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  1. 1. Some guy named Eldrick. 2. Sergio 3. Paddy 4. Phil 5. Cink
  2. Yeah I'll post the articles - all three are pretty basic as the paper I write for just isn't that "deep." Doing one on Curtis' low-key demeaner, Phil's emotional return and the tournament overview. Again, the paper I work for is very small, so I wasn't granted an "inside the ropes" access pass or anything like that. All I got into was the leader's press conferences. I saw Paddy three times and Tiger once. Harrington is really able to let what happens on the golf course stay on the golf course. As soon as he comes in to the media center, it's like it happened ten years ago. Even on Sunday
  3. My goodness - if there's one thing I've learned with writing, it's that you can't say anything without affending someone these days...I should have learned. So here's my statement: Harrington's accent is a "little" accent because it comes across as quite cheery and high pitched, and does not reflect the intensity he seems to have on the golf course. Speaking of typos, on the Golf Channel right now it says the PGA is in "Arkon" Ohio. Oy. No more questions!
  4. Nothing was meant by that - and obviously, it's irish. My point was that last year he seemed like one of the most intense players on the tour, but that irish accent just doesn't come off that way. Not a good day for Benny, the support for Phil is really nice to see. Garcia is truly a fun player to watch.
  5. The paper I write for obtained a week long press pass, so they sent me, this being the first day at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. I still cannot believe what I'm able to do as a member of the media. Talked with several players for a couple of hours at the range. Talked it up with Ben Curtis and his caddie for roughly an hour, Sing, Paddy Harrington (who, for such an intense player, has the funniest little accent), Christian Cevaer, among others. I stand by my point: Ben Curtis is one of the nicest men I've been fortunate enough to meet - very kind hearted, very humble, very approacha
  6. My first two thoughts were Ali and Ruth.
  7. This really depends on who you ask and what their handicap is. For me, it's 1% plausible I could go out today, hit a perfect shot, get a lucky bounce and shoot an ace. It is 0% plausible I shoot under par.
  8. I've been happy with my progression so far this year - short irons are smooth, great loft, highly accurate. Hybrids are a thing of beauty (God I love those things!) and the Driver is coming around. But for some reason I cannot hit two consecutive good shots (not great, or not even good - can barely hit my 5 iron longer than my 9) with any iron longer than my 7 (6, 5 and 4). I'm pretty sure it's my mental preparation and how I approach hitting the shot, but I can't bring myself around to have the same routine when hitting my 5 as when I'm hitting my 9. Any help or tips on what I can do?
  9. Keep at it. In a couple of minutes I'll be playing the first round of the year (late start) and am not confident about it. I'm expecting a long day.
  10. TPC at Sawgrass. Very easy decision.
  11. One was an inbetween par 3, plays about 85 but I decided to hit about a 75% 9 iron instead of a wedge. Hit it perfectly, about 5 feet from the hole. From there not so good, but oh well. But my favorite shot was ironically the first shot after the worst shot of my life. After a shanked 5 iron to a 170 yd par 3 with a lake running all the way to the fringe (left it left and short of the lake), stuck a SW about 8 feet from the hole.
  12. Man o man. Been away from these forums for a couple of months and am getting ready for some golf again. Even though it's December in Ohio - I'll be waiting awhile. 1. Sink a hole in one. 2. Average under 30 putts a round. 3. I actually started with a handicap of 41 when I joined here and got down to my goal of a 22. So my second goal is to break a handicap of 20. 4. Get my handicap down to 17, which in some cases (at least I think) I'll be under a 90 on a normal 72 par course. I got accepted into Kent as a prejournalism major. I've been friends with Herb Score (KSU goal coach) and have
  13. Haha yeah Ben is pretty monotone in his interviews. When you get to talk with him one on one however, he's really approachable and is willing to talk for hours. I heard he was at the course for the photographers for nearly the entire afternoon talking with the KSU golf team and various reporters after I had left. That's why the media tend to shy away from him, and why the golf channel labeled him "The Anti-media Darling" - and that's why he is like he is. I've had the privilege to see him outside of what ESPN will show you, and he'd love to talk to most people - but he'd like to do it with a
  14. He has a memorabilia showcase at the new Kent State Training Facility, MAN is that thing nice, it's like a pro range. He sat a desk right infront of that.
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