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  1. PJCdude

    What Should a 5 Year Old Focus On?

    Started taking my now 4 1/2 year old with me to the range when he was 3 and then course a few times last year. I agree with what everyone else said, keep it fun. He loves mini golf and there’s a course at most ranges by us so while sometimes I’m aching to go work on my irons, I accept that I’m going to get some putting practice first as well.
  2. PJCdude

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    I only hit driver 230. 63/64 hundo is where I start to go downhill. A course by me, Hudson Hills is such a nice course but it's annoying that the tee boxes go from near 6400 down to 5700. I feel like a wimp doing anything less than 6000 but 6400 is too much. So picky, ain't I?
  3. PJCdude


  4. PJCdude

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    I haven't posted a lot here lately but felt the need to........because............I finally broke 90!!! I shot an 87 (43-44) at Lido Golf Club on Long Island. Played from the whites (6,126 yds-70.4 121) 8 Pars, 5 bogeys, 5 doubles 5 GIRs (ALL on the front nine, one i three putted 😞 ), 4 up and down pars, 34 putts, 1 penalty stroke (unplayble lie from a bush) I have NEVER played this course before, but unlike my usual NYC munis, they actually have a range to warm up on which was a big help. At the end of the day, this really was really a tale of two nines. The front nine is slightly shorter and I was hitting driver straight and 220-230 in the fairway (which is solid for me...not so much for the rest of this board) irons were solid and I hit 5 out of the first 7 greens in regulation. Was a little pissed cuz I three putted one of them and couldn't convert any birdies (had a few in the 10-15 foot range). The back nine is a little longer, a little tougher and my driver was NOT helping me. The only fairway I hit on the back was the fairway of number one after teeing off on ten. I had to hit a lot of hybrid second shots but thankfully by short game came alive. After warming up I decided to go with my 52* over my 58* more than usual and this strategy was key. Some holes that would have been my normal bogey turned into tap in pars. Some holes that could've been blowup holes turned into bogies. Reviews of this course claim the last 5 holes are on of the toughest stretches on Long Island but I went bogey-par-par-double-bogey. The par on 16 was especially satisfying because it is a crazy ISLAND FAIRWAY that is detailed in this article: http://www.golfonlongisland.com/teebox/2011/08/closer-look-lido-golf-club-16.html Overall, Im satisfied that I broke 90 and looking forward to having less pressure on me when I'm in that low 90's-high 80's zone.
  5. PJCdude

    Best Used 3 Wood under $50

    Yea I don't have a high SS (90-95) but I DO have a quick transition and I think that worked against me with the Bassara. The stiff flex felt very much like regular.
  6. PJCdude

    Best Used 3 Wood under $50

    I haven't hit the Blue but bagged the Tight Lies last year, sold it on eBay and bought the super S for this year new for cheap. They might be good for you if you naturally fade it cuz for me BOTH of them tend to hook more than any other club in my bag. I will also add that the Tight Lies is better for off the deck, the Super S is better off the tee.
  7. PJCdude

    Best Shot of the Week

    After a shitty drive, I decided to play it safe and lay up of a fairly intrusive fairway bunker thats about 100 yds out from the hole on a short par 5 (9th hole 460 from middle Pelham Bay Course Bronx, NY) My 3rd shot was a PW from 110 to about 5 feet. As I'm walking upto the green, the crew on the first tee box was applauding my shot, only to be interrupted by my playing partner holing out from 40 yds for eagle....I still made the birdie putt tho
  8. PJCdude

    Do you keep close watch on your score during a round?

    44 on the front, par, par , bogey, bogey on the back, started watching the scorecard (also started thundering in the distance and raining) after 13 and ended up needing bogeys on 17 and 18 for an 89 (still haven't broken 90). Hit my 7i to about 15-20 feet on 17 but wussed out on my first putt and probably only got it halfway there and 3 putted for bogey. 18, hit driver into treeline, punched out, hit 8i to fringe about 20-25 feet away but this time blew it by the hole and my 15 foot putt for an 89 came up a foot short. Alot of things to blame there but looking at the scorecard definitely played a factor....90 is still a personal best tho
  9. PJCdude

    Do you keep close watch on your score during a round?

    I kinda wish I was able to not check but I always do. I still haven't broken 90 and Wednesday had a 45 after 9 (and the back nine is much easier) but of course took a 10 on the 10th!!!! Ended up with a 93 so a bogey on the 10th woulda put me at 89 but of course I would have been a lot more nervous over the 6 footer I sank for par on 18
  10. PJCdude

    Protracer Range

    The place I was at is not a dump by any means but I wouldn't call it high end. However, they only had 5 bays equipped with it so I see your point iacas. I will say, I was expecting a ton of bugs and the system was great. Only caveat is that it doesn't really pickup shots that are less than 40 yards so instead of chipping and putting, you just aim at a target and how close you get determines your short game strokes for that hole. Chipping and putting is always dicey on simulators but at least I groved my 93 yard choked down gap wedge shot.
  11. PJCdude

    Protracer Range

    http://www.protracer.se/experience/protracer-range/works/ So I was up visiting the in-laws in the Albany area. Had a spare hour, took my backup bag to the Northway Golf Center, exit 8 off I-87. Apparently they just hooked up protracer range. It was awesome. It's basically like a simulator but you get to watch your ball flight as well. Anyone else get a chance to try this? I didn't mess around looking at stats on the range since these weren't my usual clubs but the virtual courses were fun.
  12. PJCdude

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    Sorry, can't do math.
  13. PJCdude

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    Shot a 51-45-91 at Van Cortlandt Park today (Par 70, 68.5/119, 6000 yds from the back but its tight) Hit some terrible shanks on 2 and 4 which led to an 8 and a 9 but after that I recovered to have a pretty solid round. 4 Pars (one of which a chip in) and 2 GIR 3 putt bogies. Those piss me off but I still putted pretty well for myself with 33. I usually lay up on a lot of these tight holes but today I made a commitment to my driver. I just choked down and shorted my backswing on the tighter holes. Driver was great all day. I'm playing in a scramble on Saturday for the first time. Looking forward to it.
  14. PJCdude

    Five-some question

    I hit a goose a few years ago and it acted EXACTLY like you described. I guess that's protocol?

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