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  1. Seriously...THANK YOU, as this is good "free advice" lol. First off its comforting to know this sort of thing happens to players of all handicaps (seeing you are a single digit) not just higher cappers like myself. Also, what you say resonates in a major way - especially #2. When I approached the 7th tee box, I was 4 over par - which is out of my comfort zone and had my mind racing and getting way ahead of myself, especially because this is a hole I normally par (short-ish par 5) and the whole time im thinking "wow if I par this I will be 4 over through 7!" So what did I do...I t
  2. This pretty much sums it up, perfectly. Only in my situation on this particular day - I think it was letting my nerves get the best of me on 2 of the last 3 holes - knowing I was scoring well (for me standards) and was hitting, putting etc. well (for my standards). I was 4 over by the seventh hole which is a little out of my comfort zone. Sounds like the key is learning to play / concentrate when you find yourself out of comfort zone?
  3. Great advice that I should listen to lol! I really need to stop paying attention to where im at (score wise) after every hole / shot. Weather its middle of the round or tee box on 18, I always know and am thinking about what im shooting...bad habit, need to break.
  4. Had a good 9 holes today (for my personal handicap), shot a 44. Normally I would be pretty happy about that score but feeling a bit dejected due to the fact I triple bogeyed the 7th and doubled the 9th. Frustrated knowing I was standing in center of the fairway on the 9th, about 155 yards out with a 7 in my hand and got nervous / anxious thinking to myself "all you have to do is bogey this hole to shoot personal best" (44 is my personal best on this particular 9 holes, bogey would have given me 43). Ended up hitting a terrible low slice that almost went OB, then bad chip to front edge o
  5. your right - I def. need to post a video here...the classic over the top could be creeping back in my swing. I had a bunch of lessons and did a ton of work last year to correct that. I definitely do not intentionally grip with different pressure but I will take note next time to make sure it is always consistent. thanks for the reply
  6. So...I have been playing 18 holes once a week for the past 2-3 months but due to work schedule have not had much time to practice in between rounds. Scores have been pretty frustrating, 95-110 lately. Would love to break 90. Within the past 10 days I have been able to carve out a few range sessions and have noticed the same thing happening, repeatedly. My sw,pw,6-9 are all decent draws but my 3-5, 3wood, driver are all hard cuts. I am not "intentionally" trying to do either but just wondering if this is somewhat common and if there is any good drills to help fix? (get the longer clubs d
  7. Yowza!!! Be safe! The irony is, I played a lot this winter! (my cut off when I moved here last winter was 55 degrees but this winter I changed my cut off to 45 degrees and it has allowed me to get 3-4 more rounds in thus far when compared to last year). Hoping all this snow / ice is melted by Monday so I can play (calling for low 50s and mostly sunny). I have the day off for Presidents Day so would be great to get out there... Right!? Aside from the burning car...it was similar scenery for my entire 13 mile drive home from work yesterday.
  8. . Lol yeah - in a day or two there will be no sign this system ever existed and hit our area. Heck, we are already expecting some days in the 70s next week. April is absolutely gorgeous here. Have fun!
  9. I cant imagine living in the mountains during snow / ice storms, that would really freak me out...pretty manly of you!! Lol, im a wimp in that regard though ;) The difference of lifestyle between growing up in south fl and now living in the carolinas has been eye opening. Although at the end of the day both have their pros and cons.
  10. This was down the street from my house earlier today...
  11. Yeah, guess I cant complain as I know you guys get it more often and worse. Just something we are not prepared for here!
  12. Anyone here in GA,SC or NC? Im in Raleigh and we got absolutely pummeled today and still experiencing some very dangerous weather. Snow came down hard starting early afternoon and now its sleeting / icy rain. The roads are an absolute disaster. My drive home from work looked like a scene out of an apocalyptical movie...hundreds of cars crashed, pulled over on side of road, a lot of people walking (abandoning their vehicle, figuring its safer that way). I honestly have not been as scared as I was driving home today than I have been since I was kid. No clue how I made it home safel
  13. Lol exactly..and thats usually the case w me. When I really take the time to analyze my game there is 2 things that are holding me back from shooting consistent 80s (which is my short term goal) instead of shooting consistent 90s (which I have been doing for the past few years). #1 - First and foremost, complete mishits. These are the shots (I usually have 3-4 per round) that are not just a little too far left or too far right, the are complete shanks, 70 degree pulls, tops (where a 50 yard shot goes screaming over the green at about 2 feet above the ground) etc. What really throws me o
  14. Thanks for all the helpful input! I have been saying I am going to try evolvr but I'm serious this time! ;)
  15. Two part question here: Has anyone ever taken lessons from Golftec? I did an expensive package with them at one point and never really got much out of it. (and yes, I practiced a ton during the 3-4 months I was getting lessons from them). Spent around 3k and still could not break 90...which I find absolutely insane considering the natural athletic ability, hand eye coordination etc. that I have. I went into it thinking my instructor is going to have a very easy time with me since I was shooting consistent 94-100 and was just looking to accomplish the more than reasonable goal of breakin
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