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  1. I've said my peace and thank you for sharing your mind, I said a long time ago I didn't want to comment anymore unless I sponsored, so I did just that. However when I was alerted to the recent exchanges I logged back on to your blog to defend my company. Hopefully I've able to answer some of your members questions without creating more so I don't have to post anymore and feel like I'm promoting by helping people understand more. I did see you offer, thank you, however I did not budget for that this year and all current revenue is being reinvested into more inventory to sustain our growth, so
  2. Two of my reps had this putter in the Revealer at a demo day at Bayonet , the Edel rep was there and watched, it did not stay square , spun and over rotated, actually did a 360* on a thirty foot putt, so therefore it's not really zero torque, nor the seemore that one is on YouTube. Lie Angle Balancing is different than just toe up balancing or what some people are calling dynamic balanced in that I balance the face to stay dead square to the arc, which is determined by a good fitting. Generally speaking the lie angle, length and spine angle determine a pendulum strokes arc, once that arc is i
  3. Thanks and I made sure to make it in lefty also. Here's a remote fitting link The best I can do for 'demo' fitted putters is PUD pricing on a couple. Each putter is hand balanced to match the arc of the player. I give free putters to PGA European PGA LPGA and some Web tour players. PGA members and industry employees receive one PUD per year. Maybe after the PGA show I'll circle back here and review my promotion marketing budget and participate in the club review program however at this time I have to decline, very sorry guys and gals.
  4. Yeah good math but I teach/thought half hour lessons, 2000-2500 per year Golftec, not including clinics, I worked I arsh off. It's not uncommon for top instructors to teach 2500 + per year with Golftec if you have a great referral client base.
  5. Dear sir, I am the inventor and owner of Directed Force Putters and Press Grips. I tried to be open and honest earlier in the thread and then got very busy doing putting seminars and demonstrations and building putters as well as being a widowed single parent. I can promise you that know one from my company has set up 'fake accounts' or have I authorized or promoted anyone to do 'shilling' . I don't have time or energy to police what people say good bad or indifferent about my products on blogs, and am quite frankly pretty insulted of the things that are being said here on this site. I was r
  6. Been away for a while, very busy these days...yes the Press Grip is usga conforming decision number 2014-800 (3*) , 2014-799 (1.5*) and the Directed Force Putter decision number 2014-801. Lie Angle balancing is working very well in the hands of some very good PGA club professionals and top ranked juniors. Thank you, take care.
  7. I believe many issues with aiming a mallet have to do with the length of the site line, top line shape but more importantly how the putter soles out and if it has a neutral shaft lean or forward or backward relative to the sole plate not the face loft...oddly enough the usga requires putter loft to be measured to the sole plate like a wood instead of face loft to shaft like an iron. Back to your question, many putters throughout history have intentionally skewed the site lines to bias for what your talking about, is it wrong or right? Who knows, however it is legally to do so. The top line of
  8. Lie Angle Balancing is now being widely accepted by PGA club professionals as the real deal and possibly one if the biggest advancements in putter technology(it's real and it really works)
  9. Find a magnet, if it's sticks hard it's high steel content metal if it doesn't it's most likely aluminum zinc
  10. Ok I got to give it to you you guys crack me up sometimes, thanks for clarifying it's Erik....and yes any mass can be made to do the same however a blade has very little front/back weighting and will lose a little moi unless you make it really long from heel to toe. I've already modified an existing blade and it works very well, however the shaft lean obsures the top line and alignment features. The mallet and mid mallet have the necessary depth to locate the shaft far enough back so it doesn't intrude on the top line.
  11. Hey guys, I'm the owner and inventer, out of respect for Isaac I've stayed out of this thread. One patent is under review and the other is coming up. the grip technology is visible and will help you make more putts when installed on any putter, however the math formula for balancing a mass to stay square to the arc that the lie angle generates in a pendulum putting motion is and will remain a trade secret. Resistance to twisting can be done with front/back weighting and heel/toe weighting and combinations thereof . Forward shaft lean is helpful as well(offset)....the putter is all about real
  12. have you pulled the old shaft yet? Why wont you post a pic? Ive been a professional club repair guy for over 32 years and it's really heard to give good advice or help you out if I cant see what you have...is there a name on it?
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