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  1. Whatever happened to.........?

    Of course not. We can only go by his potential. And he had lot of potential, in my opinion.
  2. Whatever happened to.........?

    You doubt that most athletes would rather compete and earn their prize money, than settle for some insurance money? I don't doubt that some would take the money and sit. But most of them won't...not if they love to compete and pursue "GREATNESS"..... For most professional athletes, it's their health, age and level of their play, that are the determining factors; it's not how much money they have in the bank. Otherwise, most top rank players would have long quit by now. By your logic, players like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Rory Mcilroy (not to mention players like Michelle Wie) would have quit already. They have more money than they know what to do with. Each one of them surely are well over 30 million dollars in prize money and endorsement money. You can be #100 on the PGA money list an still make $1million. I have little doubt that Kim would have easily made up that $20million, and more, in his career. Well. Most professional athletes aren't ordinary people when it comes to pride and competing.
  3. Whatever happened to.........?

    If I were a good professional golfer with potential to win more in my life time, YES!
  4. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    Depends on the lie and what is in front of me. But, usually a 5 or a 6 iron. Has enough loft to get the ball up, and keeps the ball low enough to avoid low hanging tree branches....most of the time.
  5. What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    CaddyShack/Tin Cup Brian's Song Hoosiers Field of Dreams
  6. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    I was shooting in the lower to mid 80s about 3 years ago. Then, my son got old enough, and good enough, to challenge me. Being challenged is a great motivator. I can't beat my 17 year old son anymore. But I can shoot anywhere from 75 - 83. Hate it when I don't break 80. Yup. Once I hit every green in regulation, except on the three par 3s. I shot my lowest score that day, a 74....could have easily shot even that day. Hitting the fairway helps, too.
  7. Whatever happened to.........?

    To me it's not really about the money. Besides, he was a good enough player to make a VERY comfortable living on the the tour. It's that he gave up what he worked so hard for (to compete at the biggest stage in his sport. Trying to become the best he can be at his craft....win big prize money....etc.....) But I guess his only goal was to have a few million in the bank and sit on it. As someone else put it, "seems he bet against himself".
  8. Whatever happened to.........?

    Shame. Once he was a rising star on the tour. Now he is just a young hippy with greasy hair.... Makes me wonder why he chose to just sit on his insurance money. He could have made so much more on the tour. ~sigh....
  9. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    Ok. I may have not known the context of your answer. But, I still say "no you can't." Even if you were given a stroke on every hole, my money is on the a PGA pro to still beat you...especially if the course was setup like a PGA tournament.
  10. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    week before The Masters.
  11. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    Respectfully, no. you can't. Ok. well.... you can. But, even a low ranked lpga player would have to spot you 10 strokes in order for you to "compete"..........
  12. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    She understands this, I'm sure.
  13. What type of golfer are you?

    Depends on the game. But my biggest gripe is, people who can't finish a sentence without using profanity. Otherwise, if I have time I'll play with anyone.
  14. When your son out drives you.

    My 16 year old son is a 5 handicap player, who plays on his HS golf team. I can knock it about 270 with my driver. My son started to out drive me about a year ago. Now he is knocking on the 300 yard mark...... Damn. Aging sucks. I think I remember watching Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, Koepka...or someone like that, hit a 9 170...... I know for sure I watched Tiger Woods hit a 7 200yards. But, I think their clubs are tricked up...
  15. changing golf balls

    I'm a believer in Maxfli U4 and U6.