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  1. I think there may be a little of that dynamic going on, but c'mon men are scrutinized too. Tiger is under intense scrutiny in the same manner for club throwing and whatnot. Sabo is practically hated by the entire golf community. Look at Phil's taxation comments, or Rory complaining about the weather at the British; all drew lots of negative commentary.
  2. Tiger definitely always has a good shot there. The only issue is having to hit driver a lot, which is why I think his best shot this year is Hoylake. Either way I think those are his two best opportunities, and I think he will get one of them. Anybody who contends as often as he does can't help but nab one, whether he takes it with authority or is gifted one by leaders collapsing. I could totally see Tiger finishing 2 or 3 back an hour before leaders like Westy or Donald hit 18...Woods would have a giftwrapped major fall right in his lap.
  3. Slow play isn't a very big issue for me. I like being out on the course and thinking my thoughts. Obviously there's a line, but I don't think stressing people out is a worthwhile tradeoff.
  4. I've been watching all season but strangely nobody on the golf channel forums discusses Big Break, so here I am. Team Doleman cruises to a flawless victory imo. At first I assumed Shannon and Meghan were the weakest females just based on character, but Shannon is surprisingly ruthless and has hit some clutch shots. Brian seems to be the strongest pro now that they've settled in as a team, and Doleman does certain things quite well (with the exception of fat 90 yard wedges). Definitely bummed to see Zakiya go...yowza! I hope the lpga girls take some fashion tips from her lol Mazza I like Rice's team too, but eventually Emily is going to have to stand over a 4 footer to fend off elimination. She's got demons. First post! edit: I have trouble accepting Will's cross-grip as reliable, and Mallory may be gorgeous but there's a lot of golf that happens outside 120 yards. She needs strength training.