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  1. I got the feeling the silence following Blair's putt was mostly the result of surprise and shock, maybe sadness for Aaron, but not so much dislike of Blair. I haven't seen any other indication of controversy concerning Blair. I'm sure it was just that no one saw that going in.
  2. I may be a bit dense, I admit, but I still don't understand where the golfer's intent comes into the application of this particular RoG. Either you improved the lie, or you didn't; if you did, it was either as a result of the permitted acts, or wasn't. If KP's actions here violated the rule, by his design or otherwise, and regardless of how often it's not caught or called when others do it, he still violated the rule and won that championship under false pretenses. Edit: by the way, I also like KP, and I voted "inconclusive" (because it's up to the golfer to admit his own rule violations and the video evidence is not absolutely conclusive beyond doubt, or whatever standard we're supposed to apply, that he improved the lie here) -- but I'm now leaning pretty firmly toward the view that he violated the rule and should have called the penalty.
  3. He clearly didn't see what happened when Peach touched his line putting in HW18 last year. :D
  4. Drawing a line in the sand to aid the swing -- even if it weren't a penalty because it's sand, which it is -- would also violate that other rule about marking the ground to aid your swing.
  5. Don't know if it was this one, or another one like it, but last year shortly after the finale of HW 18 I was floating around the currents of the internet and came across this or a similar site. A bunch of the BBers were signed up, as was Anna R. and Charlotte from HW18. I think the website must have a sign up sheet tacked on the cork boards in the ladies locker rooms at the various DFT event sites. (I had a nice rant written here about the post-modern American dream in a topsy-turvey world where notoriety and reality-show appearances are mistaken for celebrity and praiseworthy merit, but I decided I would pass over that in silence and instead simply say I find the whole thing highly amusing.)
  6. Me too. But he's a head case. That's not going to make competitive golf easier for him. The dude needs to chill.
  7. This is just to note that apparently I'm not the only one to see an opportunity here for lame golf metaphors.
  8. I agree re "cheat" -- it's a different question than did he break the rules. It denotes intentional misconduct. But the official's statement about intent remains irrelevant, since he was answering the other question: was there a violation.
  9. Lovely swing, Vardon. That's all I have to add!
  10. I expect to two-putt outside 15 feet. I expect to one-putt inside 5 feet. Sometimes I surprise myself with each. Maybe this is a problem? I need the gun-blowing-up-head smiley.
  11. I find it intriguing that some people conclude the swing is a put on, a gimmick, some form of conspiracy. The claimed motive is notoriety for Sir Charles. I don't see how that makes sense. Who wants that sort of notoriety? Why would Barks, a proud and accomplished athlete, want it? How would that further his interests? He couldn't have known it would result in becoming the guinea pig in HH's latest cult of personality reality show. It seems the costs so far outweigh the perceived benefits that it cannot possibly be a fake. Anyway, I voted "yes" -- it's not like CB has some sort of physical deformity that causes a seizure mid swing, so necessarily it must be curable with enough work and confidence.
  12. There's something about Ogilvy's steady game and stoic demeanor this is well suited to the ardors of match play. He might make a good poker player too, who knows. At any rate, he's certainly enjoying some hype now (deserved in my opinion), but even after his first win early this year, he was not exactly being touted as some sort of Tiger-killer. Wrongly so, it turns out. Admittedly, I'm gloating a bit, because I actually picked him to win the Accenture. Yay, me.
  13. I love this thread. So, to be a successful golf announcer sitting in the booth with the camera on you from time to time, it seems too obvious for words that you need to offer a certain package. Faldo sits where he sits because he's got the knowledge, the golf background, the wit, the looks, and the right charming mother-tongue in his voice to do the job with a certain degree of charisma. Kelly T is there for the same reason -- reasonable minds might differ on how strongly she serves each of the necessary traits, but in general it is hard to argue that she doesn't offers a well-rounded package: (i) she's relatively attractive; (ii) she's the proud owner of a solid golf resume (that is, she knows the sport sufficiently well to have been able to compete in Division I and professional golf, which is more than well enough to sit in the booth as a sidekick); (iii) she's objectively not stupid or witless, and in fact she can return the ball from time to time; and (iv) she has a recognizable voice thing (which I don't like, as I said above, but which presumably others do). I can't say people who do not love her are wrong to feel that way; nor is it crazy to say you would prefer someone else; but I do think it is rather, I don't know, parsimonious? crabbed? uncharitable? unreasonable? to speculate that she owes her place at TGC to some sort of Arnold-based nepotism, rather than the studied conclusion of the casting folks at TGC about how well her package is suited to the general TV audience for their product.
  14. I don't particularly like her on-air voice, which is way back in her throat and clearly a put on. I don't mind her, but I don't love her either. In the end, I think I prefer Sparks.
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