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  1. This is really an accomplishment for a mid handicap golfer and higher, to stay consistent. When you are consistent you are pretty much in control of your game and that is hard to do. This is my only round of the year in which I didn't have a 6 or higher. I have probably played 40 rounds this year and this one stands out as the only one!
  2. Well the CR is a full spectrum hemp extract, but lacks THC . Also, 900 mg bottle is a significant dosage, I know they make higher dosages like 3000 mg, but 900 mg full spectrum is significant. I appreciate your help.
  3. https://cleanremedies.com/collections/wellness-tinctures/products/hempextract-oil-900mg?variant=34041586385029 HealX Tru-Relief 250mg Topical Balm HealXSoothe Balm - 250mg Hemp Derived CBD Uses: Topical... I presume you were somewhat referring to my post above yours in that I didn't do research or used ineffective products. These are the products I used for arthritis in my right ankle. Like I said, I really didn't notice any difference at all in pain relief.
  4. I have tried it, but did not see or feel any benefits.
  5. Casual round, it is right from the car to the tee box, sometimes with putting practice. In tournaments it's the full range of the practice facilities. Being older I only hit about 5 driver shots, concentrating on more short game shots, including some lob and sand shots. Then over to the putting green. I don't over extend on any practice facility, I either know how to play or not is my philosophy.
  6. I have holed out from the fairway many times for eagle, and also eagled a par 4 for a 2 one time. The eagle on the par 4 occurred during a solar eclipse so I will never forget that one. With all this being said, I would 'definitely' rather eagle every year once or twice over a hole in one, btw, in which I never have had one. A friend of mine who got a hoi a few years ago said it wasn't the dramatic experience he thought it would be getting a hoi, just 'lets play on' sort of feeling.
  7. As the op, I just took a lesson a couple weeks ago because my swing was starting to deteriorate. At the beginning year I was doing quite well with my swing and all of a sudden I started to pull hook the ball especially on the longer clubs. Turns out my left wrist was breaking in a wrong fashion on the backswing and he corrected it. A number of other issues I can work on through the winter to tune up my swing as well. It was well worth the price as my swing has already gotten much better as well as the results. It is still a work in progress.
  8. I don't think you are being honest with yourself when you say you personally don't care how others dress on the golf course, because you say dressing in golf attire shows respect for those you are playing with and the business establishment. You say you like it when you respect the golf course establishment, but you don't care that others disrespect it?
  9. My thought is a beginner who's teaching himself the basics, how does he know the basics are actually right? He may be teaching himself over and over bad habits and ingraining them in such a way that it will harm his score as long as he golfs. What is important is finding an instructor who knows what he is doing and taking lessons from him.
  10. With the access of professional golfers who give quality lessons, why don't people take more lessons instead of complaining how bad their game is. I think many people would rather go out and buy new equipment that cost hundreds of dollars, thinking this will cure their ills, rather than to spend a little bit on actual golf lessons. Can you imagine how many quality lessons you could get for the cost of today's brand new driver? What I would like to know is a brief history how many years you have played and how many lessons have taken over the course of time. Have these lessons helped you? At age 65 I am satisfied with my game right now that I don't feel like I have to take a lesson to improve. I have been playing 45 years now and probably have taken lessons on five different occasions. How about you?
  11. I just bought the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift/slope, and the optics are fantastic. I use it for all approach shots. 2 yr warranty, great reviews.
  12. #1 golfer, # 247th on best dressed list. 😚
  13. Appropriate yes, but too much plain blue. You need to mix it up a little put some pizzazz in your attire, imho.
  14. There are several things people don't know when they buy CBD oil. Full spectrum hemp oil is probably the best you can buy because it also has other CB oils that support each other, whereas most CBD oil sold is not full spectrum. People just see CBD on the label and think it is all the same. People don't realize that there are CBC, CBG, and CBN oils as well in full spectrum CBD products. These other oils support CBD oil and make it more effective in it's work.
  15. I would imagine your swing tempo is changing with the longer irons. That being said, most higher handicap golfers struggle when swinging lower than a 7-iron. A 7-iron is the lowest iron I have in my bag then it turns into hybrids to take care off everything up to my 4 wood.
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