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  1. How do you grip the club?

    Overlap grip for me. It is more comfortable. I started out with the interlock when I first began playing. Occassionally I try to go back to it but find I tend to push the ball right. I have only used the baseball grip on the driving range. The result, duck hooks left.
  2. This year it was definitely the US Open; but I usually prefer the Masters because it is always played at the same, familiar course. I like to see how different players approach the course year to year. Also, it is easier to compare one generation of golfers to another on the same course.
  3. I used to only play with pick-up balls. I would wash them and separate by brand and quality. Then a friend of mine convinced me that for consistency I should choose a ball, stick with it, and only buy new ones. I play the Srixon AD333. It is a long, staight, two piece ball. At first I found it a little hot putting but I got used to it. At $20 per dozen, I think it is a great ball. Plus, at least at my home course, not many people play Srixon so it is easy to identify which ball is mine.
  4. What types of Tees are you using?

    I tried the brush t's and really loved them but found the bristles got distorted I had trouble getting the ball to set up. I also found the bristles coming out after a round or two. Very expensive to be throwing away every couple rounds.