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  1. Driver, 3,4,&5 hybrid, 6-PW, AW, SW. Looking to buy a LW. I have a 3 wood in the bag but seldom hit it. A three hybrid is easier to hit than a 5 wood and the distance is almost identical.
  2. Klarkus, try standing more upright in your driver swing. I almost stand completely upright. I hit longer and have a nice draw.
  3. klarkus, If they are down the middle, I bet many would trade distance for accuracy. My distances were just like yours a few months ago. You'll get longer with confidence and muscle memory.
  4. I do both. I try new things when I'm alone, you know, riskier shots when I'm alone. I play more conservative and focused when I play with others.
  5. I have been hitting Hybrids 3,4,&5. I like them. That said, I had a guy let me hit his 3 iron (some old forged iron from the late 80's) and I smashed it with a mild draw. Figuring it was a fluke, I repeated twice more with almost identical results. I am a High Handicap player myself and how I can hit a long iron baffles me. Ive tried in the past with horrible results. So, am I going to change to long irons? Not a chance. When I get my score consistently in the mid 80's or less, I may reconsider. As for now, Ill stick with what I got.
  6. Driver:235 is I dont get all of it, 280 ripping it, 300 when all the planet aligns and God wills it (only a couple times and YES...it was a fluke) Average about 245 3 Wood: The 3 wood is of the devil and should not be in my bag. Never use it. 3 hybrid: 180-220 4 hybrid: pretty consistent 175 5 hybrid: 160-170 6 iron: 155-165 7 iron: 145-155 8 iron: 135-145 9 iron: 135 pretty consistent PW: This one is an oddity...100 if I puppy dog it, 140 if I smash it AW: not sure, just got it. SW: 65-80 Putter: 376 yards exactly
  7. I would say a mid/high handicapper should stay on the $25 or less range. Try the Wilson Staff 50 Elite. By far the best ball for the money spent. Dicks has the Slazenger Distance Feel (Blue box) and they are actually not bad at all. 2 24 ball boxes for $35 bucks.
  8. I use cheap balls. Personally like the Callaway Warbird, Noodle Soft, Slazenger Distance Feel, Bridgestone e6. My favorite balls are the Wilson Staff 50 Elite and the DUO. DUO is a wee bit softer than the 50, but not much difference. The Bridgestone e6, while a good ball, is a bit overpriced. Out of the ones I listed, I would play the 50 first, Warbird or Noodle Soft second, and any of the others next. I am not good enough for ProV1 or ProV1x. The NXT is super nice and I love them, but the price is a killer. DT Solo is a good ball as well, but the Wison Staff cheapys are better in my opinion.
  9. The E6 is not a bad ball, but is overpriced to me. I have found the Callaway Warbird performs identical and runs ten bucks a box cheaper.
  10. As stupid as this may sound, get a mirror. Try to dissect your swing. Often, what you think you're doing, and what you're really doing are not the same. Between that, and watching the golf channel, my game has drastically improved. In a few months, I went from being lucky to break 100, to breaking 90. That is a massive leap. My son does the same and he is breaking 100 after a few months of golf all together. If you have a friend (golf buddy), have them watch you swing. Listen to them. As far as hand position, leg spread, back lean, etc... its a feel thing. I have a unique swing. You have a uni
  11. I don't hit a wood at all off the deck. I personally like a 3 hybrid. Seems to be as long as a 5 wood and easier to hit and can be played on questionable lies. Look at Callaway Preowned and you can usually find pretty good deals.
  12. Been playing a little over half a year. Play twice a week average. Last week shot a 89. Use Callaway XHot driver, Fusion 3 wood (which I still cant hit off the deck), Diablo BB 3,4,&5 Hybrids, FT I-brid Irons 6-PW, AW, and SW, and Odyssey two ball putter. Been reading reviews and threads for a while, and decided to join in. Read some really good stuff here. Hope I continue to learn, and maybe post something myself that helps another golfer. Love the game. My son is an avid golfer as well, and last week shot a 99. He has only been playing about 3 months. He is 14, 5ft tall, and is really learni
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