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  1. With a 69 on Thursday, Hovland now has the record alone and he can increase it further until his next round in the 70's. 64-68-68-68-65-64-66-66-64-68-69-69-65-69-66-69-64-69
  2. I wonder what was special about it. Did it not involve grinding roasted beans and using water to extract parts of the coffee and end up with a hot or cold drink?
  3. Giving advice on back pain on the Internet is something I usually don't do, but I can share my own experience. If not OP, maybe someone else can find help in it. There can be many causes for back pain and many ways to fix it, where fixes for some problems only make other problems worse. I think it's important to try figuring out what you are struggling with first, before doing any kind of preventive actions. I have had a few strains during heavy lifting (squat and deadlift) and after the last I struggled with it for two years. It wasn't a big hindrance in daily life, but certainly annoying and some activities were affected. I tried stretching (every move imaginable), bending, ice-packs and all that jazz, went to a chiropractor/physio for some time and got a bit better, but never 100%. What really made the difference was when I started watching/listening to Stuart McGill, a Canadian PhD and professor that has a lot of experience with back pain, especially in athletes. He is by many considered one of the most knowledgable on the topic. After listening to different professionals and reading so much about the topic, it was refreshing to listen to Stuarts approach. He does a great job explaining what is happening from a mechanical standpoint. I watched some Youtube-videos, some with only audio, and bought his book, Back Mechanic. He says "[sic] non-specific back pain is not a thing and that there is always an answer". For many, doing stretches and bending is the opposite of what helps (not saying that's necessarily OPs problem), and that the solution in most of the cases is to avoid positions and movements that aggravate the pain. It's like hitting your thumb hard with a hammer until it gets sore, then keep hitting with less force many times each and every day. That's an equivalent to straining the lower back and keep bending and moving over incorrectly. I did some self-assessments based on his book and videos, which led to a theory on what is the problem and how to attack it. Working out and stretching was not the solution. If I did work out, it was with light weights and without putting the lower back in an exposed position. I simply started avoiding bending over. Using my legs and keeping the back straight or with very little tilt. Even when getting out of bed (maybe especially since the back is more vulnerable after waking up), putting on my socks, squatting to sit on the toilet. Small changes in the everyday life. That's when I stopped hitting my thumb with a hammer throughout the day. By bending over I wasn't hitting it hard, but just hard enough and frequently enough to keep the inflammation going. I very quickly started feeling better and after several weeks nearly all the pain was gone. I still kept avoiding bending over, but started experimenting with it here and there. The point was never to avoid those positions for the rest of my life, but long enough for the inflammation to heal. Now I don't have any pain in my back anymore. I have felt it coming back a little when doing certain exercises, so I avoid that. I still try to think about positioning and movements in my life to avoid aggravating the lower back again, but I bend over here and there and has no problems with it. I may feel a bit sore after a round of golf, but it doesn't last long.
  4. He's scheduled to play in Japan at the end of October. That'll show how he's doing.
  5. If he doesn't consider himself healthy enough to play as the cup approaches they'll just call in a replacement.
  6. Ehh. The Masters is still 4 months from December. If he thinks he can play and wants to play, why not.
  7. I thought this was pretty cool. Hovland is the most promising Norwegian player in a long time and qualified for the PGA Tour along with another Norwegian (Kristoffer Ventura) this year. After a final-round 64 on Sunday at Greenbrier, Hovland has now played 17 straight rounds on the PGA tour with rounds in the 60s. That ties Bob Estes' record from 1983. 64, 69, 66, 69, 65, 69, 69, 68, 64, 66, 66, 64, 65, 68, 68, 68, 64. He had a couple of rounds in the 70s in the KFT playoffs between those rounds, but that's not the PGA tour. Hovland ties TOUR record on Sunday at The Greenbrier WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. – Sunday was a good day for golfers from Norway.
  8. Tiger's apparently playing in the Presidents Cup: Tiger signs as 'Playing Captain' in Prez Cup blog U.S. Presidents Cup captain Tiger Woods may have declared himself a captain's pick for the matches at Royal Melbourne.
  9. Group 2. I couldn't skip on Tiger, and Rory is a bonus.
  10. You wouldn't put money on Spieth at this time. Rory is streaky and it is Augusta, but you don't pick the 33rd in the world over Rory right now. What's goings on in april is anyone's guess, but Rory has been good over a longer period of time, so I'd pick him.
  11. Golf is hard, and staying at the top of the game for longer periods is hard. Rory obviously has a great talent, but is very up and down in his performance. Can be frustrating to a big fan, but it's also interesting since you never know what you'll get.
  12. If Bloodborne felt slow, don't try Dark Souls 2. Of all FROM games, Sekiro is maybe what would work best if you like speed, but it's not that different from the other games. Bloodborne is one of my favorite games of all time. It's a masterpiece in my opinion. I love the gameplay, but what makes BB really shine is the atmosphere, the visual design, level design, enemies, story and lore. Many struggle getting into it. Most games start out easy and progress in difficulty. With Soulsborne it's almost opposite, especially if you haven't played them before. I enjoy faster games too, but Smash and similar games is not my thing.
  13. Is the entire game like that? Roguelike? I'll make a note and take a look. Love Souls and enjoy a good shooter.
  14. Hopefully he's ready for next season (Masters), but even if they are optimistic, he's still 43 with a long career in golf. One just has to hope for the best and enjoy it when his body is cooperating and he's playing well. He might cut down hard on number of events to be ready for the majors. One tournament means a lot of swings that could hurt his chances at majors. It's really too bad. He's been fighting these injuries for so many years now, and still comes back every time as one of the currently best players in the world. It would have been cool if he'd stayed healthy those years instead. Jack's record would be smashed I think.
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