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  1. Playing and practicing more can help, but it can also work against your goals. Most people will get better by playing golf, but most will peak at some point and not get better no matter how much they play. There's no doubt practice and playing is a way to improve, but if you are doing the wrong stuff, doing it thousands of times can only ingrain the errors more, making it even harder to change. I wouldn't be surprised if it's easier to teach a fairly new player a good golf swing than to correct the swing of a player that's been playing for 10+ years and has a handicap of 15-20. One reason it's difficult to make changes in a golf swing is that you've been doing things "wrong" for a very long time and it's what the body and muscles remember. It's not impossible, but it takes more effort while practicing and playing.
  2. It's easy to become an instructor and the golf swing is very technical and difficult. There's a gap between the knowledge of the average pro and what's required to become a decent instructor. Even if you do have a great understanding of the golf swing and how it works, you need people skills to be able to properly teach a vast variety of individuals.
  3. Ooof. People do that? Don't think I've ever seen it. Those with difficult of bending down has been using an attachment to the grip end of the putter that sucks up the ball. I haven't read their reasoning and don't really have anything to base a guess on, but I'm hoping no.
  4. I don't mind leggings under a skirt, but they could be wearing pants instead. It does the job with...you know...keeping the sun away.
  5. Velkommen! I highly recommend Meland Golf Club. One of my favorite courses in Norway.
  6. A friend of mine came by a few times some years ago to hang out in the backyard. I had some clubs and balls out, so we were chipping and pitching around the lawn. He doesn't play golf much, but after taking part in this pastime activity he started getting better at it. One of the following days we took a trip to a course and played a round of golf. His long game was atrocious, as most beginners are, but when he got close to the green, he was getting the ball on the green and close to the hole from all kinds of locations. Given his poor long game, he usually ended up outside of the green. Practice works, and it's easier with the short game since everything is slower and shorter. It's a lot more difficult to make changes on the full swing. Not practicing the short game and putting is pretty common for the average golfer, and quite a few shots are lost because of it. Same thing goes for the bunkers. I had a period where I practiced bunker shots a lot, and when I ended up in one on the course, I felt like it was the easiest thing in the world. Another morale of the story would be to practice every aspect of the game, and not only the short game when you are injured. Do it when you are healthy too!
  7. "Excessive" can be put in front of pretty much everything we eat or drink.
  8. I don't see a problem here. He prioritizes one event in his life over another. It sounds like crazy talk, I know, but maybe he just wants to spend that time with his family rather than play golf, and don't do it for publicity as a family man? I think all the worry about what celebrities do and do not because of publicity often can be unwarranted. They don't necessarily do something for publicity or their image, but simply because that's what they want to do. Life is about priorities. Being a player on the PGA Tour involves a lot of travelling and time spent away from the family. I understand anyone choosing a family event over a tournament, even if it is the US Open. He's played the tournament 26 times already and let's hope he stays healthy and is able to play more of them. Of course, Phil is one of the lucky professionals that can afford skipping such a tournament. I'm from Norway, where HS graduation isn't such a big deal, but I understand that it can be more of a thing elsewhere. Maybe the fact that it is a minor event makes it a good reason to attend it. It might mean a lot to his daughter, even more than other events normally regarded as more important. It's a small-ish event and he can't play the US Open because of it. It might make his daughter feel very good that he's willing to spend time with his family on her HS graduation instead of playing the US Open. The fact that HS graduation isn't the most important thing in her life can make him sacrificing the tournament to be there all that much more important. We also know nothing about the circumstances of this event, or information that can make his decision easier to understand for those who struggle with that.
  9. Of course reasonable words from Kaymer, but unfortunately "Tiger Woods in an unfortunate predicament, sign his "Get well" list here" doesn't sell as good or give as many clicks as "Tiger Woods reeking of booze swerving all over the road!". And as we've learned, news doesn't have to be real. The situation is real, but what they report doesn't have to be. Scandals sells. Nice stories doesn't. I'm afraid we can't avoid these kind of situations. Tiger certainly hasn't made it easy for himself with his "scandals", but the media and internet population is relentless in pushing people into the dirt.
  10. I don't even call it speculating or reporting. It's just made up stories based on the initial story to make smashing headlines that people will click on. And it worked.
  11. That's a big loss, Chris was an incredible musician with a great voice. I've listened a lot to his music.
  12. I don't care for him as far has his attitude and behaviour in some situations go, but the's an entertaining part of golf, most prominent for his Ryder/Presidents Cup performances.
  13. There is not a lack of examples of people that's gone through back surgery and returned to competition, but each situation is unique. Two people with the same injury can have two different outcomes. The problem with Tiger is that he's been injured or struggled with pain since 2010 now. After each surgery and recovery period, people get their hopes up that he will return, but all of them has so far ended with another injury. He played many events in 2012-2013, but since 2013 he's played 19 events on the tour.
  14. That blue is one of the pretties colors on guitars in my opinion. I was really tempted at getting an Ibanez in similar style. Ibanez JEM7V 2003
  15. The Masters is probably out of question and not really that important. The question is if he'll ever return and be able to play.