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  1. Yeah. Would be interesting to see this test across a range of handicap levels. For good players that consistently hit close to the sweetspot, I have no trouble seeing the advantage of blades, but what's the story for higher handicap players? Another factor is the effect the clubs can have on practice and development of quality of the strike. Will clubs with smaller sweetspots promote a player to hit closer to it more often since off-center hits are worse or the results suffer more because the quality of strike doesn't improve, but they get worse results from poor strikes?
  2. I don't think he can use pace of play as an argument. I bet Knox spent a few minutes surveying his shot.
  3. The right-going-right drive (push-slice) that you see and feel right away means you'll have to go find a new ball in the bag. Even worse if you hit a pull-draw on the previous drive. I can live with missed, short putts or flubbed chips, but those OB drives will always drag me down.
  4. Zeph

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Swing-off tomorrow and it starts with these matches: Niemann/Leishman vs Woods/Thomas Im/Hadwin vs Cantlay/Schauffele An/Scott vs Finau/DeChambeau Pan/Matsuyama vs Reed/Simpson Oosthuizen/Ancer vs Woodland/Johnson
  5. Not surprising, and I would expect a similar trend in many sports. The players have better understanding of the game and swing at an early stage now and resources to groove them into winners. The digital aids in high-speed cameras and launch monitors makes it easier to analyze the swing and make appropriate changes.
  6. I understand why Phil is the target here, ut this also applies to other players. It's very unfortunate that large sports organizations are bought by regimes like Saudi-Arabia, but sadly it's money that matters in this world, and more is better. It is maybe particularly sad for golf (at least the PGA tour), which has always donated huge amounts of money to charity. At the same time, regimes like SA are being endorsed with events like this. For me it's not about chasing money, I understand that a large paycheck is always enticing, even if you are a multi-millionaire. It's the location and controversy of the host. If this was an event in any country without similar controversies, I don't care. I understand that residents of Phoenix and Phil fans still react, but that would be a difference situation. Top level chess has had some players skip large events held in regimes like this, and some of them are not sitting in huge bank accounts. Sure, the players are not going to the media and talking about how awesome the regime is, but when you take their money, you endorse them in my opinion. When Phil cuts Phoenix at the same time, he comes out particularly bad, but he's probably laughing all the way to the bank. He hasn't given off the best impression in recent years.
  7. Real shame Half-Life Alyx only will be in VR. I don't have VR, nor plan to buy it anytime soon. Can only hope they'll resume where HL2 left off with a game that's not VR exclusive. Someone on Valve mentioned it wasn't unlikely we'd see more HL in the future if HLA becomes a success.
  8. Zeph

    2019 Presidents Cup

    The International team is set as Els picks Sungjae Im, Adam Hadwin, Joaquin Niemann and Jason Day. Marc Leishmana Jason Day Adam Scott Hideki Matsuyama C.T. Pan Haotong Li Abraham Ancer Sungjae Im Adam Hadwin Joaquin Niemann Louis Oosthuizen Cam Smith
  9. He's had a few good results in majors, most recently with a second place at The Open. That was 6 shots back, but still second place. He's a potential winner of a major, along with many others out there. This is the photo used on his Wikipedia page: It's apparently him, but I can't guarantee it. 😋
  10. Theemth odd that they would ever include 'no cut' tournamenth in a record labeled 'moth conthecutive cut'th'. That would juth be the moth completed tournamenth. To count ath a 'made cut' there hath to be a cut. Common thenthe no? Or wath thith another idea by Jack to booth hith numberth?
  11. @colin007 You got direct contact with Tiger. Send him a text asking him to include a chapter about his feelings on Ryder and President's Cup in his book.
  12. Most importantly, hit down on the ball. With a sweeping motion into the ball, anything behind the ball is guaranteed to be in the way. This mostly comes down to weight forward, but can also be caused by many other components.
  13. Zeph

    36 In A Day

    The course, walking distances, riding or walking, carrying or pushing. All factors that heavily contribute to how 36+ in one day feels. If you are riding, it's no problem at all. Pushing makes you significantly more fatigued and carrying can take a toll on the back on the last 18. Make sure you get enough food and water, and wear good shoes. I once made the mistake of buying new shoes and using them the next day. After 18 holes my ancles were a mess and I had to switch shoes and use some redneck inserts to avoid the shoes rubbing on the sore spots.
  14. I wonder how many degrees he could've turned the clubhead before the ball hit a tree and potentially ricochet into someone.
  15. I specifically said "season" for a reason. If I wanted to include all three events, I would've said "14 month span" or something. First he played close to a full season in 2018, capitalized by a win at the Tour Championship. At that point he knew he would have knee surgery, but decided to postpone it since he was doing so well. He continued playing and ended up winning the Masters the next season. Following that win, the rest of the season didn't yield much: CUT, T9, T21, CUT, WD, T37, not even making the Tour Championship. After the BMW he didn't play until his surgery and recovery was done, and when returning he won Zozo. My point was that without the Masters win, he would've been winless in the 18-19 season, which possibly could be blamed on postponing the surgery. No wins might not have been a complete disappointment if he'd been healthy all the year and made progress, but after the Masters that was not the case.
  16. There's no penalty for accidentally moving the marker as long as it is replaced. I don't see why a moved marker is easier to replace than a club.
  17. Of course in Tiger terms, he's the topic of this topic. If he goes through an entire season without winning anything, and having the season he had in 18-19, which was not particularly good after the Masters, I can't imagine he'd call it successful. Especially since he decided to delay the operation to get ready for the season opening. As I said, without the Masters win, it would've been a season with 0 wins and half the year with a body that wasn't cooperating. Where do you get three wins? He won the Tour Championship in the 17-18 season, the Masters in 18-19 and has now won ZOZO in 19-20.
  18. Without the Masters win, this would've been a pretty disappointing season, and putting off the surgery at least paid off. Wonder what he could've done with the surgery completed last year. Not that there are ever guarantees. He's been hurt and had surgery or treatment so many times now, it's always a looming threat. Here's to a healthy 2019-2020: 🥂
  19. I look forward to #83 when people can stop talking about Snead and his wins. Both are great players, Tiger is obviously better.
  20. Tiger is looking good through 11 holes on the fourth round, but with Matsuyama three back there's still work to be done. Would be cool if he made the 82nd the same year as he won the Masters again.
  21. Will be interesting to see what the book contains. It's a bit weird to write it at this point, potentially before the entire story has unfolded, but have they given an estimated release or could it be a few years down the line? I'm also not on board with Tiger planning his retirement anytime soon. There may of course be reasons we aren't seeing, but he's been down for so long and finally got his way back to the top in the world, won a major and currently seems in good shape, having the lead at the start of the fourth round of the ZOZO championship.
  22. Back-to-back rounds of 64. I can't remember the last time Tiger was -12 after the first two rounds.
  23. It's based on your listening statistics, so it can't really be wrong, but it did say on mine that it was based on the last 400 tracks since October 10, which is not a particularly big sample size.
  24. Aha. I never actually saw an article on it, just mentioned by someone on a forum. Couldn't find an article that mentioned it either.
  25. That's apparently Tiger's best opening round in a tournament since 1996. Must be nice after opening with bogey-bogey-bogey.
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