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  1. Dont feel like the only one! I had no clue either haha
  2. Thanks! I think im gonna try to pick up a used iwedge I just read about it and it sounds like a good club and you seem to really like it so why not!? And yeah I have been watching some video's etc and definitely plan on lessons soon!
  3. Haha well I know a lot of good sandwiches under 75 bucks! but about the 36 handicap I dont know why it says that? Thats just what it put on there when I joined. I am new to golf though and im not that great but im only 21 and plan on getting serious about how to play the game right and would eventually like to be a good player!
  4. Im not looking to spend to much because im 21 and I broke the bank on all the other clubs I just bought! But I was wondering what you guys think is the best sandwedge for under $75 Thanks in advance!
  5. well not quite! but I got your attention! I just started golfing and have been goin out to the driving range to practice. Im not sure if I gripping the club to tight or what it might be but I get a pretty nasty blister on my right hand on the outerside of my middle finger? Just wondering if anyone else gets this? Im sure its just me doing something wrong but im not sure what!
  6. Ok, I just started golfing and just spend about a 1000 bucks getting started and am 21 and running out of $$ haha I need some wedges I was looking at Sports Authority and they have a Golden Bear M 86 Wedge Package its a 52 gap wedge 56 sand wedge and a 60 lob wedge its on sale for 60 bucks and I have a 10 dollar off code so 50 bucks for all 3! My question is Is Golden Bear any good or do you think I will be wasting my money and should just save a little and get something better? Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. I understand that but why is it that I dont have a problem with my dads drivers and I do with this one?
  8. Yeah it goes more like 5-10 feet then rolls but I thought it was just me too but then my dad had the same problem and he is pretty good so im kinda at a loss of what it would be?
  9. haha thats funny I was just looking at the 907! Im hoping they will let me return the sumo since I just bought it 10 days ago! I guess that will be my deciding factor!
  10. Do you have any recommendations for a smaller driver?
  11. Yeah I am I really dont understand why its doing this?
  12. ok im sure its just me! but im new to golf and recently purchased this club. Im having trouble hitting it and not sure why? Sometimes the ball goes about 30 yards its like its hitting the bottom maybe? and other times it goes 250+ is there a different way to use this club or is it something I have to get use to because I dont have this problem with my dads king cobra or and other normal head drivers. And I thought maybe it was just me but my dad who is a fairly good player had the same problem? Thanks
  13. So how about these? http://www.scorelow.com/item--Adams-...ES2008SET.html
  14. Ok, Im 21 and want to start golfing Ive been to the driving range a few times and my dad and grandpa like to golf so I played with them a couple times when I was about 12-13 and now I really wanna start playing. Im obviously a beginner and have been researching online for a nice complete set for under $400. This seems to be a decent set from the reviews I can find about it, I looked into some others but nothing really looked as good as these. Anyone have any advice on these. Will they be good for now etc. Thanks a lot! Here is the link http://www.golfgalaxy.com/galaxy/pro...0HH646MBW2BPB8
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