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  1. After a much longer Google search, I find they were released in 1991, and discontinued in '94.
  2. Hi all, Just been given a set of Mizuno TP-18's with the 3 and 5 missing. I play MP-33's week in week out and didn't think anything would knock them off the top spot for me... Well, on the basis of 2 range sessions and 1 round, I wouldn't say they are stealing number 1 position in my bag, but they could be any day now if this keeps up. I presumed they were heavier than the the mP-33's (because the swing path goes exactly where it wants - which is through the ball to the target!! ) But, they are in fact lighter. Exact same length as the mP-33's. I did a quick Google but can find very little about the TP-18's - did anyone play them back in the day, or still play them? What year were they made and why so little about them on any forum or internet in general? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on them
  3. I've looked and searched but can find no way of editing or deleting a post of mine. In simple terms...is it possible? If so, how?
  4. My tip is to pick one kind password for everything....then look at the name of the web page/forum/thing and add that to the end or at the start. If you want to make it stronger pick a list of digits and/or punctuation marks. Eg if your password is 'potatoskins' then password for here might be thesandtrap•potatoskins and your bank might be hsbc•potatoskins*12345 or ebay might be ebay•potatoskins•12345;; that way, you only have to remember your password = potatoskins - then look at the main title or name of the thing you are logging in to and add that.
  5. Thanks Earnest, will do.
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: A few months and only played a few 9 holes but spent a long time on driving range & play(ed) other sports with racquet and bat quite well as a younger guy. My current handicap index or average score is: I have never played 18 holes My typical ball flight is: a decent height and I am happy with the distance. I feel pretty good at pitching on the range. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Mis-hits and shots that don't go straight Videos: Hi all. Here is my rough and ready swing and the interesting thing is that just by seeing this video I have figured a few things out already, but I don't necessarily know how to fix them... I only bought a cheap set of clubs in November and have only played a few 9 hole games. The rest of the time i have been to the driving range. I haven't had lessons and can't afford them either. I have played a lot of sport in my youth (cricket and tennis) and only very rarely hit golf balls. I decided aged about 17 that I was never going to be a golfer and never even bothered going again. I am really enjoying hitting the ball on the range most days and would love to be able to play on the course but for some reason become tense and start over thinking things. I can hit some nice shots and consider my pitching and putting to be quite good but long shots are a bit erratic. I just want to hit the ball consistently, confidently and straight. I am not interested in distance really. My range of mis-shots and poor shots are not all the same - ie some go left, some go right, I scuff the top of the ball. So no real pattern which leads me to believe my swing is inconsistent and i'm finding out what works. I have read Ben Hogans 5 fundamentals but that's it. For what it's worth, watching these back - I see an incomplete back swing (or low or the club isnt as far back as I see some people) and it's a bit rushed and I specifically showed this first one as I over balanced and that is common. Sometimes though I don't get forward enough. Plus watching this back I feel like a baseball slugger and not the graceful, fluid mover I dream of after watching Ben hogan on YouTube!!! All my tips come from here or on YouTube and I have appreciated the ideas people gave me when i started a 'just one tip for a beginner' thread a few weeks back. Many thanks in advance for any ideas EDIT- I also see in the second swing that due to the line of the camera, I can see my head dip down on the down swing/contact point
  7. Hi All, Original poster Sooper8 here. I am going to post up a video of my swing tonight- go gentle on me In fact, just be honest....(which might not be gentle, but it'll be the truth) Thanks to all contributors
  8. I only took up golf before Christmas (well, November) and I read this over the holidays. I like it a lot. It has stuff for beginners and I love the pictures. I went to look at his swing on YouTube and it really is smooth and easy flowing. It's a style I would like to emulate as I am not into the idea of bashing it as hard as possible. I confess, I don't get all of it but it's going to be my bedside book to keep referring to as I progress
  9. Guys- I really appreciate all of these beginner tips. I've been on the driving range almost every day over the holidays and I've been trying some of these ideas (sometimes just one at a time, sometimes a couple per day) and sometimes I just try to forget all of them and just swing the club. One of the biggest improvements is that 90% of the time understand why I mis-hit or I didn't hit my target. I am even understanding what the changes in my swing do to the path of the ball. I can honestly say I have hit shots I would have amazed me only 1 month ago. No wonder this game is addictive, it feels damn good to hit a nice shot! (soon enough I am going to feel confident to post up a video of my swing on the 'my swing' area) Only downside is, I am having a little shoulder ache. I think I need to work on muscle tone in that area - occasionally it feels like they are falling out of the sockets. Any exercise tips? Many, many thanks!
  10. Just picked up a very low price set of Ben Hogan forged steel clubs. One of the clubs is marked 'E', which I am guessing is for 'escape'? (go easy on me here, I only just started playing and only know what I am picking up from here and YouTube) But when I Goggle that and search here, nothing comes back. So, is it 'escape' ? And is it for getting yourself out of a hole ?
  11. I normally go for a 'Wrights Pies' but have recently found these Pat Gorman pies in Aldi to be most excellent! (so, that's what that little zipped pocket on my carry bag is for?...keeping a pie in?)
  12. As the original poster, I'm just going to check I'm on the right track here.... So,before setting out, I'm going to read Ben Hogan's 5 rules. On the way to the course I'm picking up a pack of gum. When I get there, I'm not going to rush or think too much.I'm all nice and relaxed... When I scuff a few , I'm simply going to shake my head and smile at the wonderful learning curve I'm on. Then , while keeping my head still, and getting weight forward (but not swaying) and not intentionally try and hit the ball hard, I make a nice swing. I'll stop for a pork pie at the 9th and enjoy the scenery and whistle my way back in to the club house, pretty pleased with the fact I hit a percentage of the balls better than might be expected by a beginner of my limited ability and advancing age. This all sounds good, and more importantly, quite possible! Thanks all! (seriously though, I do appreciate your comments- great stuff)
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