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  1. I also chose a GPS for that reason, I've used my father's rangefinder and its just a pain to have to take it out, sight and the put it away before shooting. Takes a bit longer than GPS. Nice thing is the rangefinder allows me to see how far the group ahead of me is, and also because it is zoomed in lets me watch them putzing around in the woods spending 20 minutes looking for their precious top flites. :) Seriously though, if your friend is taking longer to use his rangefinder than you are taking to pace off distances, he is really really slow. Lets say I'm 50 yards behind the 200 marker, if
  2. On the Garmin I think the yearly subscription covers the cost of downloading the courses... I'm not sure what happens after the year, but I'm sure once they are on the GPS they won't be taken away... but then you would not get any more updates for those courses.
  3. I'd love to see one of these gps companies include an application that interfaced with Google Earth or some such to let you see detailed satellite photos and map your own courses or to make custom points on your own courses based on the satellite images.
  4. So when can we expect the iPhone version of the app? :)
  5. I'm on a par4 and slice my tee shot way off into the other fairway on the right. When I get to the ball, there is a tall stand of pine trees between me and my hole. The smart play would be to chip back onto my fairway so I can get a look at the green. Fortunately, I'm not a smart player.... I'm a high handicapper with poor course management skills. :) So I decide to shoot a 7 iron in the direction I think the green is. To my astonishment I managed to get the shot to clear the top of the trees, then a second later I hear "Good shot!" coming from the other players. I'd managed to put myself
  6. I can see that point of view also. I guess a real purist would say remove the on course markers and also outlaw yardage books/scorecard maps. I guess if I never had any of those toys I'd probably get much better at estimating distance. Currently, i can't tell 150 from 170, I'm an awful judge of distance.
  7. I'd welcome this! I spend lots and lots of time in the bunkers (some days I'll even bring a beach chair). I've always found raking to be a chore, but I do it out of courtesy. If there are no rakes, I'll be off to the next hole faster. Assuming of course my ball isn't resting in somebody's enormous footprint.
  8. Wow! You are in grayling michigan? I go up there once a year for Canoeing and Golfing! In face the Fox Run Golf course up there is one of the main reasons I went with GolfLogix, they are one of the few gps providers who have that course and all the others I play mapped.
  9. One thing I hate is Highlights. I hate when they cover a whole tourney by just showing a few highlights. I love watching the Ultimate matches, because it makes you feel like you are right there on the course watching the pros. I like to see how they approach playing an entire hole, I don't just want to see a good 30 foot put or a 300 yard drive in a highlight reel.
  10. I'm still waiting for someone to come out with ScoreCard as an iPhone app. :) Ahem... Whereby we could use the iphone 3G's built in GPS to at least measure how far we hit, and to keep track of our scores during a round. :)
  11. Some of the GPS units out there can measure shot distances, but only one at a time. I just bought a GolfLogix device. So if I hit a normal full swing with my 7 iron, i usually know if it was a good average swing. Then I press the distance measure button while still on the tee. I then walk to the ball and it will tell me my distance. Rinse and Repeat. If you want to do this with multiple balls on the same iron, fire off 10 good shots. If you are consistent, they should cluster around one area, choose the one you think represents the average... not the furthest, not the closest. Measure that.
  12. I just watched the finale on Tivo. Was fun to watch. I've not read all 58 pages of this thread yet, but has it bothered anyone else how they shamelessly plug skycaddie? I love how Stina and the other guy will be standing nowhere near the players, then they look at the skycaddie in their hands and say "SkyCaddie says 135 yards to the green". I'm no expert, but I don't think thats the way it works.
  13. I like the ProV1s and V1xes I find in the woods and the lake, but I've found those balls I get are cursed. Because if I get a ball from the woods or the lake, its destined to return there within a few holes. I think some balls are just magnetically attracted to the treeline right of the fairway. :)
  14. Well guys, i went back tonight and for the life of me I could not hit a slice. I had a normal stance, neutral grip and left heel ball position. The balls all went about 200 yards carry and little or no slice. All would have been on the fairway or in the rough, no trees this time. :) I don't know whats going on, but I'm hoping maybe I'm growing out of my slice. Its so frustrating to now know what is causing a problem, and almost as frustrating not to know what is fixing the problem.
  15. My Irons have graphite regular flex. Driver has Graphite Stiff I may try out my wife's driver see if it has any effect. She has the ladies version of my Cleveland HiBore, so I'd assume it would be more of a regular flex shaft like my irons.
  16. Thanks for the tip man! I'm going to the range tonight to do some more experimenting w/ the driver. I'll definitely try the ball position. I generally line up the ball with my left (forward) foot, but I may be too far back with it.. i never really pay too much attention to it.
  17. He probably spoke Aramaic, but point taken. :)
  18. hehe I actually have a harder time with Sorenstam and Hjorth than with names like Tseng
  19. Repeat after me: Kim, Kim, Kim. (Pronounced like Kim as in Kimberly) Ok.. now that you've practiced that one we'll move to a more advanced subject.:) PARK, PARK, PARK. (pronounced just like in Central Park)
  20. I'm a relatively new golfer. I'm working on season 2.5 right now. Up till this season I didn't ever use my driver because whenever I tried it just sliced it. Bannana ball city. Anyway, today I'm at the range (I've been practicing my driver). I'm trying everything from overgripping to closing the club face a bit to closing my stance. Nothing seems to work reliably. Then just on a whim I opened my stance. Right foot 2 inches ahead of my left foot (I'm a righty). All of a sudden every ball I hit thereafter flew starlight as an arrow or had a slight draw to it! I didn't have much distance (200
  21. You mean the same way that SkyCaddie and GolfLogix etc pay people to map the courses onsite or via satellite images? Either way, you are paying somebody to give you information other players don't necessarily get. I'd say a rangefinder or a GPS (especially if you buy used off ebay like I did) is much much cheaper than hiring a professional caddie. As for the accuracy, GPS units don't tell you anything that distance markers don't. Laser Rangefinders tell you actual pin distance, which I can see where that might be an unfair advantage, but it does not bother me. In my case, my biggest challeng
  22. With my driver I usually hit it about 250 yards... straight into the woods. :) I'm a beginner (2.5 seasons). All of last year, I didn't even bother to try to use my driver. This year I've picked it up again and have been experimenting, but I'm still plagued by a persistent slice. I just picked up the inside approach at Target but have not tried this training tool on the range as of yet. Anyway, when I swing nice and slow and easy and don't try to kill the ball, and I have a nice straight shot I'll do about 210-220 carry. My best shots ever have been around 260-280. The other day I was in
  23. My guess is it is tracking more Hosel Rockets than missiles these days :)
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