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  1. I just think its petty. There was no way to hit out of those rocks. He is still gonna pay for his errant shot with a penalty.
  2. I think this is a great example of why defendants shouldn't take the stand sometimes. Although he does shed some further light on the nature of their relationship, stating that Rhein plays better mad and that he was ok with it. This made the head cover throwing video a little more tolerable or explainable for me. As far as the rule itself though and adding an additional penalty, I don't know if this is good for golf in the big picture.
  3. Could very well be. Ball does travel further in humid air. I’ve played a lot in Las Vegas, but the altitude there adds a bunch of distance which probably makes up for any loss due to dryness. I am now thinking that it was probably a combination of several factors ( none of which have anything to do with mountains): - slightly cool air/temperatures - desert dry air - Slope - different grass thanks for everyone’s feedback!
  4. I use my own rangefinder for distances. It does not have slope so I adjust for that ~manually. I will double check that it did not get switched to meters. Good suggestion. My playing partner was having the same issue though (a very accomplished golfer). I would be really curious to get feedback from anyone who played this course. And if you haven’t, I would definitely recommend it ( just club up :) ). I thought it was the most scenic (particularly back 9) of the PGA West courses that I played (stadium and Norman). Thanks. Yes, probably should of asked at the pro shop after the rou
  5. I always travel with my own clubs. I was typically short by 1-2 clubs. Many of the holes were up hill, and perhaps I needed 2 clubs up. However even on the downhill shots distance was not there. I played my normal distance on 2 downhill par-3 shots which was just about right. Normally I would club down on those.
  6. My ball striking was pretty solid. Just seemed like wrong club every time. I was paired with a scratch golfer today who shot par and made the same observation. So I am inclined to believe that it’s related to the course.
  7. I am on vacation in the Palm Springs area and played the La Quinta Mountain course a couple of times. Most of my shots were short of their normal distance. Even clubbing up was usually not enough. So I am trying to understand if this is something to do with being right up against the mountains? This is a Pete Dye course with various raised greens, but still.. Very little wind, temperature in the 60s, sea level altitude. Any ideas?
  8. baw1


  9. I was too and have never really heard anyone say that. I have mostly read and heard that it's the same swing just different ball position at address. My instructor has also repeatedly told me this (same swing). Now some of this can be language/semantics. Meaning that many of the same/important principles still apply and therefore we should consider them as the "same". However, my sense/thinking has always been more inline with Eric's comment here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/95421-watching-some-random-golf-videos-and-saw-some-instruction-that-seems-to-indicate-a-different-swing-f
  10. So what are the actual swing differences (according to the video)? From what I can understand she advocates more focus on the core on the driver downswing and less hip "bump". Sorta opening up more but not actively trying to move laterally? She also talks about trying to keep the back foot planted for as long as possible (even before impact).
  11. Yesterday I shanked 2 shots during an otherwise very solid round. They cost me dearly. I also had a mixed range session earlier in the week. Start off well (20-40 balls) with good shots then all of a sudden the wheels come off. This has happened numerous times before at the range. Very seldom on the course. I am really curious as to what is going on to cause this!? Is it simply mental/physical fatigue? Stamina?
  12. I use 2 different apps which are both free. TheGrint (officially recognized Hcp) & SkyGolf (not official). SkyGolf (formerly OobGolf) allows you to put in the slope/rating manually and override what they have in their system. So I look them up and do so. TheGrint does not allow you to manually override their values (unfortunately). They do have a mechanism to contact them in and request updates for courses/tees..
  13. So I am noticing this a lot on various courses (and tees). When I go to put in my scores and slope/rating, the slope/rating on the course scorecard (and website usually) do not match the USGA national website database. Found here: https://ncrdb.usga.org/NCRDB/NCRListing.aspx. Is the USGA website more accurate/current? Thanks
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