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  1. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Ah. By practice I meant playing practice rounds. He's had so many comebacks that I probably mix them up. I know one time he was reportedly playing a lot of practice rounds and playing really well, but that could have been some time ago.
  2. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Practice is practice. It's ususally been when the hits the tour that stuff starts to go awry. Either way I'm looking forward to see how he holds up. As far as I remember, he's usually been hitting it well right before comebacks.
  3. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    If he's driving past Chuck Norris it will have to be on the road. As long as he's not parked on the curb for a quick nap.
  4. Even if exercise statistically doesn't show a huge difference in weight lost, it surely can't hurt most to exercise more. You don't necessarily get a healthy and functional body by having a lower fat percentage. If having to choose between unfit + low fat percentage and fit + low fat percentage, I'd always take the latter. Exercise is a good way to improve your general physical and mental health. All of it are contributing factors. Sure, we can use statistics to say that this will probably be more effective than that, but you usually end up in a better spot with a bit of everything. All else considered, it's the intake that is easiest to overlook or miss at. It's easy to run half an hour a day, but keeping track of food intake and avoiding too many calories is a far more difficult task, and where most fail. In extreme situations, exercise can hurt you. Extremely obese persons can end up with injuries by attempting certain exercises. I would probably not recommend an extremely obese woman to use running as an exercise. With that much body weight and often lack of muscle mass, joints can end up taking a big hit. Lower the weight primarily through focusing on diet, then ingrain more exercise as the weight drops. Those 30-60 minutes spent exercising can be better spent on making the diet work.
  5. No and no. My first issue with this topic is how one defines "yips". What are they in golf, who has had them, who has gotten rid of them and how much do you have to struggle with putting or short game for it to be classified as yips? Career ending? 1 year? 3 years? If people interpret the word differently, you'll have a hard time finding consensus. He had struggles with the short game, that was pretty clear. I never considered it yips as far as I've come to understand the term. It lasted a little while, then he got the hang of it. After surgery, being out of the game and all, I would be surprised if he didn't struggle with parts of the game in the early days of a comeback.
  6. Tiger Woods - The Movie

    A movie about Tiger would (will?) be good either way.
  7. I've been trying to get all the stuff J.C. talks about, but it's' tough. On a more serious note, I try to limit it to one or two.
  8. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    In my experience, the people that do it wrong often falls into two categories. Those that don't know how to do it and those that don't care. The first category we will probably find everywhere. The second might depend on the country, area, general state of the course, what kind of people that play it. Many that I've played with didn't know how to do it properly. They might have learned it at a course once and that information might have been wrong. Or they just do what a lot of others do. They're typically happy if they level out the spot, without regards to how they did it. From my experience, people don't want to treat the course bad and most thank me when I explain how to do it properly. Some might thank me and not care the next round they play, but that's tough to do anything about. My advice is to tell everyone you see do it wrong. Give them a demonstration and explanation of why it should be done this way. It can also help to reach out to the clubs and make them throw up some posters, roll the proper way to do it on screens in the club house. I once played on a course where they asked everyone that showed up to play how to fix the marks. Before letting them out to play, the players had to give a small demonstration. This can be a great way to reach out to a lot of players, but make sure it's done in a positive way. Some can fussy if they take it as a personal insult that you don't think they know how to repair the marks. You find most golfers on the golf course. A very small percentage visit a golf forum.
  9. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I don't know if the course matters, but one where he doesn't feel the need to throw out 350 yard drives might help. Either way it's the mentality of competing and state of his overall health that will determine it. In previous returns, he's gone for so long until injured again, and I don't know if the course or how he plays matters to mucn.
  10. Don't text and drive folks

    Don't text and drive. Don't photograph and drive. Don't film and drive. Don't Snapchat and drive. Don't Instagram and drive. Not using the phone much at all really. Use headphones if you need to take receiving calls, or wait until you've stopped and call back.
  11. Long thread: The gist of it is that the long game matters more than what many has historically believed, which means the phrase "drive for show, putt for dough" is incorrect. Those winning tournaments usually gain more strokes on the long game than on putting and short game. Statistics and the recently revealed and all-so-useful 'strokes gained' stat is pretty clear on this.
  12. Favorite TV Show(s)

    Amazing series! I'll be picking up Planet Earth 2 soon. Unfortunately don't have a 4K TV to watch it on, but that's fine.
  13. Idk. if Facebook posts are manual or done by a bot, but I noticed that the link posted to today's Crane topic didn't work. The Facebook post links to: http://ow.ly/NTYr30fbN0S Which redirects me to: http://thesandtrap01/?platform=hootsuite
  14. There are many places on a course where you can hit the ball to and it becomes unplayable, without being in a hazard. If these needles were meant to be removed, you got unlucky. Unless the local rules states anything about being allowed a free drop from such piles, you either gotta try to hit it without it moving, or taking a drop and penalty. Since you can drop within two club lengths, you might end up in a better place with the penalty, than trying to shovel it out of the pines.
  15. Favorite TV Show(s)

    Spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return (season 3) after 18 episodes Sitcoms has become less interesting to me lately. Last I watched was HIMYM and I sometimes watch New Girl. I'm really more interested in something fresh and new. Sitcoms are all about easy jokes and repeating tropes from earlier shows. Twin Peaks was a very good deviation from the norm. I haven't watched too many shows since season 2 of 24 back in 2003. Not seen Lost, Breaking Bad or any of the series that really gave TV-shows a new beginning. Right now we're watching Fargo and Black Mirror. Fargo season 1 was really good and I look forward to season 2. Black Mirror is a fascinating show with some good and some not so good episodes. I've never cared for superhero stuff and find it really boring.

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