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  1. It's probably been talked over many times, but I would like some help understanding stronger iron lofts that are so common nowadays with major manufacturers. Is this just a ploy to make the average golfer feel like they are hitting it further, or is it a necessary component when creating a particular iron? Does today's technology demand weaker lofts to get a particular iron to work? Please explain this to me in layman's terms so I can understand.
  2. I think eventually this country is going to have to move on and start letting people go back to work and things like that or we won't have a country left to go back to. I think Coronavirus it's something we're going to have to live with for a while until the vaccine comes out and deal with it in a very responsible way as we have been over the last weeks or so. I still think the mortality rate is not that much different than the standard flu , it is just showing a higher mortality rate because nobody has been vaccinated for it like the regular flu. I would imagine some people have had the coronavirus and not even realize they had it. I think we are over panicking with this virus, not to minimize the importance of dealing with it, but I think we could deal better not panicking so much. I really think golf is the perfect game for people to be able to get out and play being that you are outside and not in close contact with others.
  3. I personally don't think this is much more dangerous than the flu itself. The numbers game that are being broadcast by Major news networks might not be accurate as people think they are. The percentage of fatalities has been touted as significantly different when in fact they may not be at all. When they give you a percentage of fatalities for the flu virus it's based on an estimated number of people who they think have gotten the flu, as well as an estimated number of people who have died from the flu. To be a statistic in the coronavirus you have to be tested positive for the virus, whereas they never do this testing for the flu, or at least not as exact. If you look at a map of each virus, the flu and the corona, you'll see the flu is much more widespread and devastating. I personally think that eventually the coronavirus will be on and equal Plateau as the flu virus. As far as how it affects my golf game, not at all.
  4. It would be nice if the usga would be as specific as they could with each particular drug, if possible.
  5. ROTFLOL, really? I can't believe you play any competitive golf at all, but probably out drinking a few beers at the public municipal. The mental aspect of the game is always talked about on the PGA tour and in any competition. Your comment is bordering on insane.
  6. The reason the individual smokes M is to calm himself down from the pressure of competition. Those are his very words. If that isn't performance enhancing I don't know what is? Imagine playing a competitive round where a golfer is not affected by pressure!
  7. I think I'm in agreement with this comment.
  8. I think it is performance enhancing, by virture of it relaxing a golfer, therefore pressure is easier to deal with.
  9. What are the USGA rules on medical marijuana while competing in a tournament? I know of an individual who does this on a regular basis while playing to relieve stress, and wonder if he is breaking the rules?
  10. Just wondering what breach of etiquette you have committed due to a bad shot or score? As all golfers know, anger seems to crop up easily after bad shots. I will start by giving an example of what I have done, although not proud of, but yet the truth. This: After missing a 2-foot bogey putt I took a hard swipe with my putter to knock my ball off the putting surface, only to hit it fat and take a chunk out of the green. Now I am a proponent of good etiquette, but I let my anger get the best of me that day.
  11. Just the opposite, can draw/hook the ball naturally, but not fade.
  12. I just shot a 96 making some foolish decisions. I can't believe I fell for such rookie temptations, but I did.
  13. Excellent advice. I would add the tip of the l less loft the better for around the green shots. Get the ball rolling!
  14. You will notice that I have for hybrids in my bag right now, and generally I play as well or better than most of the people I play with because of the hybrids. 1 Driver 2 Putter 3 4w 17° 4 4h 22° 5 5h 25° 6 6h 28° 7 7h 31° 8 7i 30° 9 8i 34.5° 10 9 39° 11 pw 44° 12 aw 49° 13 sw 54° 14 lw 58°
  15. For Michigan residents, or those who have visited, Arcadia Bluffs is a tough challenge.
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