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  1. The place I was at is not a dump by any means but I wouldn't call it high end. However, they only had 5 bays equipped with it so I see your point iacas. I will say, I was expecting a ton of bugs and the system was great. Only caveat is that it doesn't really pickup shots that are less than 40 yards so instead of chipping and putting, you just aim at a target and how close you get determines your short game strokes for that hole. Chipping and putting is always dicey on simulators but at least I groved my 93 yard choked down gap wedge shot.
  2. http://www.protracer.se/experience/protracer-range/works/ So I was up visiting the in-laws in the Albany area. Had a spare hour, took my backup bag to the Northway Golf Center, exit 8 off I-87. Apparently they just hooked up protracer range. It was awesome. It's basically like a simulator but you get to watch your ball flight as well. Anyone else get a chance to try this? I didn't mess around looking at stats on the range since these weren't my usual clubs but the virtual courses were fun.
  3. Sorry, can't do math.
  4. Shot a 51-45-91 at Van Cortlandt Park today (Par 70, 68.5/119, 6000 yds from the back but its tight) Hit some terrible shanks on 2 and 4 which led to an 8 and a 9 but after that I recovered to have a pretty solid round. 4 Pars (one of which a chip in) and 2 GIR 3 putt bogies. Those piss me off but I still putted pretty well for myself with 33. I usually lay up on a lot of these tight holes but today I made a commitment to my driver. I just choked down and shorted my backswing on the tighter holes. Driver was great all day. I'm playing in a scramble on Saturday for the first time. Looking forward to it.
  5. I hit a goose a few years ago and it acted EXACTLY like you described. I guess that's protocol?
  6. I'm almost 100 lbs heavier than you but only hit prob 15-20 yards more. Golf is still fun and challenging for me (granted I'm still trying to break 90.) It's also definitely possible for you to get custom fit clubs, train your core and take lessons to improve distance. Weight has very little to do with it. Justin Thomas is 145 lbs and bombs it. So to answer your question, hell yea I'd still play.
  7. Here's the thing once I started playing this course from the back: on this hole, my driver lands in about the same spot my hybrid would land from the middle so I've been taking driver off the tee with decent results. The reason I revived this thread was due to number 17 at Baltusrol which today was actually shorter than number 2 at Vanny.
  8. UPDATE: I started playing this course from the back (only 6000) and actually parred this hole from 600 yard plus last November. Hit driver, 2h, 4h ending up just short of the green and got up and down with my 54 degree. Great feeling. Only had time for 9 but shot a 44
  9. Ball below feet for me. Only played 5 rounds this year but had 2 $hanks off this type of shot.
  10. Played at Eagle Crest in upstate NY today. First time playing the course. Played from the Blue Tees (Par 72 70.8/116 6300+ yds) Course has wide forgiving fairways but definitely some tricky greens. Anyways, shot my best round this year so far with a 94. 52 on the front and then I went unconscious and shot a 42 on the back! Had 36 putts which should have been better but like I said, the tricky part of this course is the greens. My 58 degree sm5 was on fire and the recently retired dude we got paired up with (who seemed like a single digit) said that I had a short game like Mickelson! (I am a lefty named Phil after all) Stats from the back nine: 6 GIR!!! 4 Pars (2 3 putts on tricky greens.), 4 Bogey, 1 Double 1 Penalty Stroke (unplayable lie....first time not losing 1 ball!!!!) Front Nine: 0 GIR 4 Bogies, 4 Doubles, 1 QUAD I don't know what changed, I made the Quad on 9 and then had a regulation hole on 10 (middle of fairway, hit green, 2 putt) and ended up in the zone. Lost a ball on 12 but recovered nicely for a double, then got a pair of 9:30 AM beers from the cart girl and hit 3 greens in a row. Rounds like this are evidence that my biggest obstacle is the mental game. Once I just relax and stop thinking, I'm capable of shooting sub 90 golf. I just need to string it together for 18 holes.
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. I have two little ones at home and my wife is back at work so I have very little range time. I save any free golf time for golf right now, not golf swing. I think I might just move the ball back in my stance as a band aid for now. I know that's prob sacrilege to say but that's me.
  12. Well, shot a 102 (53-49). Felt like it was a lot worse but I avoided any really bad blow ups. Putting was horrific. 38 putts but a lot were missed 3 footers after solid chips. Wedges and my tight Lies 16 degree wood were the only positives. (For the most part) On one par 3 I actually hit a solid 6 iron just left of the green and almost chipped in, but then also missed the 3 foot comebacker for par. Lots of OOB and topped irons. I think it is due to an early release causing me to hit thin or pull long clubs off the tee. back to the drawing board. PS Also, I'm a 23 and this round reminded me that I probably shouldn't be posting in this thread yet.
  13. Thanks man. Let's see what happens tomorrow. I'm replacing my 52 degree with my old 54 degree tomorrow. Doesn't fill that gap to my AP1 Gap Wedge as well but I'm soooooooo much more comfortable hitting it.