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  1. I checked them out at golfsmith today. they are not giant GI irons by any stretch. The sole is much thinner than an R9. I held them side by side. The top line is thinner, and head itself is shorter and smaller. I thought they were really nice looking clubs, I liked that the heel and toe (outside the grooves) was bright chrome vs. the satin groove portion. To each his own, I liked them a lot.
  2. No it was a general observation from what I have read elsewhere. It's like someone who doesn't like a Lamborghini based on looks, and it's non-classic lines. To each his own, I could care less if the weight (or decorative badge) was neon green, so long as it serves a purpose. If I swing these clubs and I get great feel and distance, and it goes where I am intending it to go. If I hit them and they aren't good, then obviously the weight will be considered pointless.
  3. Call me crazy but I like the looks of them from what I can see so far. The picture Erik posted isn't much, but there are more "hands on" pictures on a competing forum I won't paste a link to here. People with their "these don't look classic" attitudes, I don't get sometimes. But to each his own, that's why we have so many choices. Results are what matters to me.
  4. From what I have read, they are considered a GI iron, but with the looks of a players iron. They are said to be as long as the burners, but not nearly as thick and chunky, and more workable. Also, the TM engineers are saying they found a new way to create the grooves (since they are cast and not milled) and this produced some significant increases in spin over the previous models cast grooves (like the R9's). Also the soles are said to be very good since they got input from a lot of tour pro's and mainly Faldo.
  5. Saw these were announced today, did a quick search and didn't find any relevant threads. Anyone have any experience with these already?
  6. I have been playing MP-52's now for about 9 months. the loss of distance, and the added difficulty to hit them solidly a higher percentage of the time have made me re-think them. I put my older Taylormade RAC OS2's back in the bag for the lasst 3 rounds and shot the three lowest scores of the year. The OS2's just look terrible at address now though, after playing MP-52's. What irons are out there that have more of a players look, but still provide forgiveness? I am considering JPX800's, or JPX800 Pro's, but I am looking to see what other brand are similar to those?
  7. I played twice this past weekend at Eagle Eye in Bath, MI. One of the top 3 courses I have ever played, absolutely loved it. Definitely should check it out.
  8. I have two Titleist Vokey Wedges. 52 and 58 degrees, both with 8 degree of bounce. These wedges are brand new, still in the original shrink wrap on the heads and on the grips. They will ship in the original box that came straight from Titleist. Looking for 90 each, if sold for 90 each I will pay shipping UPS Ground and both will ship together. I am willing to separate them and we can negotiate a price that includes shipping. These are mint wedges, $120 at any golf shop each. PM me with any questions or offers!
  9. Set of Mizuno MP-52 Irons, standard length/loft/lie. Fitted with Project X 5.5 shafts and standard Mizuno grips from the factory. I got these direct from Mizuno, and can provide serial number and pictures upon request. These irons are used. I have played approximately 30 rounds with these clubs and they are in excellent condition. For all but 3-4 of the rounds I did not even have the 3 and 4 irons in my bag. Minimal bag chatter, no major dings or dents in any of the clubs. The grooves are still sharp and provide plenty of bite. This is an excellent set of irons at this price.
  10. Sounds like a problem I had. When i got to see some video of my swing, i found I was "pulling back" from the ball with my left shoulder during the downswing. Try taking some swings making sure you don't stand up at all, and feel like you are still pointing your shoulders right of the target line at impact.
  11. I seriously don't think he will ever win another Major, that's for sure. Just my opinion, that knee seems to be wrecked.
  12. In this video, he states that good golfers have divots which point to the left of the target when they hit good shots... "even a draw". Is this correct? Put together with the "ball flight laws", it makes no sense to me. The only way this could be correct is if they were hitting the ball with an open club face slightly? I just want to know what my perfect divot should look like. EDIT: After watching again, he does have the correct view on the ball flight laws. But even he says the ball is gone before the club is "turning" left, so wouldn't the divot be over by then also?
  13. Great replies so far, I think I am going to hit the range at lunch and focus on the setup only. No swing changes at all, I will simply be more conscious of having the ball off the left instep, and a wider setup. I will report back and let you know how it goes.
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