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  1. I am planning to try to improve my swing with the stats available from my sim. can someone help me with what all the numbers really mean and where to focus my improvement what would be considered the norm these are 10 swings with my driver.
  2. I dont think there's a lot of fading in the ball flight if i hit the center of the club it would go mostly to the center right and if i hit it of the heel it would go way right about 140 yards or so hit the net. But if i am correct an inside out swing is what i want just need to close the face?
  3. It can tell the difference so they say it just seems with the club face open it should go left dont understand the whole swing path thing yet..
  4. I bought a swingtip tried it out at the range the data states that my driver stats are 100% inside out swing with a open club face my ball flight is semi strait or at least right and a miss is way right. I am a Lefty and think it is backwards would that ball flight be correct?? Thanks for the insight, Wondering if the gadget works HaHAHA
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