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  1. This describes me the past few years. Spend all summer in the 91-95 range chasing that 80s round and once I get it it’s like I lose my fire and am up shooting 98-105. Let me know if you figure it out!
  2. I said yes even though after reading everyone else, 90 percent is a lot but I’m prob close with my 54*. I struggled having the same touch with my set wedges that I have with my vokey. Use it for basically everything inside 75 yds besides bunkers and short sided shots from rough (that’s the 60). If I’m on a real tight fairway lie close to the green I’ll putt with a hybrid but the 54 is used at least 80 percent. Now that 60ish yd range I’ve actually been experimenting with some pelz clock method swings with my set wedges because my full swing with the 54 is good and the half swing from 50 yds is
  3. Iron set wedges are 44(Pw) and 49(aw) vokeys are 54s and 60k set wedges are mainly full Shots. The 54 does everything inside 75 yards except bunkers and if I’m short sided in rough (that’s the k) I’m thinking of getting new irons next spring but wondering if I’ll have to get a 50 degree wedge (will most likely drop my 4h if 5i is long enough) with all of these new long hitting irons. Rogue x has a 46 degree gap wedge!
  4. It's worth noting that the golfers who keep handicaps are GOOD golfers. I have plenty of friends I play with pretty regularly who shoot around 100 but DON'T keep a handicap. I'm an 18 which is clearly below average in that chart but other studies put the average male golf score at 97-98 which I beat 70-80 percent of the rounds I play so I still consider myself better than average. Now compared to people on The Sand Trap.....different story.
  5. Yea I think Driver is the answer here. Neither would be pretty but I say Driver.
  6. Gonna take this down a notch for the mid/high handicappers without a connect. Since moving to Fairfield CT 4 months ago, here are my top 5 western CT public courses: 1) Sterling Farms 2) H Smith Richardson 3) Tashua Knolls 4) Tradition Club at Oak Lane 5) Whitney Farms none of these courses have any relevance in the history of golf and everyone can get on one of these courses at a reasonable rate but I stand by my ranking. Honorable Mention: Winged Foot about 40 minutes away.
  7. I have a 6 year old that I’ve taken to the course but he’s not to your sons level yet. you mention the competitiveness, why not do some kind of chipping game with him? You each get 9 balls from off the practice green, keep score. If he wins, more Taco Bell. I think if he plays enough, he ll realize the importance of the short game more, you just need to find a way to make it close to as fun as hitting bombs. Just my two cents but you know your kid better than I do so really just a suggestion.
  8. Played 9 at H Smith Richardson. Shot a 42 (+6) which is my PB for 9 holes. 3 pars and 6 bogeys. Missed a few putts too which is crazy to think I could be threatening the 30s when last week I shot a 110. I think what helped was working the ball both ways on the range before hand and trying to work EVERY shot GW or longer. Kept me loose and content when the ball went the right direction instead of stressing when I wasn’t dead straight. Small fade with short clubs, draw with long clubs. Driver draw off the tee has been a huge weapon and instead of laying up before the bunker on tight driving hole
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=431TNVycczM Soooo it's been about 5 years since I last updated this. In the time being, my scores have improved and last year I took my first lesson with a PGA pro. It was very helpful and my scores improved even more! This paragraph is a little TMI but I feel it's necessary. I got a vasectomy over the winter that STILL hasn't totally healed. I can't really run or do anything strenuous. I can still golf which has kept me sane but I have had to modify my swing. My source of power after last year's lesson was creating separation
  10. So I just moved to Fairfield, CT and have been exploring all of the courses in the area (so many great courses) but next year, if the world is normal, I will probably join the Mens Club at H Smith Richardson. It is the Fairfield town course and I'll probably get a Resident ID. Prime tee times are tough to get. I've only played here once but I'll tell you about the number one handicap. Its Number 14, Par 4, 405 from the whites but uphill so plays closer to 420. It's the hole in the middle with the green top left. As you can see, there's other holes on each side so there is room to miss but
  11. Was on vacation with the family last year right outside of DC and went to the Alexandria one with my wife, son (5 at the time) and daughter (3 at the time.) I agree, don't expect it to match anything close to REAL golf but it's still fun to get some swings in with people that don't usually play. This one sloped to the short targets so when my kids and wife were topping shit they still felt good getting points. Meanwhile, I was getting pissed when I barely miss the target at 150 and losing lol. I liked the food and atmosphere. Did NOT like the rental clubs. Would probabl
  12. Chipped in for birdie on the second hole at oak Hills in Norwalk, CT. 2nd birdie chip in in the past 2 weeks! Had only chipped in for birdie once in my 7 years playing before this! (Plenty of chip ins for like an 8 tho). Also on 1, my chip lipped out but still made par putt.
  13. Moved to CT in April and finally played my new home course (H Smith Richardson in Fairfield) Only the second time in my life with 2 birdies in a round (not counting pitch and putt/par 3 courses) and to top it off it was my birthday! The birdie on the back was a pretty run of the mill par 5 in 3 but a nicer putt than usual. The one on the 7th hole was by far the best shot of the day though. 7th hole is a dogleg where it's difficult to get close without being risky. My first time playing it so I hit right to the turn and had 170 to hole. Hit my 5 iron to about 2 feet. Before this round I wa
  14. It’s funny cause this is the year I’m starting to get older and wiser (turn 36 next week...age is relative) and stopped doing full range sessions for like an hour before play. Hit just enough shots to get comfortable and see what shot shape I brought that day and then 5-10 minutes putting to figure out speed and hit a few 5 footers to gain confidence.
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