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  1. I am planning on getting 2 new vokey wedges for my bag next year. I was thinking of getting a 52 and a 58. I figured the 52 would be my 100 yard and bunker club and the 58 would be for around the greens and when I need that little bit of extra height. I currently have a 50, 56, and 60. I rarely use all 3 in a round. However I was thinking that if I were just to buy a new 50 and 56 that i could always throw my current 60 in the bag if i needed to. I change my mind daily on what I should do so I was hoping you guys could help and give some of your opinions or tell what you would do.
  2. I was thinking of picking up a box of refinished prov1x's for my round this week. My question is are they as bad as everyone says? Not prov's but refinished golf balls, I know they probably won't feel and act like a brand new ball but must be similar right, I've read some bad things and was just looking to get your input, have you ever played with them what's your take? Thanks in advance
  3. I actually just sold my FT5. I did like that driver, I was just looking to upgrade. I plan on demoing alot of clubs. Some being the FT9 and FT Tour, along with maybe the Cobra S2 cause it looks intriguing. I just like my new irons so much that I cant help but want to put a Titleist Driver in the bag as well. My shaft flex although I'll have it checked again before buying is Regular. Thanks for all the input, lets keep it coming!
  4. I'm in the middle of my bag transformation and recently switched from Callaway irons to Titleist irons and Im glad i did. I am also without a driver right now so I was wondering, how do the Titleist drivers compare? I'm looking for a driver with a traditional shaped head and dont mind the smaller sizes. I am looking for something somewhat forgiving with good distance. Just looking for some input. The way I'm going I could have a completely new bag by next summer. I plan on picking up some vokey wedges over the winter, so it could be possible that I go from an all Callaway bag to an all Titleis
  5. I am in the middle of reshapping my bag and I am looking for possibly a new hybrid. I am currently playing an x-series hybrid. I love it in the sense that I can hit the ball a ton and it gets up in the air nice, but I tend to pull it alot. No matter what i do when I line up to hit my shots with it the club face always seemed closed and by closed i mean slammed shut! Ive tried changin my grip my stance everything. What I end up doing is aiming well right and hope i pull it back far enough left. I guess what I am really lookin for is a hybrid that the face isnt closed on, or is that standard wi
  6. I have settled on my new set of irons, Titleist AP1's, sweet feel and great look. I just got back from golf galaxy and tried those against the X24's. I gotta be honest before I saw them in person I thought the darker finish and orange color scheme was nice, but now that I have seen them not so much. How can you have confidence in something when you cant get over how it looks (maybe thats just me?). Demoed the 6 iron of both of them for about 40 minutes switching back and forth every few shots. X24's actually felt a little harsh but had good distance, I was actually kinda surprised by the feel
  7. Thanks thats why I decided to sell them I knew I was making out on the deal. I actually squeaked out $425
  8. I just sold My X18's that i have had for 5 years. They came with the callaway uniflex steel shaft. Now that I am in the hunt for new irons I am kinda confused about what shaft to get. I was fitted for a regular flex in my driver, but I know that irons are a different story. I plan on getting fitted but I was just wondering what the effects of having a shaft to stiff, or to weak would be?
  9. SOLD!! Thanks for everybodies input, the unt is on for new irons!
  10. My CoWorker offered me $400 cash for my original X18 irons and my FT5 driver. I have been wanting new irons since last season, (been looking at the AP1 and AP2 and now the X24) and the $400 is probably more money than I would get in trade, and I dont do the whole ebay thing. I wouldnt have the cash to buy a new set of irons till this winter and that would leave me without clubs for the rest of the season, which is only half over with. I might be able to use my dads old BH-5's and I am probably better off using my 3metal off the tee lately anyways. I havent been able to play more than once a we
  11. I played 27 holes yesterday which kept me in the sun for 6 hours. Its safe to say I got a nice sunburn on my face. I normally just tan but this new medication I take is causing me to burn. I was just wondering what you guys and gals used for suncreen. I would preferably like something thats not oily and easy to put on and obviously works great. The is nothing worse than having oily hands after putting on sunscreen. It's primarily for my face and neck. Thanks in advance.
  12. My Putting is killing me right not! I had four 3 putts during my nine hole round last night. Two those came when I was in good position for at least a two putt par. Besides just spending all my time on the practice green, anybody got ideas for things that may help. I seem to be struggling a lot with Pace, most of my putts are online just cant seem to get the speed. Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. Srixon golf balls any good? In particular TriSpeed? I can get 2dozen for $30, If its a quality ball I might give them a shot!
  14. Every year I go through the same thing. I search for a new ball. For the past 2 years I have played the TaylorMade Burners. There was a brief hiatous last year while I tried the big bertha diablo. I came right back to the Burners though. This year I was thinking about switching again. I had a few balls in mind and was hoping to get some opinions on them before I waste money on a dozen balls. I was looking into The Srixon Trispeed and Titleist DT SoLo. More so towards the the Srixon cause I can get two dozen right now at dicks for $30 and that might possible along with my dozen burners I have n
  15. I currently am playing the Big Bertha Diablo Golf Balls and like them alot, but I just found a good deal on last years big bertha golf balls. I was just wondering if they were the same ball. I didn't know if Callaway just renamed them Big Bertha Diablo to go with the new driver. Just looking for some info on if you've played both and if like I said they are pretty much the same ball.
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