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  1. Very interesting idea. I've been wondering when something like this would come. There has to be better ways to brush the teeth than a normal brush. An electric is better, but still relies on manual operation, some doing a better job, some doing worse, some being too rough, some damaging the gums etc... The saved time is nice, but the biggest thing for me is better teeth and mouth care, and removing a large part of the possibilities of human error. I haven't read through any comments, but I wonder how good it will work for all kinds of different people and teeth. I still got a full set of adult teeth and hope this can reach the back ones too properly.
  2. It is of course possible to find putts where hitting the stick can leave you in a worse spot than keeping it in, but that's for everyone to figure out on their rounds. As a general rule, you are more likely to gain an advantage from leaving it in than taking it out.
  3. How should be use our bodies to enhance performance, but maybe more importantly protect our body from injuries,wear and tear? Should we lift weights? Do yoga? Pilates? Body weight exercises? Twisting and bending exercises? Balance and stability training? What thoughts do you guys have on this topic? I know of course that many in here got personal experience with a lot of this, but I want to be very careful with anecdotal evidence since it never works for everyone. A slim person might do yoga every day and love it, while a larger built person wouldn't be able to without aches and pains emerging before long. I don't belive you gain much golf performance through physical exercise, despite the popularity of this in recent years among the professionals. Some are very strong and lift heavy weights, but is it helping or can it hurt them? Of course, being able to walk 18 holes without almost almost having a stroke before the end is an advantage, but I think that largely solves itself just by playing golf. If you never walk or move around much, suddenly playing 18 holes might be a struggle, but if you play golf regularly, that will in itself make you better suited to play 18 holes. I am frequently in the company of two men in their 60's. One is a tall, retired police officer that's put on some weight and doesn't do much physical activity anymore. The other is shorter and slim man that's practiced aikido (Japanese martial arts) for many years and still remains physically active. The latter rolls on the floor with grandchildren and is in what I would consider great physical shape for his age. The other does not roll on the floor and would perhaps struggle doing so. The older I get, the more aware I've become of how the body is on a steady decline from some age in the teens or early 20's, and what I should do to keep myself physically fit for as long as possible. That does not mean building a muscular body for the beach, but a sustainable body that can be physically active, both with golf and other activities, for many years. And might not achieve this even if I work out 3-4 times a week if the things I do are hurting me in the long run. I've worked out for about 7 years, dealt with some back pain, and I've often come across the name Stuart McGill. A professor and one of the leading experts on the spine and back, with experience that includes world class athletes. He has also worked with golfers and made comments on what he thinks is the better approach for a golfer. One thing he does not recommend is combining the flexible maneuver that is the golf swing with lifting heavy weights, since in golf you want flexilibity and moving in an acrobatic fashion, while the other focuses on stationary strength and keeping still while moving a weight (or a weight and yourself). He even says it might be counter-productive and could hurt you down the line. On a few podcasts he's mentioned Rory McIlroy, and here's a quote from one:
  4. Can't tell, but I wouldn't be surprised if either was correct. I think it was intentional though. His backswing looks like a person playing some golf. The way he hit the ground on line with his back foot, swung enough out to hit the balls, and that he's hitting the ball an inch from the rope all leads me to believe it was done for just that purpose: to be posted on social media.
  5. Not a big fan of this rule change. The current one is perfect. You can hit the flagstick if you are hitting from off the green like an approach shot or chip, but once on the green it has to go. It is a pretty big change on a fundamental in golf.
  6. Zeph

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    I wonder how many won't be able to watch because they are out shopping. 23. Nov. is black friday.
  7. The fact that he went through all that golf says a lot about how his back is working. Even if he had traines for it and been prepared, it was a lot of golf in a short period of time, and he won the TC, which must have been a bit exhausting in itself. I still think having the cup the week after the Tour Championship is a poor decision, even if Tiger didn't play poorly.
  8. Zeph

    Video Game Thread

    I've watched a lot of speedruns on Twitch and it's pretty incredible how they can always keep improving the records. Super Mario Bros 1 is one of the most perfected games out there, where they are counting frames and milliseconds. A lot of these games are also being perfected with in Tool Assisted Speedruns (TAS), where they can manipulate inputs and pretty much choose inputs at every frame of a run, doing moves that are impossible for a human being. They will never beat a TAS, but are amazingly close. https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/26/17905822/super-mario-bros-any-percent-speedrun-world-record https://np.reddit.com/r/speedrun/comments/9ip34a/455_by_kosmic_smb1_wr_attempt_number_9/e6lfgwl/ In other news, Red Dead Redemption 2 is out on October 26th. That will probably be my gaming highlight for 2018.
  9. I don't get it. Should adultery secure you a marked grave?
  10. Zeph

    How to get a Lean Body?

    While the metabolism does drop some as we grow older, the primary reason why people gain weight as they get older is because of less activity. Many say "oh, you are lucky being able to eat all that food. I could too 10 years ago". The reason they can't is primarily less activity.
  11. Zeph

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    If Phil brings half of his comedy from Twitter, it might be fun.
  12. Molinari might rank the RC higher than his major, but I don't know if asking him just after winning the RC is the best time. He might be compelled to answer like he did just because of the circumstances. Winning a major is huge, he was even the first Italian to ever win one. There might be players out there that would put a major over the RC, but Tiger? No way. He would take a major over the RC any day of the week. It's of course difficult to measure two events up against eachother. A major and a RC/PC are two different beasts.
  13. https://www.golfchannel.com/article/ryan-lavner/why-europe-again-its-relentless-its-pursuit-excellence/
  14. Zeph

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Not the ending to the season Tiger wanted, going 0-4 in the Ryder Cup. He was the only player losing four matches, but might have gotten some competition from Phil or SLIG had they played four rounds. He looked tired and said so himself in interviews after. Many thought he did walk a bit more gingerly this week, which can be attributed to a lot of golf, colder weather and travelling 6 timezones for the RC. He played golf seven out of the nine last weeks and the last one in France. He didn't look injured or struggling with the back, which got some testing in the heavy rough at Le National. That much golf can make anyone weary, and Tiger's 42. https://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/woods-admits-hes-tired-lot-golf-short-period/ Still a really good season, capped off with win number 80 at the Tour Championship. When will he tee it up next? Hero World Challenge Nov 29 - Dec 2 is a given. The only tournament I imagine he would play before that is the HSBC Champions Oct 25-28 which he has been adding to his schedule a number of times before, but last time was in 2010.
  15. That's not the point. Someone regularly playing courses with wider fairways and less penalizing rough might have a harder time playing such a course than someone playing that style more often. It's not about not being able to, but it being a factor in how you play. We've seen Tiger have a lot of adventures with his driver this year on the PGA Tour, but because the rough hasn't been that tough, he's been able to shoot some respectable scores. He was often found in the rough this week. On a lot of the PGA courses he would've been able to get a reasonable amount of club on the ball, but that was often difficult at Le Golf National. They are all world class and can play any course, but I believe it is an advantage to play courses similar to what they played on.
  16. You didn't see a lot of drivers out there. A combination of shorter holes, narrower fairways and penalizing rough. Being 30-40 yards closer in the rough wasn't necessarily a good thing at this course. You often saw them just having to hack something out of there and hope for the best. Being in the fairway was a big deal, and the longest hitters did maybe not get their potential out.
  17. Tiger usually gets in automatically, but it's strange saying he's a bad pick. He doesn't have the best record, but in singles he's done pretty good, although I believe some wins have come after the RC was decided. He's played well this year and won the week before. He got some unlucky pairings and didn't play his best either. A commentator said he hadn't seen Tiger smile all week. He really didn't seem to enjoy being there and I agree that he doesn't excel in team competitions like he does as an individual. If he stays healthy he will likely be part of it next time too.
  18. Phil took US out of their misery. Congratulations Europe.
  19. They are not the most exuberant players out there, even when winning. It's of course easy to say when euro is leading, but they seem to have more players that really thrive in this format, the noise, the crowds, getting riled up. Euro got Poulter, Garcia, Rory, Rose, Fleetwood, Rahm. Players that go out of their way to celebrate and make a point out of success. On the US team there are less of those up-there guys. Thomas, Bubba, Reed maybe. There are more mellow guys on the US team. Not that there's anything wrong with being mellow, but in an event like this I believe guys like Garcia and Poulter play well just because it's the RC. Beating players they normally don't beat too often. Doesn't hurt of course having the majority of the galleries behind them and being on euro soil. Maybe I'm wrong and we'd see more from DJ, Koepka, Finau etc. if they played better and maybe even in the US, but I still think they are more down-to-earth.
  20. Yep, that seems correct. Now we just wait for tomorrow's pairings. When will we see Reed or Phil?
  21. I think I saw an info graphic that no pairing has gone 4-0 in the RC before. Well done, Molinari and Fleetwood.
  22. Because he's looking to be 0-3 for the RC after today. I've been listening to the UK broadcast and it's really enjoyable. Nice relaxed crew, praising good play on both sides, a few witty ones here and there, but not trying to force anything. Like a bunch of guys just watching golf and chatting.
  23. Tiger and SLIG are working on a comeback. Still enough holes to do it on. Three out of the five holes Moliwood's won has been off US bogies. If they make par at worst and a few birdies, anything can happen.
  24. Because US has longer hitters, but worse ballstrikers.

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