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  1. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I would say it's gamemanship. FWIW.... I don't like profanity on the golf course...... even among good friends....that's just me, tho
  2. walking on to a college golf team?

    Just a my 2 cents..... in 2017. Back in the early 80's, when I was a junior golfer I would shot 75 - 80 consistently in tournaments. I went to Texas A&M, hoping I can walk on and make their golf team. I was in for a rude awakening. One of the assistant golf coach let me play two rounds of golf on the Aggie Golf course. I shot 76 and 77. That wasn't good enough. At lease I had a great time with the coach. During the round he'd make do some golf drills to see my skill level. . I think they stopped holding walk-on tryouts many years ago. Probably no longer worth their time. Texas A&M is currently ranked #3. And they're consistently ranked in the top 20. I had the time of my life at Texas A&M University. I make a pilgrimage every year to watch Aggie football game at College Station.
  3. Grades for Tiger's Performance (Hero 2017)

    His swing looks powerful. A-
  4. Hideki's situation. Hear me out!!!

    The bottom line is whether it was intentional or not, the "crime" was commited. He should be penalized.
  5. First time on the course

    I commend you for checking your ego, and NOT playing on a regular course for your first round. You may love golf. But often times, it won't love you back. Good luck.
  6. Classic/Old School Golf Pics Thread

    a man whom I thought had the prettiest swing at the time.
  7. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    50, 58 50 is close enough to a 46-pitching and a good gap 58 is high loft sand-wedge and low loft lob wedge.
  8. When is it too cold to golf?

    As others have said, the loss is about a club. Don't know the exact numbers. I can live with 15-20 yards loss in my driver. But, I have harder time adjusting to distance loss with my irons. If the cold air is thick with moisture or fog, furgitaboutit.
  9. When is it too cold to golf?

    Anything as low as 40 degrees is playable as long the wind is low. If the wind is up (> 20mph), even 55 degrees seem too cold. I've played when it was about 30 degrees without hardly any wind, and it was really comfortable. I've done this before. colored balls don't help when it burrows under the snow.
  10. Which wedge should I pick?

    I may change my clubs, and woods, to a different brand. But I'll always carry Cleveland wedges. Titleist Vokey is a close 2nd choice.
  11. Whatever happened to.........?

    Of course not. We can only go by his potential. And he had lot of potential, in my opinion.
  12. Whatever happened to.........?

    You doubt that most athletes would rather compete and earn their prize money, than settle for some insurance money? I don't doubt that some would take the money and sit. But most of them won't...not if they love to compete and pursue "GREATNESS"..... For most professional athletes, it's their health, age and level of their play, that are the determining factors; it's not how much money they have in the bank. Otherwise, most top rank players would have long quit by now. By your logic, players like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Rory Mcilroy (not to mention players like Michelle Wie) would have quit already. They have more money than they know what to do with. Each one of them surely are well over 30 million dollars in prize money and endorsement money. You can be #100 on the PGA money list an still make $1million. I have little doubt that Kim would have easily made up that $20million, and more, in his career. Well. Most professional athletes aren't ordinary people when it comes to pride and competing.
  13. Whatever happened to.........?

    If I were a good professional golfer with potential to win more in my life time, YES!
  14. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    Depends on the lie and what is in front of me. But, usually a 5 or a 6 iron. Has enough loft to get the ball up, and keeps the ball low enough to avoid low hanging tree branches....most of the time.
  15. What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    CaddyShack/Tin Cup Brian's Song Hoosiers Field of Dreams

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