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  1. Overlap grip for me. It is more comfortable. I started out with the interlock when I first began playing. Occassionally I try to go back to it but find I tend to push the ball right. I have only used the baseball grip on the driving range. The result, duck hooks left.
  2. This year it was definitely the US Open; but I usually prefer the Masters because it is always played at the same, familiar course. I like to see how different players approach the course year to year. Also, it is easier to compare one generation of golfers to another on the same course.
  3. I am looking for your opinions about getting fit for clubs. Did you get fit? Would you recommend it? Did you pay for the fitting? Any feedback will be helpful.
  4. I used to only play with pick-up balls. I would wash them and separate by brand and quality. Then a friend of mine convinced me that for consistency I should choose a ball, stick with it, and only buy new ones. I play the Srixon AD333. It is a long, staight, two piece ball. At first I found it a little hot putting but I got used to it. At $20 per dozen, I think it is a great ball. Plus, at least at my home course, not many people play Srixon so it is easy to identify which ball is mine.
  5. I tried the brush t's and really loved them but found the bristles got distorted I had trouble getting the ball to set up. I also found the bristles coming out after a round or two. Very expensive to be throwing away every couple rounds.
  6. I usually lose it before I scuff it so badly I can't use it.
  7. I like the Bridgestone e6+ or the Srixon Trispeed; however, if you have a higher swing speed the Srixon may not respond as well for you. The AD333 is a good ball but doesn't give as much control around the green. I like the Srixon URS but it is pricier than the models you listed.