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  1. nico002

    Tom Watson

    He hit a fine 2nd shot at 18, it was his god awful 3rd and 4th shots that did him in. I was rooting for him, but he had the tournament on a silver platter and chocked it away.
  2. No chance in HELL that Tom wins this now.
  3. Why is the course so dam empty? I thought people liked golf over there? Honestly, there isn't a gallery more than half full...
  4. Yes the coverage sucks. I kind of like the course, but the camera work has been terrible. It just kind of feels... Disconnected.
  5. http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=4310080
  6. How about some of the time? What about not being a condescending doosh every time someone asks him a question? The fact that he is the most recognizable athlete in the world is even more reason for him to try and "be nice".
  7. Tiger is so freaking cold with the fans, he is a douchebag to the media and really doesn't come across as a nice guy, he can't even fake it. I don't know what happened to him, he wasn't like this before, maybe its roid rage kicking in. (JK I love tiger too, he just acts so cold out there now) How phil behaves in the locker room is none of my business, he is great to the media, the fans, and his family, thats all that really matters. I feel like a lot of the FIGJAM crap comes from other players being jealous of Phil
  8. uhhh. it was obviously exciting, I'm talking about the final result, not the actual day of golf.
  9. Excuse me for enjoying the big story. I will never understand humanity as well as you. Glover is a boring winner, well deserved, but boring.
  10. What a disappointing finish. He deserves it and he could probably use the win more than Duval or Mickelson but its just such a boring result. Barnes would have been a much better story.
  11. I think the fans at Bethpage make the course more unique. Its part of what you have to deal with, just another thing to factor when competing. It adds a extra mental element to the challenge.
  12. How uptight can you guys be? Seriously? I love the atmosphere it makes it fun, special. I mean, the players seem to love it, why can't you? Weaver high fiving his caddy was an awesome moment. Yea, the course is way too easy because of the weather and the early 1st round group got screwed. The crowd is the only thing making this tournament enjoyable at this point.
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