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  1. JPK1988

    My Swing (SoundandFury)

    9.6? Lol.
  2. JPK1988

    My Swing (JPK1988)

    Can anyone pick up anything that might be causing toe hits and thin shots? My ball striking sucks, and I am convinced I physically can't fix that flying right elbow. Sorry in advance for the vertical video.
  3. I picked driver, although I would more describe it as Driver/3W/Tee clubs. From my perspective, if I can't find a fairway and keep putting myself in bad position/taking penalties off the tee, it doesn't matter if I am putting like Steve Stricker; those putts are to save bogeys or worse. On the contrary, if I am splitting fairways and hitting most of my greens, but can't get anything to go down, I'm still probably only going to be a handful over par at worst.
  4. JPK1988

    Titleist Iron Authenticity?

    So...The original seller (eBay user who sold them to the user I bought them from), made the assertion I expected he would...They are "tour issue". And I guess I will admit I believe it. I have shown them to a handful of people who are extremely familiar with Titleist irons, and the consensus seems to be that they are real... @newtogolf , I guess a "custom order" set will lack serial numbers on every club except for the 6 iron, straight off the rack sets will have serial numbers on every iron.... and supposedly "tour issue"...i.e. built on the tour van/ custom built for a team titleist pro on the lower tours/built for a club pro, tend to lack any serial numbers.. @StrayCat ...The clubs came with wrap grips which I can't stand so they will be coming off soon, and I plan to check and see what exactly the initials/dates are on the shafts. Most importantly I guess is the fact that the feel off the face/ball flight/feeling of toe misses and thin shots, is exactly what I remember authentic 712s feeling like when I demo'd then a year or so ago off the rack...So I've come to the conclusion that fake or not (hopefully not haha), they still feel good and produce the shots I expect, so I am happy enough. And can't beat the price, they are practically mint.
  5. JPK1988

    Titleist Iron Authenticity?

    Yeah, my head pro is a Titleist rep. I was gonna swing by in the morning. Also called the local club fitter (he's a Top 100 GD Club fitter, pretty sharp guy), but he said without a serial number there wasn't much he could do. Other than a magnet test ? on the AP2, which he said was less reliable with the 712 and 714. I guess the mystery remains open for now. Also, eBay seller referred me to the original seller HE got them from on eBay who in fact made the "tour issue" claim. Waiting for his response.
  6. JPK1988

    Titleist Iron Authenticity?

    Visually they match perfectly. They feel right. It's just that damn serial number.
  7. JPK1988

    Titleist Iron Authenticity?

    seller response: eBay sent this message to Jameson Kokolis (tmgolfer88). Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more . Seller has responded to your question about this item Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside of eBay. This type of offer is against eBay policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by buyer protection programs. Learn More Dear, First off I'm far from a distributor. I'm a club ho that buys a new club every few months and sells what I don't keep. These irons were bought off of eBay from another user. He had them listed as "Tour Issue" so assuming that might have to do with the no serial number? I did notice when regripping them that the 8, 6 and 3 irons had initials, a date and serial number toward the top of the shaft. Again I have no idea what that means but you seem to be knowledgeable about this so hoping it helps. Thanks - kinderklubs Click the Respond button to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply
  8. Looking for any club guru's out there? I just bought a split set (3-4 AP2, 5-P MB 712) of Titleist irons on eBay. I scoured over 100s of pictures of authentic irons before bidding, and now that I have the irons in hand, can confirm that by the eye test, these irons pass. BUT.. There are no serial numbers, anywhere. The seller claimed they were a custom set (should have a serial number on every hosel), maybe they were off the rack (should be on the 6 iron). No and no. The only other possibility I am finding online is they were a "tour issue" head...no serial number?? Any help on this would be hugely appreciated. I have contacted the seller but no answer yet (shocking)..next step is contacting PayPal/Titleist counterfeit protection. Any body have any thoughts? I can post some pics.
  9. dying to know how this ended up.. looks like he had a pretty decent look?
  10. JPK1988

    Pick the 2015 Major Champions

    If I was making wagers: Masters: DJ US Open: Adam Scott British: Justin Rose PGA: Patrick Reed If I could determine the future: Masters: Tiger US Open: Tiger British: Tiger PGA: Tiger ..how awesome would that be
  11. JPK1988

    2014 WGC-HSBC Champions Discussion Thread

    Patrick Reed has gone from one of my least favorite to one of my favorite golfers in the span of one season... Sure, he shouldn't be spouting slurs and F-bombs, but at least the kid has some balls and a little fire... His top 5 comment came off as cocky and a little entitled, but at least he wants to win and he believes in himself and has a little bit of an F-you attitude...I think he's shown he's more like your typical golfer, at least mentally, than any of us might have originally expected..Maybe golf's popularity, at least in the states, would grow if a few more guys had that intensity on the inside.. He doesn't come off as another Chris Kirk, Harris English, Jim Furyk type country club silver spooner who would offer up a limp finger handshake and who could care less about winning and beating an opponent. Good for him, be a little gritty and go out and beat someone-- The last young American golfer with Reed's fire and intensity was caught more than once cursing himself out on the course as well...14 majors later I think it worked out for him.
  12. whoever it is started out birdie, birdie, birdie...ace. pretty decent stretch
  13. JPK1988

    Who All Owns A Boat? If so, pictures are needed.

    Wow haha what do you do for work? This doesn't look cheap!
  14. http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/dustin-johnson-suspended-pga-tour-after-positive-test-cocaine BOMBSHELL. From Golf.com

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