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    What Are Your 2015 Golf Goals? Official Thread

    Mine is simple, improve at chipping, and to work on more solid ball contact with my irons. To me chipping being paramount. I theorize that there really are no great putters, but great chippers. If you're within 5 feet of the pin you're more than likely gonna drain it. As far as solid contact, I tend to balloon the ball with my irons, thereby losing distance. I'm the only guy I know that hits his 7 iron 138 yards (while almost knocking police helicopters down), but his driver 270 yards. Gonna work on transferring weight more efficiently.
  2. I know the two are not necessarily parallel. I currently game a ping g15 which I put in the fairway 7/10 times, with good distance. Gotta state that I tried some other clubs though, and I'm reading that the slide is the furthest. List which driver you see as being a) the furthest b) the most forgiving

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