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  1. I have these irons and love them. My previous irons were the 2006 callaway big berthas. The mizunos are a huge upgrade over the callaways.
  2. I started playing the top flight gamer v2's this year and love'em!
  3. I see that my local golf galaxy is selling these up front by the registers for $2 each. Anyone here have any experience with them?
  4. Just ordered a set of mizuno mp-52s from 3balls.com for $495 in "like new" condition with coupon "tenoff". Can't wait to try them out.
  5. I'm thinking about purchasing a set of mp 57s on ebay and will probably need to have them lengthened by an inch. Anyone here have an idea of how much that would run me?
  6. Titleist vokey spin milled are the best wedges money can buy.
  7. Looking at the feedback, the seller has sold quite a few of these sets and all have given positive feedback. I would say they are legit.
  8. I've been reading up on this club and I'm really intrigued by it, but I would like to see it in person before I buy it. The problem is that I can't find anyplace in my area that sells one. I will probably hold off until next year, considering my season is beginning to wind down.
  9. For a beginner, cleveland wedges are pretty good.
  10. I have a 3 mo old and a 5 year old. I play in a league every other week and the last couple of weeks I've been golfing w/ a regular group of guys on thursday nights. I also try to get out at least once on the weekends. I sometimes take it for granted how lucky I am with how often I'm able to golf. Because I live in Wisconsin, I only golf six months out of the year, so I'm sure the wife takes that into account.
  11. For the most part I hit my irons pretty strait, but every once in a while I will push one to the right. I would say maybe one out of every ten shots. If I'm 150 out and the pin is on the center of the green, I might push my shot to the right side of the green or just off the green. This can be frustrating because instead of putting for birdie, I have to get up and down for a par. I know I'm probably just opening my face slightly at impact. Anyone have any suggestions for improving on this?
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