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  1. Thanks. I won't
  2. Understood and agreed. If my memory serves me well it crossed on the northern side as drawn. Will remember your point and use it in future. Thank you everyone.
  3. Thanks guys for the feedback. The fact that the finger of ground is however not part of the hazard and has red stakes on all sides of it. The ball did not cross to the right side of the stream at all. I think that he should have dropped on the finger of ground and not on the right of the hazard as his point of entry was over the finger of ground. The players argument was that as it is the same hazard and the markers are red he could drop on the right.
  4. I have tried that. Doesn't allow me to.
  5. Is there any way to send the pic to an email address? I am unable to embed the pic
  6. Can't insert pic?
  7. Hi guys Thanks for the response. I hav attached a pic which shows the hole. The yellow arrows show the flight of the ball, pulled left into the dam. The Red shows the stakes around the finger of ground. The blue shows the intended fairway. The purple shows where the player dropped from. Should he not have dropped from the finger of ground as it is not in the hazard and had red stakes on either side?
  8. Hi. Whilst playing yesterday we played a par 4 which has a pathway in front of the tee box leading to 2 dams, with the fairway on the right of them. One player pulled his tee shot left over the pathway and it last crossed the hazard on a finger of ground which extrudes into the first dam. The dam is demarcated with red stakes on either side. The finger of ground had its own stakes and doesn't form part of the hazard. The player dropped on the right parallel and not nearer the hole. Should he have dropped on the left on the finger of ground where his ball last crossed the hazard?