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  1. Best Military Courses?

    The best I've played, in order of preference: 1. Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, Marine Corps Base Hawaii. It's a fun course, and you can't beat the views. It won't offer much of a challenge though, even from the tips. But playing the 13th is worth the entire green fee all on its own. Conditioning was super 2. Eisenhower Golf Course (Blue), Air Force Academy. Nice test of golf with great views of the Rockies - and always in great condition. 3. Andrews AFB near DC. Andrews has three tracks, but the South is the best of the bunch. I might have ranked it higher if it didn't remind me of every course I play around home in southeastern VA. 4. Mamala Bay, Hickam AFB in Hawaii. The winds off Pearl Harbor make this much more difficult than it looks. 5. Sea 'N Air Golf Course, I had never heard of it until I went to Coronado Naval Base on business. Couldn't have been more impressed, despite bumpy greens (an abnormal condition, from what I heard). 6. Eisenhower Golf Course (Silver), Air Force Academy. More fun, in my opinion, than the much more championship ready blue course - but at 6500 yards in the mountains, it's basically pitch and putt. Tracks I wouldn't rank near these ... Eaglewood Golf Course, Langley AFB in VA. Not bad after Hurricane Isabel destroyed to the point of a required re-build, but still not worthy of ranking. The Pines at Ft. Eustis, VA. Total garbage. Tinker Golf Course, Tinker AFB in OK City. Wasn't bad; just not a lot of character and wasn't in good condition when I played it. Play it in the winter and hitting into the greens is like playing onto the hardwood floor at Chesapeake Arena. Navy-Marine, Pearl Harbor. Good course. Played it when it was jam packed and hard as a brick, but a good test of golf. However, with Mamala Bay and Kaneohe so close, it couldn't compete. Sunrise Vista, Nellis AFB outside Las Vegas. Worst military course I've ever played, bar none. Especially when you consider the alternative public courses nearby.
  2. Sounds like a great deal. The forecast looks AWESOME for you guys this weekend. Temps in the southeast are expected to be fall-like. Hit 'em good, and follow up to let us know what you and your brother thought of the courses.
  3. And make sure you look at Golf Now's website prior to booking your tee-time. Most of the time they have "hot deals" up to 40% of the typical tee time rate. No, this is not a plug for Golf Now.
  4. @ ~~Clambake: That was an inspiring description of a lifetime event. For one, and I'm sure I'm not alone, I appreciate that you shared it with the forum.
  5. Underrated Courses

    I've played it twice. First in August of 2010, then again in May of this past year. Was in great shape both times - and I'm pretty discriminative. Both times the green fee was under $60, but they were afternoon rounds. Eric
  6. Please forgive me if this has been discussed - I'm new. We all know about the courses that the major publications tout as America's greatest .... but what about the lesser known and unheralded? I'd like to know about them, and talk about them. So .... what are some great courses that few people would know about, other than those who've stumbled upon them, or live nearby? Are the green fees reasonable, or they on the higher side? It's a topic worth discussing, I think. I'll start this off with Blue Ridge Shadows in Front Royal, VA. It's just off I-66 in northern VA, and partners with a Holiday Inn for package deals (which is a little odd, I agree). The first hole is a mid length par 4 with a split fairway; high side to the right, and a lower tier to the left. The approach is downhill to a green that's guarded by a pond short and left. In between the first and final holes are a great mix of mountain view holes, and some incorporate the mountain into play - not just the view. For example, the 10th hole descends about 80 feet from tee to fairway, but the approach to the green, and the entire next hole are relatively flat. The final hole is a short par 4 with the approach over water, with a stone structure (that I think was supposed to be a waterfall) behind the green. It's a fun course to play, and is usually in great condition, but doesn't have that "it" factor that would impress the mainstream publications. Any others worth sharing?
  7. Best Par 3s North America

    @ ~~bkuehn1952 - 17 at Carnoustie is a great call! Off the tee you have an option to play safe and to the right, but it leaves you with a long second. Or, you can take your chances with the burn and the gorse, which come into play on both sides if you play to the left fairway option. Assuming you find the fairway, it leaves you with a much easier second. It's a really great hole - but it's a par 4. Definitely worth a mention; just on the wrong thread. That's all :) I've always been partial to #15 at Cypress Point rather than #16. Not that I've played them. I'd be happy enough to simply lay eyes on them someday. If I'm lucky. The best I've seen and/or played is #17 at Sawgrass, and I felt fortunate enough to have done that twice. Hit the green on day 1, then got too aggressive on day 2. I went pin seeking at that front hole location. Found the bulkhead instead, then watched it bound 20 feet up in the air, only to hit the bulkhead one last time before going in the drink. But I still made bogey .... #17 at Merion is fresh on my mind because of last year's US Open. #8 at Royal Troon in Scotland, otherwise known as "The Postage Stamp" probably deserves a mention. Lastly, if throwing in the crowd at the 16th at TPC Scottsdale during the Waste Management Championship is fair game, I don't see how it doesn't make the list. There's no scene in golf quite like it.
  8. My apologies if this doesn't work. I'm on my third post and still figuring this forum out ... I'll post a picture of one picture of one of my trophy courses, and one of my local courses. This is #5 at Bethpage - Black, from the tee. That hill you have to climb on the approach is steeper than you think, and if the pin is on the left, you better be comfortable playing a high draw. ... and #18 at Sleepy Hole Golf Course. Great municipal course directly on the Nansemond River in Suffolk, VA. This course was brought back from the dead about 8 or 9 years ago. Used to host an LPGA event, but fell into disrepair. Revitalizing the OBICI House (now the clubhouse - the white building in the shot) was just the cherry on top.
  9. @Bradsul - I see your travel dates are right around the corner, so you've almost no doubt made up your mind. But if not, I'd also recommend the Pine Hills area of North Carolina. It's a little more expensive than the beaches, but the golf is greater quality (in my opinion), and I'm sure many well traveled players would agree with that. The area is home to several courses that offer reasonable prices, but are still on at least on one of the 'Greatest 100 Public' lists. Perhaps it's too late, but if it's not, check with Tobacco Road about what packages they're offering. I'm on their mailing list (I live in southeastern VA and frequently visit NC to visit family) and recall having seen something about 3 nights/3 rounds for $300, and it included Tobacco Road, Dormie Club, and Pine Needles. No matter where you go, I hope you hit 'em well! Eric
  10. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I develop cost estimates for a shipbuilding company.