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  1. This is a follow-up to my 5/29 post. Well, at long last, we have survived the cancer that is Warrior Golf. Finally, the bankruptcy court has approved the sale of our community golf course to us...well, our HOA, to be specific. We've been subjected to Warrior's incompetence and antagonism for over 5 years, but it's all behind us now. I urge anyone who's even thinking about buying any clubs or balls (or whatever) from them to not do it. Once you've bought anything at all from them you can count on being continually harassed by their "sales staff". The internet is full of consumer horror st
  2. They own 15 golf courses, each of whom are now in the hands of the bankruptcy judge. What would be funny if it weren't so pathetic is that the Warrior owner (Brendan Flaherty) and his flunkies all fancy themselves to be great foosball players. A visit to Warrior's and Flaherty's facebook pages bears that out. Maybe if they'd focused less on foosball and more on golf they wouldn't be in the predicament they're in.
  3. All of the threads on Warrior Golf are pretty old, but the internet is replete with horror stories about these scumbags. Their clubs are garbage, and they've recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which was accelerated by a Florida court ruling that they bilked an elderly man out of over $1 million over the past decade. Unfortunately, I'm a member at a club in California owned by Warrior for the past five years. They subsequently took a classic Ted Robinson design and ran it into the ground. The good news is that the roughly 3,000 homeowners in our gated community voted last August (b
  4. I graduated from college in 1967, then went into the Air Force, and wound up as a Missile Launch Officer at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, SD. I'd never had a car though high school and college (I hitchhiked everywhere back then), so I needed one. I bought a new 1968 Pontiac LeMans 2-door Navy Blue. I knew nothing about cars then, and still know nothing now, but that car lasted a long time. This was just over 50 years ago and the strange thing is that I still remember the name of that car salesman...Dick Cordes. Weird, huh?
  5. Pendragon


  6. Not a flattering pic, to be sure. I just don't get why he'd put himself behind the wheel in that condition. Why no driver? If he was at a party, what sort of friends let him leave by himself?
  7. I agree. I'll be really surprised if Woods plays at all on the Champions Tour.
  8. 2016 was a disaster for Wie. She missed more cuts than she made. And she started this season with another missed cut in the Bahamas. I'm not sure this putting change is going to make much of a difference. But when your game is in the toilet, I guess you need to try something new.
  9. Tiger doesn't strike me as someone who'd have any desire at all to play on the Champions Tour once he turns 50 and beyond. I hope I'm wrong, because his being out there would surely generate lots of interest, especially if he's winning or at least contending. That's still a long off, though.
  10. Not yet, anyway. He still has a long career ahead of him, though. I could easily see McIlroy get to at least 7 or 8 majors before he's done.
  11. After taking 17 months away from competition, he comes back and announces to one and all that he feels great and is ready to go. He then schedules 4 events in 5 weeks, one of which is halfway around the world, and...well, we've all seen what's happened since then. Wouldn't you think that Woods had to feel pretty damn good to set his schedule up that way? What happened? He and Steinberg continue to insist that the spasms have nothing to do with the original back issues, but these latest WD's suggest otherwise. The Valspar event would be the next tournament where he could play, and that's j
  12. I thought that, too. How in hell do you miss a private jet? I also thought he had his own plane...maybe he doesn't.
  13. If he's hurt his back again, I doubt he'll be doing much laughing on the flight home.
  14. That would explain a lot. Her career appears to be in a tailspin lately. 2016 was a disaster, as she missed 12 cuts out of 25 events, and her best finish all year was a T10. 2017 didn't start off too well, either, as she missed the cut this weekend in the Bahamas.
  15. Thanks! After turning 71 on Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to shoot my age (actually shot 68) on Thursday. I guess there really is still hope.
  16. You might be right, but the last time I played the back tees (about 6 months ago), I shot 80. My situation may well be an anomaly, but I'm almost certain that I'd average at least 4 shots higher from back there. Of course, when all is said and done, there are no worries as long as we're playing golf.
  17. I think I can safely guarantee that my index isn't going to go down if I start playing the back tees at my club. I usually play the white tees, which are barely 6000 yards, with a rating of 69.7 and 124 slope. The blues are 6,775 yards with a 73.5 rating and 129 slope. I'll be 71 in 2 weeks, and I can think of at least 3 par 4's that I can't even reach in regulation from those tees. I do get your (and iacas') point, though. Many with lower indexes can score as well on longer and more challenging layouts because, well, they're good players. I may be an exception because I've lost a lot of
  18. OK...but you didn't really answer my question. If I play from the tips for the next 20 rounds, is my index going to go down? Don't think so...
  19. I see your point, but don't you think the results might be somewhat different if we're talking about an average golfer, e.g., someone who's index is in the 15 to 18 range...or even higher?
  20. Yeah, I think it can. For the last 30 years that I worked, I played religiously twice a week. I'd squeeze in a few extra rounds on holidays, vacations, etc., but I averaged twice a week. When I retired in 2014, I immediately jumped to 4 or 5 times a week. I mean, why not? The wife was still working full time, and she rarely left any "honey do" lists. And it wasn't long before the 4 to 5 rounds a week turned into 6...in 2015, I posted 246 rounds, and that was actually at least 275 when you factor in club events like scrambles, alternate shots, etc. Now the old lady is retired, too (she doe
  21. I'm starting to get the feeling that we're going in circles here, but let's try this one more time. There is no question that, if any of us went out and played our next 20 rounds from the forward tees at our respective clubs, there's a significant likelihood that our index will go down. If, on the other hand, we played those next 20 rounds from the tips, there's a significant likelihood that our index will go up. It's certainly possible that our actual performances might not closely reflect those expectations in every instance...shit happens, right?...but it doesn't take too big of a lea
  22. Every time you post a score you're telling the system what tees you played. I belong to a senior men's club, and about half the guys play the forward tees and the rest of us play the white tees. Most of these knuckleheads can't figure out what their course handicap is without help. But they all know what their index is, and we can easily figure it out from there.
  23. Slope and rating definitely affect your index, but the course rating will affect it much more than the slope will. Both the rating and slope are used in the calculation that determines the handicap differential for every round you play. I'm not sure why you'd think that your index wouldn't be affected by rating and slope.
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