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  1. I just got my vaccine yesterday and all's I have is soreness at the injection site. The shot itself, pfizer, was painless, but a little sore today. I have my 2nd shot set up for Feb 10. This is how my procedure went: Entered medical building at the hospital and they took my temp and a few typical questions. Verified my Insurance (shot is free, but there is a service fee they charge my insurance company) Went to the vaccination booth and got the shot (chose my right arm because that is my active arm) Went to an observation room for 15 minutes and downloaded and app to commun
  2. Collage football is a sham these days, always the same schools getting the best players. Let's see, who will be first next year? Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, or who? What a joke!
  3. Actually, it's amazing there is even a vaccine at this point. Vaccines usually take much longer to develope. Tomorrow's the day I get my first, and my friend who's a medical first line worker is getting her 2nd dosage. I am curious as to the side effects.
  4. No false info here, as the 1st wave already got theirs. I am in the 2nd wave of vaccinations in a nationally ranked medical system.
  5. It's the middle of Jan already, so we will start to notice the days getting longer. I just received a tournament list for the 21 season so I am looking them over to see what fits my liking. I regripped my metals and lw. Time goes by pretty fast and golf will return to the northern states.
  6. I just signed up for a C-19 shot this coming wednesday. Being 65 I am in the early wave of eligibility.
  7. Why does there only have to be four? How about Mt. Golfmore with 12 legends?
  8. Billy Z

    Billy Z

  9. Probably because a chipper for some sounds easier, and may be? I never could get the feel for a chipper, and do better with various irons in the bag.
  10. Summertime can be brutal on the skin, especially facial areas. I finally broke down and purchased a couple summer hats to play golf in to keep the sun off my head and out of my eyes. It is sort of strange, any hat besides the common golf hat just doesn't seem to be accepted well, or imo, look like it fits in well. Although, I got to the point where I don't care as much how it looks as much as I care about keeping the sun off my vulnerable areas and out of my eyes. The bucket shown below is a bit hot for the summer, but is great for early and late summer days to keep the sun out of my eyes. I f
  11. There's nothing like playing golf in the 70-80's in shorts, golf shirt, etc, but having all that winter clothing on makes it so hard to swing. Although, I have had some of my longest drives when the ground is frozen. I wait for spring though.
  12. The days are getting longer, doesn't seem like it, but; Dec 21 LOD = 9:04:51 Jan 2 LOD = 9:10:17 ( 5min, 27sec longer) Jan 31, LOD 9:59:16 about 55min longer
  13. If I had a long ways to go I probably think twice about going, but if you want to spend a couple hours hitting some golf balls, and enjoying lunch and friends, it's worth the trip. I see nothing but smiles and people having a good time. Is it the same as playing Arcadia Bluffs or others? No, but it's a lot of fun in the middle of winter.
  14. Yes I agree, but even though I get vaccinated for the flu I can still get it. Although, it has been about 15 years since I got the flu. The main issue with covid, like the flu, is to be able to control it so it won't overwhelm society. It's sort of strange, society never gets shocked by the number of flu deaths occurring, it's just casually accepted.
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