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  1. I have nothing at all against lostgolfballs but I just want to clarify something because of your comment. I "chose" the refinished option for my last knetgolf order to test them out but they don't just have this option like your comment says. Knetgolf also offer recycled balls that have just been cleaned up. Those go by grading (Mint, A, B). I have bought grade B before which is the lowest available and they were in great shape. They did have maybe one tiny scuff mark on some of the balls but thats it. I've also bought grade A balls and those were like new with no scuff marks whatsoever. I imagine if you get the mint grade, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between those and a brand new ball out of the box.
  2. Me and my bro in law buy all our balls from Knetgolf and never had any problems whatsoever. The quality is always top notch and the shipping is super fast (2-3 days). The last one's we got were refinished 2010 ProV1X but I'm not sure we'll get those again since they could just be older models that were refinished and we wouldn't know it. We did cut one in half and it looks legit but since we didn't have an original 2010 ProV1X to compare with, we couldn't tell. Here's a pic we took. The one on the far left is the refinished 2010 ProV1X and the 3rd one from the left is a 2008 ProV1X if I remember correctly. Does anyone have an original 2010 ProV1X they're willing to sacrifice? LOL!
  3. Sorry but I didnt explain correctly. I want to buy the 7i with stiff shaft but then take the shaft off my 4i since its reg flex and have it cut to the right size and put the 7i head on it. I would scrap the stiff shaft and 4i head. Are all shafts the same but simply cut down depending on the iron?
  4. Thanks for the help! I did find one from ClubFinders but it has a stiff shaft and I use regular. I don't use the 4 iron from my set. Is it possible to bring it to my local Golf Town and have them cut the shaft to the correct lenght for a 7 iron and use that on the 7 iron instead of the stiff shaft or buying another shaft?
  5. Hi all, I recently lost the 7 iron from my Taylormade R7 set. I just figured I'd post in case I'm lucky enough someone has one lying around they would sell. Thanks! Dre
  6. I used to play the TM Burner's but now I just buy used Pro V1x's at around $11-$12/dozen from Knetgolf. Nice and straight off the tee and lots of spin to hold on greens.
  7. Great! There shouldn't be any problems bending the 54.10 to 55 or 56 right? If I read correctly it would add bounce so I would get a 55.11 or 56.12 right? I'm a digger so I suppose that would be a good thing for me.
  8. Does anyone know if the Titleist Vokey's came with cord grip at some point? Maybe in 2008? A guy around here was selling two brand new Vokey's (60.08 and 54.10) that he says he purchased last year and for some reason the 60.08 has the regular Titleist grip and the 54.10 has the Titleist cord grip. I bought the 60 yesterday but didn't buy the 54 since I usually go with a 52-56-60 combination but he offered to sell the 54 at a price I can't refuse so I'm thinking of buying it and getting it bent to 55 or 56. That cord grip just has me worried that it may be some kind of knock-off. Could it be possible that when he purchased the two clubs last year, that 54 was a 2008 model and the other one a 2009 model? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Dre
  9. Membership Fees

    I live in the Shediac area. Ah that sucks. You're probably getting our rain in snow since you're higher north. Too bad to hear about last season. Hope this one's better for you!
  10. Membership Fees

    Hey! A fellow Newbrunswicker! I don't know about you guys but it's been pouring rain for two days now so the snow's almost all gone. Should be an early start to the golf season this year.
  11. The used balls I buy have probably been hit for a few holes at the most. They may have a blemish or a tiny scratch on some of them but nothing that would affect trajectory at all. These balls are also not "water" balls. I've emailed the seller and have been assured these are collected in very dry area courses (Arizona if I remember correctly) where there's almost no water in play. This was very important for me since I've read articles that say "water" balls have been shown to absorb the water after some time and they will not behave the same. Not sure how true this is but I'd rather not take a chance.
  12. +2. Both my hybrids are Adams Idea and I have 0 complaints. My #5 Adams Idea TECH A4OS is by far the easiest to hit and most solid feeling club in the bag right now.
  13. I also got a Golflogix GPS and you simply press the enter button and it will start calculating the distance as you walk. Awesome little GPS for the price if you don't care about graphics. It's also great that you don't have to pay an annual fee to keep it running like most of them. Once your 20 favorite courses are loaded on the unit, your good to go. The only reason you would have to pay the annual fee is if you need to load some different courses for a trip or if your course had some major changes done and you want them on the GPS. Take care!
  14. Membership Fees

    We pay about $625/year but golf season here only lasts about 6 months. The course has 36 holes with a practice area but no driving range. This does not include carts but I prefer walking anyways. http://www.pineneedlesgolf.nb.ca/english/index.html