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  1. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover! Adam Scott -14 Bubba Watson -11 jordan speith -10
  2. So I have been debating on if i should buy in and finally get a hybrid for this year. right now i'm still rocking a 2002 mizuno two iron( blade) and was wanting to modernize for my 230-240 club. 1: any suggestions on hybrid to get? 2: are they worth all the hype? thanks for help.
  3. i have been playing golf now for a little over 3 years now. ever since i started playing i was more comfortable hitting a fade. but someone told me that the "right way" to hit the golf ball is playing a draw but not a fade. but everytime i try to put a draw in my bag i dont feel like i have controll over it like i do with my fade. what do you guys think? is it wrong only being able to hit it one way?
  4. yes the ball was in play. thanks for the help
  5. The ball was not lost in was short of the high stuff. so the conclusion is if it did go in but you can find it you may hit it. just as marked red. Basically my whole questions boiles down to is if it is not marked white and is not off the course it is not OB. correct?
  6. so what would the ruling be? is it a lost ball retee or is it 2 club lengths for the point of entry, (no closer to the hole)?
  7. the thing about it is that it was not outside the course it was maybe 5 yards of the rough on both sides. so would that still be OB. personally i thought it always had to be marked atleast white to be OB. thanks
  8. Morning, I was playing in a tournament this past monday, one of the players in the foursome hit it in to the thick fescue along the course, but it was not marked white or nor we were told that if you hit it there it was OB, i personally thought it was lateral. could someone help maybe clarify this for me? thanks
  9. Morning. since the beginning of the year i have lost almost 20 pounds. since i started playing again and practicing i have noticed alot more of my shots are pulled left. I no it is caused from coming over the top or getting quick with my transiction down. can anyone maybe assist. or maybe give me some tips how to correct it. thanks
  10. I was only able to play one event last year. which was the opener. but everything was put on excellent. will be playing alot more this year.
  11. First of all i just want to say, WOW! that guy is on fire. but after all these years of being on tour he breaks threw, and breaks threw in a big way! Do you think it has anything to do with him switching to Butch Harmon. or maybe just his time. what you guys think.
  12. They have the tour for Kentucky and western Kentucky as well. Just look up golf weekly am tour. Also good luck this year with the tournaments you play in.
  13. Thanks for the info. I found most of all of them but the problem is they dont open till 9am.I should have said this before . this is such a big event for the tour they do a shotgun starts one at 8am. and the other at 1pm. But normaly these would were when we have set tee times. thanks tho i really appreciate the info.
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