I use Zero friction because they last me quite a while. Unless I try to use them for teeing up an iron real low (par3). Then I usually take the heads right off them.
  12. Around here the walmarts have the standard selection of high end golf balls plus some recycled balls and some x-outs (that are labeled as such). Target sells some of the "higher end" balls, but their golf section is fairly pathetic in general. I actually bought a hybrid 4 at walmart 2.5 years ago when I first started out. It is a taylormade rescue clone I think. Anyway, it works great.
  13. I have not had a hole in one, but last April the wife did. Course: Shawnee Hills (Cleveland Metroparks) Hole: #8 Par 3 138 yards Club: Driver :) The wife had been hitting shots right all day so she decided to compensate and aim left. She had hit it a bit too flat and it flew halfway to the hole then wormburned the rest of the way to the green. On the green it curved right towards the pin and then dropped in!! She got a free mention in the local paper, a free trophy from the metroparks and a certificate, plus 6 free balls from the Metroparks. She was thrilled!
  14. Also works great on Mac OSX which is what I use. Thursday I was on a golf course, and I found a sprinklerhead that was marked 115. I stood right on top of it, pulled out Golf Logix, and it told me 115 to the center of the green. I was impressed.
  15. I'm sure you'll like the Golf Logix. So far its been great for me.
  16. Golf Logix is essentially a custom software running on a Garmin Etrex H unit. As with the Etrex H, the Golf Logix is waterproof up to 1 meter under water. Truely water proof. I have an Etrex unit for Geocaching and I have had that unit underwater while canoeing. No problems. A little rain won't bother it a bit. As for hands off, for the most part my Golf Logix requires little interference from me. Sometimes it will think I've moved on to the next hole if I'm close to the tee area of the next hole, all it takes to get back on track is to scroll down one (previous hole) or up one (next hole).
  17. I'm the same way, but in the 1 out of 10 chance I hit a decent shot, I don't want it sailing right into a lake because I didn't estimate the layup distance correctly. :)
  18. I'm lovin' the GolfLogix big time, its so nice to stop flying over the darned green! The only problem is, now I need it to tell me the windspeed aloft. :) I tend to hit very high shots and the wind coming off lake erie was robbing me of 10 yards the other day. :/
  19. I may just try it. How far is that from downtown grayling?
  20. Don't know him... whenever that show comes on all I hear is my Tivo Fast forwarding sound "Beeloop belooooop beelooooooooooop"
  21. That would be awsome. I don't want to do any fancy analysis on course... just record strokes and be able to sync with the desktop app. Anyway, I'm off to go buy an iPhone 3G :)
  22. When borrowing a rangefinder on the course I find the people who give me the most grief are also the ones who ask me the most often "how far am I?"
  23. I absolutely hate the stupid Grey Goose 19th hole. The only good part about that show is the booze.
  24. I don't know, but so long as they stay at $30 per year, I'm not worried about it. Hell, I lose $30 worth of golf balls each round. :) Seriously though, if the courses are all accurately mapped and the customer service is good $30/year is not bad @ all.
  25. IMO he was being rude if he was holding you up. Well I used my GolfLogix on my local course today for the first time. The distances seemed pretty good. It saved me several strokes I think, where from my bad visual estimation I'd have overshot or undershot the green. I had it clipped to my belt, so all it took was a quick glance and I already knew all the relevant distances. I never even had to press a button, it advanced for me telling me distance to the doglegs, hazards and green as I approached them. I used it once to get a dose of reality. :) My 210 yard 3 wood tee shot ended up being o
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