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  1. I will risk accuracy for distance if it’s still playable and I actually score better that way. If I hit it behind trees and lose balls frequently, maybe a shorter club off the tee is better, but going from a 6 iron to an 8 iron is a big difference. What I remember best from my best round to date was that I felt in control with the driver and could have at it without the fear if a push-slice. I hit fairways, rough and bunkers, but the advantage of being closer is big, even if I find a bunker or the rough. The courses also matters of course. Some people play regularly on courses with f
  2. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    They could leave the Masters bubble and focus on total career achievements, but maybe that deviates from the intention. Eventually they may have to choose players who only won once. «First on the tee, Patrick Reed!». Or maybe they’ll be off with the whole thing. There aren’t that many multiple winners these days. Phil, Bubba and Tiger are the only ones with wins this millennia.
  3. I’ve had my Leupold GX-2 since 2010. Don’t remember the price, but perhaps around $200-300. Not a big investment if divided per year or round. I’ve spent way more on balls. It’s not a replacement for the course guide, which I always want to carry if they got one. The rangefinder is a distance measuring tool and doesn’t show the layout of a hole. Many courses around here doesn’t have much in ways of markers. Typically 200, 150 and 100 meters. So the on-course aid hasn’t been affected by the tools. I used to have to study the guide, look for one of those three markers and try to walk o
  4. Top to bottom: Shortest club Longest club Three long clubs Second longest club Three clubs shorter than the long clubs The long-ish club I rarely use, but can be nice from the rough Three short clubs, but not as short as the shortest A club longer than the three long clubs, but not quite the same
  5. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    I wouldn’t mind if they varied the honorary starters. It seems the style is to pick someone that can come until they decline for health reasons or pass away. Inviting Elder was nice, but I don’t see the need for Nicklaus and Player to do it for 10-20 years.
  6. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    I like a bit of drama, but good to see that Hideki didn’t throw it away on the final stretch. Great to have Japans first major winner. Very impressed by Zalatoris. He seems to have the head of a winner if he can keep his game going like this. There was a lack of the top guys you usually see, but all in all a fun tournament. On the final round I started thinking about some of the shots we get of the course, more specifically the landing areas of balls after the tee shots. Some of those shots are not all that good I think. If you know thee course you have a good idea of where they
  7. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    Matsuyama looking good out there so far with even for the day after five, while the others except Zalatoris are dropping shots.
  8. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    Fame and recognition will do. Lots of action on the first few holes for the last groups out.
  9. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    I’m going with Will Zalatoris at -12. Competition still open? 😁
  10. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    I’m rooting for Zalatoris today. A debut winner would be fun.
  11. Not often I hear Oddworld mentioned on forums, so I had to reply to this. I love these games and some of my best childhood gaming memories are rescuing all of them with a friend on PS1. Some of the later games didn’t excite me much (Munch, Stranger), but the first two are awesome. I got the remake on Steam and on my to-do list. Looking forward to the first new game in the original style since Exoddus; Soulstorm.
  12. I bought a PS4 for Bloodborne, primarily. Potential GOAT for me.
  13. I am certainly more selective these days. I’ve accumulated a lot of games on Steam over the years and some of them I quickly dismisses as not interesting or fun enough. I often play in bursts. When RDR2 came out I played...a lot. We had a baby not long after it came out, so I put some hours in it while waiting for her to wake up from a nap. I thinkmy second playthrough (because reasons) endes up with more than 7 days of playtime. That’s more than 7x24 hours. Not many games get that treatment anymore. I probably got over 1000 hours on Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne and
  14. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    This could be a fun finish. One at -11, four ahead of the rest, then four on -7 in the chase. A few birdies and bogies and anything can happen. Especially with the final stretch providing scoring opportunities. Matsuyama has done quite well with only four bogies all week, but Sunday is different. Four shots can disappear quickly.
  15. Zeph

    2021 Masters

    I've had the same thought. He's 18th in driving distance in 20/21, 12 yards behind Bryson.
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