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  1. It's an outside chance. Not impossible, but he'd need a great day tomorrow and for a bunch of guys out there not to perform too well.
  2. He won the Tour Championship last year...
  3. Seems fishy. Maybe Hero in December then.
  4. The tweet didn't have any numbers that compared Jack to his field?
  5. I don't see why numbers like would be compared. Players today are much better than 50 years ago. The comparison always have to be with respect to the field and level at the time they played.
  6. Even if he ends up playing all four days, I doubt he'll make it to East Lake.
  7. There are many forms of OCD, and those with a compulsion to keep things neat and ordered are only one part. In fact, people with OCD might be overrepresented in the category of those living in a mess and being unable to organize their daily space, because of the OCD. But we are side-tracking.
  8. I've just accepted that the playoffs are silly and once you get into the top 125, the rest of the season doesn't matter much anymore.
  9. Something tells me this won't turn into the Bryson DeChambeau Fanclub. The pacing is good enough reason to allow the use of rangefinders.
  10. Christ... That's ridiculous. Can they?
  11. I don't know what it means to be built to make a lot of pars, but yeah, him not playing the typical birdie fests is of course true. He plays courses which usually doesn't see that low scores. In his better years, he was very high, if not leading the tour in birdies. That doesn't mean he can't shoot something low. He shot -14 at the PGA and -17 at the BMW last year. If he had played the John Deere or Wyndham and had a good week, I don't see why he shouldn't be shooting 15-20 under. He didn't get to +4 because he wasn't trying to make birdies, but playing conservatively for par. He just didn't play any better.
  12. What makes you think he doesn't know this? When he's playing well, Tiger can make more birdies than most of them out there.
  13. Aaaand Tiger's listed as WD on the PGA Tour leaderboard.
  14. Speaking of names. Has any other player on the PGA Tour been called by their nickname rather than legal name? I mean in the official records and leaderboards, not when talked about.
  15. Tiger is heading towards an early exit if he doesn't turn things around.
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