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  1. Hi, Im a little confused. My son was testing some drivers. He is 14 small (5'1") and has an 85 mph driver swing speed with a smooth transition. His favorite drivers were epic flash and titelist ts2. In both drivers the regular shafts were 5 yards longer but his dispersion was 25 yd wide. With a couple different stiff shafts, while he was 5 yd shorter, his dispersion was only 10 yd wide. Everything I have read says regular shaft but it seams 5 yards to stay out of the rough or any trees seems like a good tradeoff. Am I missing anything? (Test was 20 balls with each)
  2. Thanks guys, this was exactly the info I was looking for..
  3. The 2 fitters I talked with were unable to answer the question I posed here. How stiff would an A flex or an L flex shaft become if it were cut to size and how would that effect his ball flight.
  4. Thanks Jam-ez, He has been using adult driver, 5 wood and hybrid heads with a custom junior shaft for the past couple years. We did some initial tests with trackman and he did well with a m4 head and a shaft 55 grams or lighter. At 60g it was getting too heavy. A women's shaft showed some signs that the flex was starting to get too light. The problem I had is finding a fitter that REALLY understands junior golfers and how their small stature applies to golf equipment. When you find someone, they don't really stock many heads and shafts to try combinations to get an accurate fit.
  5. My son is a mid 80's golfer 13 years old. He had been using vt max custom junior clubs. He is growing out of them and it's time for a new set of irons. He is 4'11 with a 73 mph swing speed with a 7iron. All charts point to an A flex shaft. My question is how much does cutting down the shaft change the flex. Does a Ladies flex become an A flex when you cut down 1.5 -2 inches. Does an a flex become a regular when it's cut to size? I know shortening the lever will decrease the flex. I just don't know how much. thanks
  6. Thanks, WITiger, didn't think about the grip but it makes sense. thanks Arturo, i would use a very lightweight graphite VTMax shaft that matches his swing speed.
  7. light clubheads (irons) Hi everyone, my son is starting to transition out of junior clubs and into clubs with regular weight heads. He has been using vt max custom junior clubs for the past 4 years which were great for him. He switched his driver and 3 wood to great big bertha with vtmax shafts and instantly picked up 20 yards. I'm thinking about switching his irons out as well ( and re-shafting them to fit properly) I am concerned with swingweight. Something real heavy would throw him off balance or effect his swing plane. Does anyone know where I can find comparison charts for weight of different heads? Who tends to make lighter heads with good technology? Are women's clubs using the same head with a different shaft or are some decreasing the weight while including the technology? ( stats on him if that helps 12 yrs old, 55 inches tall, scores mid 90s from front tees. Driver swing speed 75mph.) Thanks
  8. I am so sorry, I missed this. Work has been insane. 4 of us. Me my son and two of his buddies. thanks
  9. Thank you so much. It looks awesome. sorry i did not respond respond right away. I was out of town.
  10. Thank you I'm not a big excel user so another set of eyes helps. I do like the idea of putting things in on a smartphone. Thanks
  11. All of yours look great I'm still working out the bugs but here is the spreadsheet I made to track practice tests over time. Anyone interested can download it from the page below. Thanks for your help guys. Mike http://juniorgolfmeetingplace.weebly.com/golf-stats-excel.html
  12. Thanks club rat. I wrote series of excel sheets today. I'll post them for the group later on. Have a great day
  13. I was looking for templates similar to thiers. I'm not really interested in their plan. I know I have tracked data like this when coaching different sports. I know I have seen similar assessment sheets and some of the tests are close to those on trackman, SAM and flightscope. That's why I thought there may be some speadsheets floating around. If it's origional in golf though I may just buy their program. They deserve the biusness if they are doing something good and origional. Thanks again guys
  14. Thanks david, I know there are a lot of different coaching and practice philosophies but for me it's also practical. I get to play once a week but I can practice 5 days a week ( in the summer) I may only hit 10 drivers that round. If I slice one ob My stats for the week are toast and show one mistake and not true progress. Instead, if I can measure weekly success on 50 shots I have a better picture. I also have trouble staying in the flow of a round while keeping stats that matter. Like did I increase 3 puts because of putting or because of poor chipping pitching or bunker play. Probably my 3rd reason is I like challenge in practice. For me, Things like this provide structure for that challenge. I loved triathlons and did them for 15 years. Unfortunatly a back injury / surgery has kept me out for the past 4 years. My son is really into golf so I'm having a lot of fun with him. You know how crazy we are as triathletes and meticulous planning and tracking is part of the sport. Thanks again It's part of their elite golfer improvment system. Most of the site revolves around this system. Thanks
  15. Thanks for replying. I may try using this one for rounds however I was looking for one that measured progress in practice challenges like short game 10 balls at 10 yard increments within ____ feet of target. Putting from various feet. Driving within an imaginary fairway etc. then compared results on the same tests through the season. I might try to make one myself but then I have to come up with test protocols myself. No use reinventing e wheel if someone else has done it? thanks again
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