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  1. 2018 Honda Classic

    Tiger will tee off at 7:45 AM on Thursday, playing with Brandt Snedeker and Patton Kizzire.
  2. 2018 Honda Classic

    If tearing means driving it into the rough and ripping the rough apart, you might be correct.
  3. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    What's Tiger's biggest motivation these days? Beating Jack? Getting back to winning tournaments? Back to being world's number one? He's set for life in many ways, but obviously loves to compete and win tournaments.
  4. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    My bedroom has no fixed entertainment systems. The biggest sinner is the mobile phone, but I don't use it too often after going to bed. If anything, watching a monitor the last hours before going to be is a bigger issue.
  5. 2018 Honda Classic

    This thread became more interesting than the Genesis one the instant Tiger said he'd play it after missing the cut. Tiger will have to do something about his long game if he hopes to play four rounds next week. He lost shots to the field both rounds, which can have affected his play on and around the greens. I've seen him putt worse when he's constantly needing 3-4 shots to find the green in the first place. Off the tee: -2.111, 128 (rank in field). Approach to the green: -0.987, 101 Putting: 0.090, 67 (+2 one day and -2 the next) Driving accuracy: 46.43%, T87
  6. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    I don't need PGA Tour highlights anymore. All the shots are covered by Twitter. His misses are not too far off the fairways, but still haven't hit one yet today.
  7. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    Saunders winning would be a thing because he's coincidentally the son of a famous golfer. Tiger winning would be the GOAT winning tournaments again. The latter is clearly more significant.
  8. What? That's the entire point of this thread. Being able to turn them off without muting, still getting the live audio from the course.
  9. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    I saw him first at +1 after 8 holes, thinking he made a bogey and the rest pars. Nah. Three birdies, two pars, two bogies, one double. Par on 18, turning at one over. 1: FIR and birdie. 2: Lost ball and double. 3: Miss right and bogey. 4: FIR and birdie. 5: GIR and par. 6: Miss right and bogey. 7: Missed GIR, sandsave and par. 8: FIR and birdie. 9. FIR and par. 10: FIR and something to come... Hitting the short stuff seems to be the key.
  10. Bill Haas survives fatal car crash

    Not that I wish anyone ill, but there's a bit of schadenfreude in that one.
  11. I hope this will become a standard feature in the future, but I'm a bit skeptical. Giving viewers the option to disable parts of the audio means it has to be sent in different channels and mixed somewhere before you hear it, with you having the option to remove parts of the mix at that point. This could mean more equipment or tools is needed (hardware and/or software), which lead to higher production cost. If there's no high demand for it and no upside for the channel, they may not have any reasons to provide the service.
  12. I absolutely believe in living lifte while you're alive and food (and drinks) is one of my favorite things in life, but I'd rather be fit and normal weight while eating good food than being overweight and restricted in activities. Great food doesn't have to be high-caloric and it's also about amounts. The difference between a calorie balance and 500-1000 kcal over what the body needs is not a matter of burgers vs salads, but rather two burgers and a large bowl of fries vs maybe one burger and a little less fries. Also quality over quantity. I'd make my own burger over going to [insert generic fast-food joint] any day.
  13. Puzzle Solving Thread

    3:34 Easiest one yet.
  14. Puzzle Solving Thread

    Not anymore. That's a great time, man, well done.
  15. Puzzle Solving Thread

    5:46 Looks like the start of a great day at the course. I love those slightly chill mornings with lake fog.

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