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  1. No phone. No car keys. And no wallet. Just few tees, and a ball-marker.
  2. Treat it like any other putt. Read the break. Feel the speed. Let it go and hope it goes in. Simple. I think trying to doing something different can develop bad habits. But, then, I'm no Ben Crenshaw.
  3. If you like those, you should also try Maxfli U6. For about $32.00/dozen, they're worth it.
  4. Yeah. I forgot about biggest liars of them all, politicians.
  5. After winning so many tournaments between 2012 - 2016, why did she feel the need to change?
  6. I always thought her stance became too wide. My thought exactly. She will feel better about herself, too.
  7. Yes. It is a "ridiculous" topic. But, to answer your question, she's Korean. I don't know a natural blonde Korean. Do you. . And for the record, I like her with the natural dark hair. But that's just me.
  8. Either answer is ok. Just wondering how many here remember Johnny Miller's playing days. Maybe those who answered his boardcasting, don't remember, or don't know, how good of a player he was. He's kinda like Phil Mickelson in that they both had to deal with a very dominate opponent, Nicklaus and Woods.
  9. Going with Phil because I love dogs? What does that mean?
  10. yeah. They break even. They lose nothing.
  11. Right. So, why throw bunch of confusing numbers at him. Just get the one that feels right. Taylormade or Titleist.....They're pretty much standard set of clubs with standard range of specs. That's all I'm saying.
  12. The loser of the match doesn't lose anything. It's the sponser's money to begin with. Who knows what goes behind the scene.
  13. Yup. My thoughts exactly. Plus, if they want to make it really interesting, make them put up their own money. Say , about $10 million each. Winner takes all. It's easy playing with house money.
  14. This akin to someone say they can shoot 72 when all you've seen is him shooting 89s and 90s all the time.
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