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  1. Zeph

    Sergio DQ - Damaged Greens

    Always been a hothead that one.
  2. Zeph

    2019 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines

    Will be interesting to see how he does this year. Maybe last year was fueled by the desire to come back and be at the top. This year he's been through the comeback and just needs to play well. More likely explanation is that he just didn't gave it this week.
  3. Zeph

    2019 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines

    Ah, I see. I sent them a request and they replied with the Norwegian prices. 59 NOK a month or 549 NOK a year. That translates to about $6 and $55. I'll keep the membership, I think it's pretty good value for what I get.
  4. Zeph

    2019 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines

    What does Golf TV cost? I have an account from last year, but can't find any info about what it costs this year. On mobile at least.
  5. Zeph

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Not saying it's not possible, but you got less space and with the new rules a larger number of people will start doing it. I don't expect too many people in this forum would contribute to more damage, but we are an incredibly small amount of the total number of players in the world. Are there a lot of people shoveling balls out with their putters? Most putters these days are too large to even fit. I'd rather think they get one of the thingies you put on the end of the handle, but there's probably someone out there using an anser style with the putter head to get it out. I hope we won't see more damage, but there might be. It might also have a positive effect. If most people bend over or kneel down and retrieve the ball with two fingers, less moving of the flagstick with it's sharp edges could lead to less damage
  6. Zeph

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I wonder how the hole edges will start looking with the new rules. Many already pick the ball up with the flag in there, but what happens when everyone starts doing it? Will be interesting to see.
  7. The channel doesn't look like it's connected to the Nicklaus website in any way. Does Scott Olsen have the rights to distribute it?
  8. There is a lot of potential for golf as a streaming medium. The standard 4-5 hours four days a week isn't very viewer-friendly. Speed rounds sounds like a good idea. I can easily avoid spoilers and watch a recap the next day or something. On certain tournaments I can watch a lot of the coverage, but I might have watched more if they offered different viewing options.
  9. Zeph

    This Is a Lot of Work to Hit a Golf Ball

    I'd like to see someone like that on the PGA Tour, playing at PGA level of course.
  10. Zeph

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Tiger currently DFL with a three shot margin. Ouch. Two double and one triple so far through four holes on Saturday.
  11. Zeph

    Chess World Championship 2018

    It was a good championship I think. Would've liked a few wins in the long chess and a bit more interesting games, but that's what you get when you put the two best players in the world against eachother for the biggest title in the game. Carlsen destroyed Caruana in the tie-break and really showed that he's much better at those shorter games. Caruana's biggest strength is calculating lots of moves and finding the best ones, but in rapid he didn't have time for this and couldn't keep up with Carlsen. Being one of the best in the world in rapid and blitz is a big advantage when playing the WC. The WC in rapid and blitz is set for Christmas again this year. There are rumors about Russia, but nothing confirmed AFAIK. That's very nice Christmas days entertainment and is better entertainment since things go faster and more matches will be won.
  12. The numbers clearly don't tell the entire tale, even less so in these days. Could it be an advantage hitting a 7 iron as long as you'd hit your current 5 iron? That a shorter club is easier to control. Longer shots will of course be less accurate by just being longer, but shorter shafts should make you better able to hit the ball and control face angle, no? You do want to compose a set which gives you decent gaps, but if they can make a shorter club fly farther, it might be helpful.
  13. Zeph

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Does he change tee height based on the shot he wants to hit or is it always this high?
  14. Zeph

    Video Game Thread

    It is a prequel, yes, but also a sequel since it's a game based on the same universe and characters as RDR1, and released after RDR1. Since Rockstar made the first game first, I think it works better that way. You also don't have to go from a 2018 game to a 2010 game. Not that RDR1 is bad, it's an amazing game, but a lot happens in eight years.

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