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  1. Fine. I think the problem is WHITE WOMEN
  2. Well RPMPIRE, To answer your question, I think the problem is that he uses his lower body in a manner, because he's been continually lied to, that makes it difficult for him to manage his shaft. I think that it is impossible to manage the clubface and clubhead without managing the shaft. I believe this because the shaft is the only thing connected to the head and face, and it is the only thing that you're connected to
  3. I know !!! If he did all that with what's below, as a sporting man, I'd really like to see what he could do with the goods ???
  4. Thank You. That Cary was a maniac. As far as I could glean through the entire thread, (he really didn't say much), he wants you to stay in your forward tilt until you strike the ball and return the hands and shaft near the address plane. Big deal. Not exactly earth shattering. I found these clips of the college girl he teaches from the WRX site. If this is what he is trying to get out of a golf swing then we don't need to hear this BS around here anyway