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  1. Extending LCP to bunkers is not a significant suspension of the Rules? That’s an astonishing statement to make. What can be more significant than permitting breaches of Rule 13-1 which expresses the fundamental principle of playing the ball as it lies except where the Rules allow?
  2. Just a couple of observations. There are over 3000 golf courses in the UK. Iacas has played some of them and found no stones in any bunkers. I have played some of them and encountered stones in most of the bunkers. In terms of sound argument neither his unquantified experience nor mine has any validity. Where there have been stones in bunkers and the LR in place, I’ve never as a player or referee found any difficulty in distinguishing stones from grains of sand!
  3. Paying? What is the cost?
  4. That’s breathtaking! You make a huge assumption on which you base a “therefore .....” I can’t compete with that.
  5. I think you must have the wrong idea about the jurisdictions of the two ruling bodies. The USGA is the ruling authority for the USA and Mexico. The R&A is the ruling authority for ...... the rest of the world.
  6. Giving and taking as Iacas puts it, suggests trading two separate matters against each other. If you give way to our wishes on Rule 55, we’ll accept what you want in Rule 77 no matter that there is no connection between either. I have no inside knowledge, but I would be astonished and dismayed if that happened - outraged even. I just can’t imagine a joint meeting starting off “Well, we gave way last time on 55; we want our way on 77 this time because you owe us one." Any “negotiation” ought to be entirely in terms of the one rule in question. We think A, you think B. Can we arrive at something which is acceptable to both of us?
  7. ColinL

    Ball likely in casual water but uncertain

    Rulefan has helpfully qualified my answer. I should have said that you must identify your ball if you are going to deem it unplayable and either drop within two club lengths or back along the line from the hole through where the ball lay. If you can’t identify it, it is as said, back to where you played your previous stroke. You can identify your ball without necessarily being able to read the make or your identification mark if other evidence is strong enough. Back to that tree, for example: it could be that some spectators or players in another group were able to follow the flight of your ball and had it in sight when it came to rest in the tree. At levels of golf way above mine, there can be television cameras which might be able to assist in identifying a ball.
  8. ColinL

    Ball likely in casual water but uncertain

    Casual water is an abnormal ground condition (AGC). The idea behind getting free relief from it is that it is considered “abnormal” i.e. not a normal condition you are expected to play from. In the same way, an obstruction being by definition an artificial obect, is not a natural feature of a golf course and so you get free relief from interference by one. in both cases, the relief is available even if you don’t find your ball which you would think reasonable if you knew perfectly well that your ball had gone into a large patch of casual water and disappeared from sight. A tree, on the other hand is a natural feature of the course and you get no favours if you put your ball up against one or in it: you have to play the ball as it lies. If it’s in the tree, you don’t have to retrieve it in order to deem it unplayable, but you do have to identify it as yours.
  9. ColinL

    2016 Rules Quiz

    In my reckoning: 3. A) 6 I agree with Dormie - no penalty involved. A ball to be dropped must strike the course where the applicable rule requires. The same clearly has to apply to a re-drop. The applicable rule here permits the ball to be dropped any where along the line. 4. I’ll come back to this one. 5. C) 8 2 strokes to obstruction. The stuff about the putter is a red herring. 1 PS for the caddie dropping the ball first time [Rule 20-2a] No PS for the caddie dropping the ball second and third times (I make these to be multiple breaches of the same rule [Decision 1-4/12 (3)]). 2 PS for playing from a wrong place - the third time, the ball should have been placed not dropped. There is no additional penalty for the wrong substitution (Exception to Rule 15-2) 3 more strokes to hole out. 6. C) 7 1 Teeshot 1 PS for ball unplayable relief 2 PS for improperly substituted ball. 3 further strokes to hole out
  10. You were right to consider the fallen tree to be GUR as it was in the process of being removed. Your correct action was to determine the nearest point not nearer the hole where there was no interference from the bits of tree and drop within one club length of that point but not nearer the hole than it. No penalty. Perhaps that’s what you did but you would do well to take a look at the Definition of Nearest Point of Relief and the procedure for taking relief from an abnormal ground condition in Rule 25-1b
  11. ColinL

    2016 Rules Quiz

    Well, I’m into the site now and had a look t the first couple of questions. Q1 B) 6 Q2 A) A scores 4; B scores 5. (No penalties involved) It would be interesting to know under what rule Club Rat would DQ the two players in Q2. In my view, the flagstick has been removed by a player in a different group and so Rule 17-3a does not apply [see Decision 17-3/3]. It is simply a movable obstruction and if struck by a ball played from off or on the green, Rule 19-1 would apply. The players have not breached any rule by agreeing to leave it where it is; for Rule 1-3 to apply, the players have to be agreeing to something they are not permitted to do.

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