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  1. next time, take that same 7 iron and try to hit it 100 yds. It will force you to not get quick from top and will encourage a smooth transition. Get a feel for the ball compressing and "letting" hands release freely. I find I get a nice smooth tempo going after about 10 balls. Then do whatever you do next and try to maintain that tempo throughout the day. Oh and by the way, I'm a 9.2 hdcp and I'm very familiar with horrid range sessions that you described. It happens to everyone, multiple times. It is just the way the game is. Actually I don't hit the range all that often to just "work/wreck" on my swing. Instead I head to the putting green and pitching green. That is how I went from a 15 to a 9 in about a years time. I must have hit 5,000 30-50 yd half-swing pitch shots in the last 12 months. My short game is so money these days that I really don't even care what happens off the tee or from the fairway. As long as it isn't in a hazard or OB, I feel like I can make par.
  2. No glove here. Large towel, w/ bottom 12" wet. I clean my grip with the wet end, wipe dry with other end. Feels like a new grip on every shot. It's actually part of my routine.
  3. I was just quoting the commercial. I have a 7wd that get's played when I visit certain courses. I hit it 220, and it comes down like an 8 iron.
  4. As Kenny Mayne would say, "A 7-wood? My Nanna has a 7 wood."
  5. I'm starting to notice something about using the forward aiming technique. I've noticed that I can shape my shots easier by aiming farther away, say 4" ahead of ball for a lower draw, or only 1" ahead for a higher fade. Basically all I'm doing is altering my angle of attack. Just by how far ahead of the ball I aim my eyes. Really nutty thing to most people. But it is the same thing as aiming at a grain of sand 2" behind the ball for a greenside bunker shot. Just on the other side of the ball. Besides greenside bunkers, aiming at a spot 1-2" behind the ball works great on lob/explosion type shots from the rough 50 yds and in. Don't think it works? Next time you are in a fairway bunker, pick a grain of sand 2-4" ahead of the ball and swing to that point. I bet you hit nice and clean shot. Traditionally I rarely hit greens from fairway bunkers, but since I started using this, I would say I'm hitting greens out of fairway bunkers at a 50% rate. Pretty amazing to me. Studying the impact position and using Clampett's technique is a very important part of the puzzle that is a consistent, sound golf swing.
  6. I'm still amazed at how hard I find it to remember to do this when I'm playing. Practicing, I still forget often. It is amazing to me that something that has such a dramatic and positive effect on my ballstriking, is so damn hard for me to remember.... I don't do his technique with the woods/metals. Seem to push/slice everything right using it. Haven't found it to work as well as it does with the rest of the clubs. The wedges is where it really shines for me.
  7. I have just spent the last year trying to lower my ball flight. I have a shop full of high bend point shafts. They didn't solve the problem. It's his impact position that has the biggest impact on trajectory. Tempo too. Find the right flex in a high bend point shaft then read this link: What lies before you is the "secret" to becoming a ballstriking machine with a nice boring trajectory, seriously. http://www.playperfectgolf.co.uk/Mas...wing%20arc.htm
  8. I thought Palmer owned TGC? Kelly T sucks. I wish they would sh!t can her, Steph Sparks, Jay Townsend, and Charlie Rymer. However they can't, b/c the the crappy announcer can is full, Johnny Miller's head is in it.
  9. LOL! It just jumps out at you when you see Odessy. "Impurity" LOL! That is good. Hamlet, I noticed the biggest improvement on short pitches too. Recently, I've had a hard time "remembering". Funny how that works.
  10. Just freestyle it dude. Sounds like an AARP trip with the itinerary. After 36 holes, all I want is a burbon and coke after a hot shower. Maybe a massage from a hot swedish chic.
  11. That is good to hear. I too stepped up my practice to doing it everyday in the backyard. 50 yard pitch shot with a PW or GW. My yard is all torn up. Oh well. Keep doing it. I'm way more consistent with my irons than I was before. Practice is the only way.
  12. Like this: http://www.playperfectgolf.co.uk/Mas...wing%20arc.htm
  13. I believe I saw Littler vs. Nelson. Didn't Littler struggle and shoot like +5? I also saw Nelson get mopped up by some euro dude in the Netherlands. Course looked awesome.
  14. These were back in the day when $100K went to the winner. These guys today laugh at that. It would take probably $500K to the winner to get anyone worth watching to fly off somewhere and play a match. That is why you won't see any new Shell WWOG.
  15. It would be cool if people just repaired their own ballmark with the practically free tool they already have. Then no need for gadgets and no effed up greens.
  16. Payne Stewart and Ms. Maria Verchenova (google the pics on her and you will see why)
  17. See my sig. He was "my" guy. I miss his swing. I miss the way he messed with other players and pissed them off. I miss his hat. I miss the way he railed against the USGA. Payne was a player.
  18. Word up. I'll buy that. I believe they also tested a groove less iron from the fairway and found the same result, when compared to the U and V grooves.
  19. No problem, I had, still do I guess, the exact same issue with the left arm at the top. Now, I don't force it back. I just turn back until I reach a point that I know I can control the down and through motion. It is a hard thing to do, so practice that with your mirror. I also advise you to study up on the grip. The grip is so damn important. I find when I get my grip the way I want it, none of this swing plane open face over the top crap happens. Just turn back, then turn through and ball looks like a Pro hit it. No thoughts of release or weight transfer or tension or anything. Just turn back and through. It is amazing. However, I find it to be a challenge to "find" that right grip from shot to shot. The more I do it, the quicker I can find it. If I skip a day of hitting pitch shots in the yard, it can take 30 swings to find it the next. Some days I never find it. Yesterday I found it on the range during warm up and was able to find it often and was a Tour Pro for a day. Today, back to searching for it every 3 or 4 shots.
  20. I wanted to add that with less than full swings, say a 30 yard pitch shot, I believe the grooves do impart some spin. But not on full shots with a full compression. We may have been comparing apples to oranges. Bottom line to the OP is that you don't change your swing to generate spin. Just hit it solidly and clean and the spin will happen. For sure changing from a low spin ball to high spin ball will make a difference.
  21. All of this effects spin rate, but doesn't create it. Two different things. The spin is created by solid contact compressing the ball. What happens to the spin after that is the result of the groove depth, volume, club face material, dimple design, ball cover material, so on and so on.
  22. No arguing from me, just a friendly discussion. I'm no dimple expert, but I would think that dimple patterns on a ball have zero effect at impact, therefore don't have any effect on creating spin. So then the only effect of the dimples would be once the ball is the air. The pattern/shape/size/depth of the dimples I'm sure has a role in how much the spin is reduced or how long/fast the ball continues to spin once it is upon against the drag or friction of the air. Otherwise, why do ball OEM's put them on the ball the way they do? Again, aerodynamics of the golf ball is out of my league.
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