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  1. You sound exactly like me. I launch all of my shots sky high. My PW goes 100, SW 75-80, Lob goes 50ish. When I'm between those yardages I have lots of trouble. I've tried everything from a 3/4 swing to using a stronger club with a quick chiplike swing... nothing works too reliably for me yet. One thing I try to do to compensate for this though, I do lots of laying up, because of my high trajectory if I can hit a full swing approach shot (and hit the green) I'll stay on. I almost never bounce off greens, unless they are really really dry. Of course then I'll tripple and quadruple put to finis
  2. I occasionally will just kindof let my club fall over (one end is resting on ground, I just let go of handle) in disgust. I'm too cheap to throw or otherwise harm my clubs. One time though I was on a course and I saw what looked like a brand new driver floating in a lake. If I knew it was a good one, I'd have probably gone in after it... but the water didn't look that nice. I didn't want to go through mud, leeches and other gunk to retrieve a crappy walmart club.
  3. Maybe I'm misreading the website. The courses I type in do appear there, but most of them don't have the little icons indicating they've been mapped.
  4. I just purchased a GolfLogix. My deciding factor on choosing between all the models out there was the fact that GolfLogix had every course I had ever played in my life available. Sonocaddie is missing about 40% of the courses I've played. Skycaddie is only missing 10%, iGolf around 10% and GolfLogix seemed to have them all, as well as tons of reports of how fast they are in adding courses made me go that direction.
  5. I'm a huge Garmin fan and have had probably about 10 different Garmin units over the years. Honestly, many new GPS units share the same high-sensitivity chipset and so in GPS performance are darn close. I don't know what skycaddie uses though, but to me it looks like the GolfLogix8 is just a special firmware running on an eTrex H. Anyway, the reason I chose the GolfLogix over the skycaddie is I entered every single course I've ever played on and they were all in there. Skycaddie was missing several courses I play regularly. I also like reading all the reports of how fast GolfLogix can ge
  6. At my level and the level of my partners, "out of the way" isn't always out of the way. :)
  7. I love my 4 year old cousin dearly, but no matter how much it would make his day, I won't let him drive my car. :) Has nothing to do with how much you care about a person, has to do with respect for personal property.
  8. Forgive me I'm very new to golf, but I'm very surprised that so many of you are using such large (siverdollar, casino chip etc) size ball markers. I actually wondered about this very issue when I got my Odyssey putter, it came with a casino chip as a ball marker. I was under the impression that the purpose of the ball marker was to be as small as possible and flat to avoid the other player's balls possibly hitting yours while they are putting. Do these huge ball markers ever get in the way, or do you just put out if your ball is in someone's line?
  9. I'm having the hardest time judging the ranges I hit my balls. It seems that on the course and on the range, I hit completely different distances. For example, my favorite club 8 iron on the range will land right at the 114 yard flag every time. On the course, I use it to hit right to the center of holes I'm 130 away from (measured with my father's rangefinder). Same goes for all other clubs, it seems on the range I'm a good 15-20 yards shorter than on the course. Is this common? I don't use any fancy balls really either. I've played everything from TopFlites in the beginning to Noodles
  10. I prefer to walk, but I have a pull cart. I can't imagine walking 4.5 hours with all your clubs on your back an be good for your back. But I digress... Anyway, I like to walk because I needs the exercise and I feel walking is faster, since I always have all my clubs right there with me. No walking back to the cart which is off the fairway or on the cart path. Also, I don't have to worry about my golf partner being off someplace else with the cart when I need a different club. I find that when I ride I end up walking alot anyway as I usually let the other player drive the cart. The only tim
  11. I bought a used GolfLogix off ebay but it has not arrived yet, so I have some questions. The manual says the GolfLogix will determine which course you are on and automatically advance the holes. But that makes me wonder how well this feature works. For example, on my home course... the back 9 regulation and the par3 course have teeboxes that are only about 40 yards apart. How will the GolfLogix know which course I'm trying to play? Similarly, lets say I'm hitting off hole #5 and then slice the ball off to the right onto the parallel fairway of hole #6. When I walk over there, to hit my b
  12. Amen, this season I've started taking a practice swing or two before I hit my irons. That has dramatically helped me. Because if the practice swing hits the ground etc, I change my setup till I'm hitting the perfect practice. Now my iron shots rarely go wrong directionwise. Even if I skull the ball or hit too fat, I'm at least going in the direction I wanted to go, not shanking it into the woods like before. But yeah, I've had those days... many, many, many of them.
  13. If the kid is a scratch golfer at age 14 or maybe even better, then in that case a $500 driver would be an investment for the parents. :) Forget 401K! Raise a professional golfer!
  14. The other day I'm playing the best 9 holes of my short career. I'm on track, I mean nothing but pars and bogeys (that is good for me)... then as we approach the 8th hole the storm of the century rolls through and ends my streak! Trying to finish in the pouring rain with thunder approaching I felt like the guy in Caddieshack who gets struck by lightning while setting the course record. :)
  15. I'm just a beginner (2nd season). But I'm starting to get my swing down and getting reliable with my irons. But when I get to the greens I fall apart. Chipping used to be a nightmare for me until I spent a few hours practicing a new chipping technique. I'm still not good at it, but now I can chip onto the green, no more 1 foot shanks. However on the green, I rarely can sink anything over a 4 foot putt. Yesterday was a good example. I played a twilight round with a wife and a buddy (9 holes). I shot 44 which is very good for me, but was still somewhat frustrated with myself. My drives and ir
  16. Was it a clean shot, or did he hit the ground or something? The reason I ask is, my starter set (Acuity) had the head come off the 5 wood. I was using it off the tee (could not use driver @ the time), took a swing and the hear shot right off. Without me hitting the ground or anything! Funny thing was, the clubhead flew further than the ball!
  17. A driver is a $500 asset, not an investment. As such I'm not keen on anybody messing with mine, but I have the same issue you do... I hate to say no. I never ever ask to use other people's clubs because I know that this is a touchy issue.
  18. What do I love most about golf? BEER GIRLS! :) But seriously, Where else can you take a customer for 4.5 hours and have him thank you for getting to spend that time with you?
  19. I'm a beginner, so for me my score is just to keep track of my progress and how well I'm hitting, not for competitive or handicap purposes. If I hit a ball and it goes into the woods, of course I take a penalty. If I hit a ball and it goes to the right rough near the treeline and I can't find it, I assume it rolled off into the woods (all too common for me) and take a penalty. However, what has happened to me a few times playing w/ wife and or friends, I'll hit the best darned shot of the entire round, and we all see it fly straight/high right into the middle of the fairway... then I get
  20. I've been working on slowing down my swing and not trying to kill the ball. The shoulder rotation really helps. After reading some posts here about R7 Draw drivers, I decided to try to help correct my awful slice by closing my clubface a tiny tiny bit on address of the ball. That has helped me tremendously! Now I'm hitting many more straight than before. The driver has become a reliable club now. Although my absolute max is 275, with the average good drive doing about 225-250
  21. I'm on my 2nd season of golf. At the end of my first season, I was really beginning to enjoy the game and finally getting the balls to reliably fly and not wormburn. Anyway, at the range, my longest iron (4 iron) never ever ever went over 170-175 yards even on my best shot. So one day I'm out on a par 4 where my drive put me just inside the 200 marker, probably around 198-199 yards out. So, with a group on the green, i figured well the green is well out of my range so my best bet is to hit the 4 and then either do a long chip on or use my sw to get on with a 3/4 swing depending on how clos
  22. I like to buy products made in the US if I can, but I don't hunt for them. I buy quality products from reliable reputable companies regardless of where its "made." I take offense to the comment about the quality control in other countries. I travel to China several times a year on business and just like in the US, the quality control can range from bad to superb. Having owned a ford product I can personally attest to the pathetic quality of some made in the USA goods. As for the toy recalls? I fully blame Mattel. If you order 100,000 items from a manufacturer in China, then stamp your name on
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