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  1. Zeph

    This Is a Lot of Work to Hit a Golf Ball

    I'd like to see someone like that on the PGA Tour, playing at PGA level of course.
  2. Zeph

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Tiger currently DFL with a three shot margin. Ouch. Two double and one triple so far through four holes on Saturday.
  3. Zeph

    Chess World Championship 2018

    It was a good championship I think. Would've liked a few wins in the long chess and a bit more interesting games, but that's what you get when you put the two best players in the world against eachother for the biggest title in the game. Carlsen destroyed Caruana in the tie-break and really showed that he's much better at those shorter games. Caruana's biggest strength is calculating lots of moves and finding the best ones, but in rapid he didn't have time for this and couldn't keep up with Carlsen. Being one of the best in the world in rapid and blitz is a big advantage when playing the WC. The WC in rapid and blitz is set for Christmas again this year. There are rumors about Russia, but nothing confirmed AFAIK. That's very nice Christmas days entertainment and is better entertainment since things go faster and more matches will be won.
  4. The numbers clearly don't tell the entire tale, even less so in these days. Could it be an advantage hitting a 7 iron as long as you'd hit your current 5 iron? That a shorter club is easier to control. Longer shots will of course be less accurate by just being longer, but shorter shafts should make you better able to hit the ball and control face angle, no? You do want to compose a set which gives you decent gaps, but if they can make a shorter club fly farther, it might be helpful.
  5. Zeph

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Does he change tee height based on the shot he wants to hit or is it always this high?
  6. Zeph

    Video Game Thread

    It is a prequel, yes, but also a sequel since it's a game based on the same universe and characters as RDR1, and released after RDR1. Since Rockstar made the first game first, I think it works better that way. You also don't have to go from a 2018 game to a 2010 game. Not that RDR1 is bad, it's an amazing game, but a lot happens in eight years.
  7. Zeph

    Video Game Thread

    I've put a considerable amount of hours into Red Dead Redemption 2 already and still got so much left. A remarkably good game. I recommend playing RDR1 first if possible. It's also a pretty long game, but really good, including the DLC.
  8. Very interesting idea. I've been wondering when something like this would come. There has to be better ways to brush the teeth than a normal brush. An electric is better, but still relies on manual operation, some doing a better job, some doing worse, some being too rough, some damaging the gums etc... The saved time is nice, but the biggest thing for me is better teeth and mouth care, and removing a large part of the possibilities of human error. I haven't read through any comments, but I wonder how good it will work for all kinds of different people and teeth. I still got a full set of adult teeth and hope this can reach the back ones too properly.
  9. It is of course possible to find putts where hitting the stick can leave you in a worse spot than keeping it in, but that's for everyone to figure out on their rounds. As a general rule, you are more likely to gain an advantage from leaving it in than taking it out.
  10. Can't tell, but I wouldn't be surprised if either was correct. I think it was intentional though. His backswing looks like a person playing some golf. The way he hit the ground on line with his back foot, swung enough out to hit the balls, and that he's hitting the ball an inch from the rope all leads me to believe it was done for just that purpose: to be posted on social media.
  11. Not a big fan of this rule change. The current one is perfect. You can hit the flagstick if you are hitting from off the green like an approach shot or chip, but once on the green it has to go. It is a pretty big change on a fundamental in golf.
  12. Zeph

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I wonder how many won't be able to watch because they are out shopping. 23. Nov. is black friday.
  13. The fact that he went through all that golf says a lot about how his back is working. Even if he had traines for it and been prepared, it was a lot of golf in a short period of time, and he won the TC, which must have been a bit exhausting in itself. I still think having the cup the week after the Tour Championship is a poor decision, even if Tiger didn't play poorly.
  14. Zeph

    Video Game Thread

    I've watched a lot of speedruns on Twitch and it's pretty incredible how they can always keep improving the records. Super Mario Bros 1 is one of the most perfected games out there, where they are counting frames and milliseconds. A lot of these games are also being perfected with in Tool Assisted Speedruns (TAS), where they can manipulate inputs and pretty much choose inputs at every frame of a run, doing moves that are impossible for a human being. They will never beat a TAS, but are amazingly close. https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/26/17905822/super-mario-bros-any-percent-speedrun-world-record https://np.reddit.com/r/speedrun/comments/9ip34a/455_by_kosmic_smb1_wr_attempt_number_9/e6lfgwl/ In other news, Red Dead Redemption 2 is out on October 26th. That will probably be my gaming highlight for 2018.
  15. I don't get it. Should adultery secure you a marked grave?

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