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  1. I love the Titleist Velocity. Good ball, cool paint job.
  2. haha. How does that feel in your back pocket, Patch?
  3. Good suggestions and I've done that once, and getting ready to cantact garmin again. I have a Samsung Note 9.
  4. Thanks, RoberX. I just got the S20 and I haven't had a chance to golf with it yet, but I haven't been that impressed so far. I love how it's set up because it's simple and easy to read which will save time golfing. The problem I'm having is that I don't always get notifications on my watch from my phone. Not a huge deal when golfing, but I figure if that's a feature of the watch, it should work.
  5. Any good? Is it like other golf apps such as Golfshot and GolfLogix? Pros? Cons?
  6. Last year during a tournament, the scorecard of the guy in my group whose scorecard I was responsible for, flew out of the cart (I wasn't driving so I couldn't use the holder on the steering wheel) and into a puddle, ruining the card. That was on the third hole and I was pissed at myself for the rest of the round. This year, for tournaments, I'm going with a scorecard holder and I'm curious to know what, if anything, other than the scorecard and pencil do you keep in the holder? Course info? Swing thoughts? Motivational crap? Something else?
  7. 3puttssuck


  8. 2017 Goals 2016 2017 Score 103 93 Drive Accuracy 58% 65% GIR 19% 33% Putts/Round 1.9 1.5 Penalties/Round 2.3 1 Bunkers/Round 3.6 2.5 Sand Saves/Round 6.9% 10% Scrambling 10.5% 15%
  9. Anybody ever play the RTJ Trail in Alabama? If so, do any courses stand apart from the rest? Thinking of booking a trip for March and I'm wondering what the temperatures will be around then.
  10. I'm playing TPC Sawgrass in December. Thoughts? Tips? I heard rounds there last up to 6 hours. Can't be true, can it?
  11. Thanks Zappy. I'll check it out.
  12. I'm headed to Turnberry next month. Anybody played there and want to give a quick review/advice? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks, Dave, I'll do that. I was able to find out online that they have caddies at the Gailes Course, so they probably have them at Killermont, too. You are correct that you have to reserve caddies in advance. Have you played either course? Thanks again -
  14. I'm headed to Scotland to play at the Glasgow Golf Club in September. Does anyone know if caddies are available?
  15. Thanks to everybody. It looks like I'll do it when it's convenient, until somebody tells me not to (unless I'm in the UK, of course. :))
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