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  1. Best Shot of the Week

    Squeezed in a round in by myself in the early morning. Great round until #8, a leg left, par 4. Nice drive with 90 left. S**** my iron for a lovely 20yds into the rough, crap. Pissed, I drop another ball and chip onto the green about 8' from the pin. That figures, so I go to my errant ball in the rough, which I know I have to play, and chip in for a birdie. I'm sure there's a rule infraction there but it was just a quick round for myself and I did play my original ball :). An 87 at the end. Cya
  2. What rules are bent?

    There may be a lot of reasons and I'm not talking competition. What do you, or people you've seen, do? C'mon fess up, or just tell us about the friend of a friend :). The stuff that the perpetrator thinks is fair or believes is the rule. We take a single for a lost ball to expidite play, otherwise we're by the book as we know it, although my partner destroyed a bush in his way last year until I reprimanded him for it. He's good now. I had a "stated" hcp'er of 7 move the ball from an inconvenient tree (just paired up, didn't know him). I could be a 7 with that concession. What about hcp? Other than a true calculation, how do you figure it? I calculated it online last year and it was generous. My calculation is the center of my scores. I swing between 88 and 100, thus my 22. I've been staying closser to the lower end for awhile so I might allow myself a point or so soon. Cya
  3. How often do you Clean your Clubs?

    Wet towel, every shot. A tee on the grooves if needed. I'm in the "happy club" club :). Cya
  4. Your Home Course Website.

    Home to me. http://www.speargrass.ca/gallery/ind...lery=1&photo;=8 Cya
  5. What is your average Driver yardage?

    Well I've read this whole post and wonder how the author wants the answers. They can be skewed any way you like. I would suggest that the question is actually "If you teed up and drove a reasonably straight ball, what would you expect to reach out?" No mid to high hcp could possibly calculate the average of duffs, tops or out-of-state shots (they always look like they went 500 yds! :)!). Also, wind, dry fairways and down hill rolls should be ignored. Besides, who really wants to know that a guy who can reasonably hit 250 yds but states a true 'average' of 180? or less! Wouldn't mean much to me. I am interested in comparing what guys reasonably expect to do when they take out their drivers. Given that, I expect to land out about 250-260 including roll. It doesn't seem reasonable to consider carry since a high shot won't roll like a low trajectory. Where the ball eventually stops is all that is pertinent, unless you are carrying a hazard. And marking the carry point from 200+ yds away at the tee box is also inconsistent at best. I've been told I hit quite long but know lots that out drive me. Not by 50 yds very often, but 20-30 ocasionally. Many years ago, my wife's boss took me out golfing. A scratch who considered going pro but decided to stay in something more secure. Anyway, we came to a 320 yd par 4 and he stated "never do this". He then drove the green and lost his ball to the water hazard behind. He was capable of the distance, but his advice had to do with smart play. Just last year, a work associate who was on the jr circuit a few years ago drove the green on a 340 yd par 4 with a slight leg left. If the fairway was straight, he was screwed. These guys could make those distances but did not play that way when serious, it's usually a bad play. I lose a few drives but have raised my average to 80% or more, playable, not necessarily in the fairway. I track a lost or rough as -1, playable/1st cut as 0 and fairway as +1. I have one round wih 11 +1's and a 0 and average score about 8 +1's, 3 0's and a -1. (my home course is 6 x par 5, 6 x par 4 and 6 x par 3) Last year was my 'driver' year, this year is woods and irons. My putting and short gme is quite good but mid range sucks! Good drive, several to the green, a chip and a putt :(. My story is done. Cya
  6. Longest Personal Drive?

    Legit 340 from an extremely elevated tee, twice (#7 at Creston GC, BC, Canada), the forward group looks really tiny down there) slight leg right and a downhill roll. No idea what carry lengths are, I just look at final resting spot. Usual is 250 and pretty happy with a 260. A good tail wind has gotten me a few 300's over the years. Using the markers, I've gotten 300 twice on a local hole, so I bet they're wrong. Just doesn't add up to doing it twice with my usual distance. Fun thread !! Cya
  7. Good stuff! New to the board and enjoying the content. We use one that I expected to see here. For a putt left short, "put another quarter in your purse"...(or a couple of quarters as needed). Cya