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  1. Idk. if Facebook posts are manual or done by a bot, but I noticed that the link posted to today's Crane topic didn't work. The Facebook post links to: http://ow.ly/NTYr30fbN0S Which redirects me to: http://thesandtrap01/?platform=hootsuite
  2. There are many places on a course where you can hit the ball to and it becomes unplayable, without being in a hazard. If these needles were meant to be removed, you got unlucky. Unless the local rules states anything about being allowed a free drop from such piles, you either gotta try to hit it without it moving, or taking a drop and penalty. Since you can drop within two club lengths, you might end up in a better place with the penalty, than trying to shovel it out of the pines.
  3. Favorite TV Show(s)

    Spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return (season 3) after 18 episodes Sitcoms has become less interesting to me lately. Last I watched was HIMYM and I sometimes watch New Girl. I'm really more interested in something fresh and new. Sitcoms are all about easy jokes and repeating tropes from earlier shows. Twin Peaks was a very good deviation from the norm. I haven't watched too many shows since season 2 of 24 back in 2003. Not seen Lost, Breaking Bad or any of the series that really gave TV-shows a new beginning. Right now we're watching Fargo and Black Mirror. Fargo season 1 was really good and I look forward to season 2. Black Mirror is a fascinating show with some good and some not so good episodes. I've never cared for superhero stuff and find it really boring.
  4. Favorite TV Show(s)

    I'm sad Twin Peaks is finished again. Loved the season and look forward to seeing it again.
  5. Why is America so fat?

    While less activity is a partial cause, it's one I don't see us getting rid of it. I still put 99% of the blame on the food and comfort of our modern society. We're essentially living in a buffet 24/7. Fast food places don't get customers with healthy salads and lean meat. They get customers by selling high calorie food with lots of fats. Our body loves it, so it triggers all our positive vibes when it's available. One can blame McDonald's and KFC, but they're just a business where the ultimate goal is to put as much money into the owners as possible. They don't take responsibility for what people eat. The saddest part of it is that junkfood is cheaper and a lot more easily accessible. If you want nutritionally better food you have to go to a more expensive restaurant. If that's not an option you have to make it yourself, and it's not even cheap then. Making food at home is the normal way to eat here in Norway, but I know that in many other countries it's a lot more common to go out to eat. If you make food at home you have more control and you can actually see what goes into the food you make. If you make a cake, you can see that it's 45% sugar, 45% butter and some other stuff. In our society everything is supposed to be efficient and fast. We get all kinds of gadgets to do our chores so we don't have to do them ourselves. Making food takes time so it's easy to let someone else do the job. The time we "save" is spent on TV and phones and whatnot. Both parents are expected to work, and have to if they plan to fit into the society with all it's expenses. This makes it less likely they'll spend time making dinner every day. I think it was better when the mothers stayed at home watching the kids. Not that women shouldn't work, it could be a split, every parent working 50% each. In the end, the individual is responsible for what he or she eats and feed the children. We can blame whoever we want, but nobody is forcing anyone to buy junkfood. It's a great example of how powerful our instincts are and what the body tells us. We have incredible amounts of knowledge today. We know what we should be eating, but we don't. It doesn't help that McDonald's offers a salad if 99.999% buy a burger. Obesity is our modern day epidemic and a result of comfort and availability. I don't have any examples here, but I've read articles stating they don't find much evidence that poor people are more obese than rich people. It's somewhat equally distributed. One reason richer people would've been less obese could be that it's viewed as unhealthy and not ideal, but that's not the case either today. It's become normal and by many even praised. A very concerning issue is that children are raised as obese. A five year old don't have any choice but to eat what the parents serve it, and can struggle with it the rest of it's life, and passing it over to his or her children again. With fastfood, junkfood and all that, a lot of flavour is also lost. Everything is coated in fats, oils, sugar and salt, stripping it of whatever taste it might have had. Oils of course have their place in the cuisine, but not in the amounts we find in fastfood. You also lose a lot of food culture, the joy in making and eating food that taste great, which can be a fun journey from deciding what to make, buying the ingredients, preparing and eating it. You don't get that by driving 5 minutes and ordering something from a monitor.
  6. Drinking water in itself won't make you lose any weight. You should of course drink as much as the body needs, but the body is pretty clever and can figure that out by itself. When it wants water you feel thirsty, when it's had enough you don't feel thirsty anymore. Where it can help people is filling the stomach, but even then, fluids go through the body pretty quickly, especially if you drink large amounts. I'd rather put focus on what you eat and how much. If eating too much high-calorie parts of a meal is an issue, eat more vegetables. They fill the stomach better than water and got lots of nutritional value. The guidelines I've followed are pretty much to eat all the greens you can, as long as they are low in calories. I don't know about you, but if I drink water when I feel hungry, the hunger won't be gone for long. As an experienced person in training and all that, you know that it's the energy balance that matters. How much energy you spend and how much you take in. When talking about weight loss, I focus on the intake part. We can calculate and estimate the energy spent, but it's never exact. It's easier to maintain control over what and how much we eat. When taking the time and putting in a bit of effort, it's not very difficult to reduce the consumption by 500 kcal a day. For a person wanting to lose weight, jogging every day might not do anything since the body spends more energy and crave more energy to avoid losing weight. Which is why just starting to exercise doesn't work for many. They jog more, but without thinking about it also eat more, so the weight doesn't change. The most important factor is the diet. If done properly, you don't even have to work out much. When I try to lose weight I lift weights to avoid losing muscle mass, but I don't do too much cardio. I'd rather consume 1500 kcal and spend 2500 than consume 2500 and spend 3500. I sometimes do cardio to get an extra meal that day. As long as I got control over what I eat and monitor the weight over time, it's pretty easy in theory. I'm on a personal trainer, nutritional expert or anything like that, but I've worked out for some years and been part of many discussions on exercise, muscle gain, weight loss etc., and over here, I haven't heard much talk about drinking a lot of water to lose weight. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to losing weight is the mind. It's very simple math, but the mind has to make the body not do what the body wants to do. The body wants to not lose weight, so it makes you hungry to make you eat more food. On the other side of the table is your mind, which does not want to eat more food since that means you won't lose weight. For most people that try, the body ends up winning, which is why I've always had the perspective that it's very much a mental thing, being able to overcome the needs of the body. Of course there are individual differences on which kind of diet works, what kind of food etc., but the mental aspect is always there. A girl I know asked for help on losing weight some time ago. I told her what to eat and how much. After a few days she complained that she was getting too full from the meals, while being on a 500-1000 kcal deficiency. We focused on protein and vegetables, which when selected carefully won't add up to a whole lot of calories, but it does fill the stomach. The body doesn't need copious amounts of protein during bulking or cutting, but it has a nice property of filling the stomach, making people eat less or not having to go around hungry too much.
  7. You'll drink more if it's readily available throughout the day. You can also add flavors without calories if that helps. Lime, orange, lime, cucumber etc. Drinking a gallon isn't what I would generally suggest someone trying to lose weight, but if it helps you, it works.
  8. Favorite TV Show(s)

    I felt that episode 6 and the events that led to Night's King getting a dragon were iffy at best. Some believe he had a plan all along once he found out dragons were back. Others believe they had a plan to walk around the wall once the winter got cold enough for oceans to freeze, but the arrival of dragons gave them a new way to get past the wall. I think episode 6 was very weird and didn't feel it made sense that it was a trap, but episode 7 makes the trap theory seem even more likely. The most annoying part is that the army of the undead started attacking just because Clegane threw a rock at one of them. Had Daenerys showed up a couple minutes later, there would be no reason to land or maybe even engage the undead, possibly making her fly back home and Night's King sitting there without a dragon. They could easily have killed the guys on the rock long before the ice froze again, but they presumably waited for the dragons. Then they coincidentally started attacking so that Daenerys arrived in the nick of time. NK might have had more control than we were led to believe though. If he's a greenseer he could know when Daenerys arrived and would maybe not have let the army kill the suicide squad before she was there. It's a fantasy story and the writers are now going without the books, so despite the show having been very on point with the details and plots in the earlier seasons, they will take shortcuts to make things work. I think bittersweet will mean a few or many of the remaining main characters will die. Maybe peace will come, but noone to sit on the throne. Might even smash the entire thing and whatever happens next happens. Monarchs hasn't exactly been a very good way to rule so far, what with all the wars and killings. The White Walkers will most certainly either perish or be sent home for some thousand years, but it's more interesting to see what happens in the world of the living. As expected, Littlefinger didn't make it to season 8, but I found it to be a bit weird how it ended. They played the Starks vs Littlefinger all season, and then he just died. He didn't have much more to contribute at this point, but given his history and intelligence, I thought he got outsmarted a bit too easily. Maybe he was blinded by love for Sansa and didn't see all the possible angles, but they are sisters after all. Having one sentence the other to death doesn't come easily. Sansa has been played as gullible and irrational through the show, but she's grown this season.
  9. You are probably getting more lag through impact. Stored energy which is released closer to impact. By flipping, much of the energy is wasted on the way down to the ball. By focusing on acceleration through impact, you can retain the lag better, which is inevitably released around impact, giving you a higher clubhead speed at impact, a more descending blow, better contact and distance. Launch angle will also be lower, which helps with distance. A picture to demonstrate. On the left the golfer is flipping the clup at the ball, losing distance and control. On the right the hands are in front of the clubhead, giving a descending blow and higher clubhead speed when more energy is released closer to impact. Trying to "hit" the bal is a very common issue. Most can make practice swings that looks really good, but once you put a ball in front of them, the brain is telling them to swing the clubhead at the ball, creating positions like on the left image.
  10. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I didn't compare. I said I hoped he didn't end up like OJ, where my primary focus was on the events not related to the trial and double homicide.
  11. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    *Is accused of. Lots of stuff happened to O.J. besides the murder case. He's been sitting in jail for years because of other events. The trial and all that went down was the beginning of it all, but he really declined in the next years. This is not the thread to go deep into Simpson's story. Just a thought that came to me when I read this thread.
  12. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Let's hope he doesn't end up like O.J. Simpson.
  13. What a rough day :(

    Been there, felt that... The higher your handicap is, the more up and down your scores will be. A new player can have great rounds by his or her standards and rounds where you wonder if they're using left-handed clubs as a right-hander. Scratch players also has poor rounds but rarely atrocious.
  14. Not hitting too many greens though. 55% and T47 for the tournament. Meanwhile, Kisner is 93rd in driving and hitting 82% of the greens, which is top of the board. Rory is also hitting 57% fairways, against Kisner's 74%.
  15. Speaking of handicaps. Is there such a thing as an estimated average handicap for players on the Web.com tour?