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  1. Actually, that's not true anymore. Nike started making their own balls at their own facilities starting this year w/ this ball. FYI, I play the 20XIx and have of course played the S version a few times. Both balls are great, IMO. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of what I'm reading seems pretty misguided, and I'm left scratching my head thinking, "how do you come to that conclusion"? Whatever though. That's the beauty of having multiple, great choices to choose from in regards to equipment in golf.
  2. Well in my opinion I don't think it's a flop by any means. I feel the Penta is a very solid, good golf ball. I would rank it 3rd on a very competitive list behind the ProV1x and the 20XIx. That's obviously just me personally. As for why the popularity has died? I don't know. Doesn't it always w/ new equipment? That doesn't mean the product is any WORSE than when it was new. I don't know. I just think folks tried it, were lukewarm on keeping a new ball that didn't necessarily blow them away, and stuck to what they've usually shot. (ProV's, Bridgestone's, Nike's, etc etc) Do you know that sales have dropped? Or have any information confirming their decline in sales?
  3. nike_golf

    Solheim Cup

    I watched a lot of the Solheim Cup from day 1. I enjoyed it. Congrats to team Europe are in order, although I do believe w/ a healthy Kerr there would have been a different outcome. That said. This and the Ryder Cup were both affected pretty heavily w/ the conditions. It was no surprise. I can't imagine the players enjoy playing in that and I do believe it takes away from the competition when players have to deal w/ the cold, rainy, windy and wet conditions. How about we start playing these events on neutral ground? Australia anyone? Middle East? Watching that kind of golf played over there gets old real quick.
  4. My regular golfing partner isn't good. He's my "regular" partner because he loves the game as much as I do and he's a good friend. He's not consistent at anything. He doesn't do one thing particularly well. But, half way through the round, after a bad shot, I'll start hearing, "jease, I'm just not striking my irons well TODAY", or, "damnit, I just can't drive TODAY", or, "Jease, my short game is lost TODAY". I just want to scream at him and ask, "When have you EVER had a good full round striking your irons?", "When have you EVER drove the ball well in a full round?" But he's a good guy and a good friend. I bite my tongue and try to "coax" him into more lessons.
  5. I didn't take Rocco's comments equating to him giving Tiger any kind of tips. I think Rocco sincerely wants Tiger to get back to doing what he does best, and that's play better than anyone else in the world. I think Rocco will be the first to admit he's not a position to give Tiger, or anyone else for that matter, swing tips.
  6. So, this is going to save our planet (which, apparently is in dire need of being saved)? By saving a little paper/cardboard per case of balls? Ok................................
  7. Why would anyone want to play w/ C. Kerr? Do some of you enjoy being frowned at and/or yelled at? I'd go w/ Alizahara Munoz and/or Beatriz Recari.
  8. haha. It's not like I set out to copy him or anything like that because I didn't. I work w/ a pro and my swing worked into something similar to that of a Kucher, or a flatter, one plane swinger. It's worked out pretty well for me. To each his own. And I have to think it's his height (6'4) that makes his irons look so damn tiny, isn't it? Because you're right, it does look goofy.
  9. nike_golf

    FAKE R11

    haha. It's only 110 euro. Isn't that about $150? You have no problem throwing away that kind of money? Ok......... And I certainly am not worked up. You do whatever you want. (I'd still be interested in seeing pics)
  10. I think it's safe to say he's got one of the more unusual swings on tour. And by saying unusual, I mean NOT fundamental and would equate to a ton of problems for a lot of folks if they were to try it. His backswing is quite long. He brings his arms way, way back ala John Daly. He keeps a lot of his weight on his right side, which is very evident when he hits the driver. Up until relatively recently I had a problem of ballooning balls off the tee. This was mostly caused by keeping my weight on the right side. It was a big problem for me and it's something I still fight w/ to this day to keep the flight lower, more penetrating and thus more distance. How he can keep his weight back and still hit it as far and well as he does is a mystery to me. It really is. And from what I've seen on a couple of the slo mo camera shots, he's hitting the ball off the top part of the face w/ the driver. Which is another thing I've struggled with because that again, will cause ballooning of the ball. But ol' Rory seems to get away w/ this too. The elongated backswing is something I continue to be amazed by as well. But, that's why they're pros. Bringing your arms way back, bending both the right and left arm but yet get the face back to square at impact has to take a ton of time to perfect. I'm in the single plane, flatter swing group. (ala Kucher) Going to that type of swing has made me a pretty decent golfer. I could never put it all together if I were to have such a long backswing. So, what am I missing? I certainly don't claim to be any kind of expert on swings, so it's very possible I'm totally missing the boat here.......
  11. nike_golf

    FAKE R11

    I was referring more to the driver than the putter. Yeah, I suppose putters would be a bit easier to "mask". The obvious shortcoming of fakes is the performance. I'm about positive that a fake R11 would have a couple pretty obvious, yet subtle flaws to it in regards to appearance alone, let alone the obvious differences in performance. Hence why I would like to see pics of the "cheap" R11. And yes, why anyone would want to still spend decent money on something that they probably know themselves to be fake is beyond me. It's illogical.
  12. nike_golf

    FAKE R11

    To the OP; I'd love to see pics of the R11 he got you. Or the Cameron for that matter.
  13. I voted NO and here's why. Yes, the players and caddy's should and need to know the rules. This shouldn't be and I don't think is, disputed by anyone. However, that's not the question. You shouldn't allow/bring viewers into the equation. I can't argue that the DQ was the correct call, but the manner it was done by was wrong and unproffesional, IMO. It shouldn't have come to a viewer telling officials to look at a possible infraction. There should be enough officials on the course to watch these guys. To me, it's that simple. Isn't there an official on every hole? Wouldn't it be a pretty good idea to have an official or two maybe just watch the TV broadcast for possible infractions/issues? I know golf is the gentleman sport where players are supposed to call everything on themselves, but I don't live in a fairy tale world. I realize that there's millions of dollars at stake and leaving A LOT of potentially important infractions up to the players to call on themselves everytime isn't reality. I guess what I'm saying is, is that players shouldn't be solely left to be the umpire/official. "Well, all the more reason to make sure they follow the rules then. Even if that means with viewer help." Well, I actually agree w/ half of that logic. If they're out there competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars, then they damn should be able to have officials watch every hole, whether in person or through TV. As for the viewer help........ I believe any and all issues should be handled on site by the players and officials. I don't believe any outside "help" is necessary or professional. I believe if the officials were watching well enough or if there were enough there, they would have easily "caught" Villegas. What if this catches on and you have viewers calling in off the hook on players? How many officials are going to be busy looking at every "complaint" by every viewer? How many officials do you want to use for that purpose? What if the "TV officials" are too busy to get to looking at something before a certain players round ends? This is a professional sport. We the viewer WATCH. We shouldn't be part of it, even if the intentions are right. The outcry here should be aimed towards both Villegas and his opponent and the officials working the tournament. How was this even left up to a viewer? I believe that's the biggest and most important issue here.
  14. Yes sir. I'm aware of that test 3 years ago. And yes, the Platinum ball wasn't a long ball, but it's also extinct. But, it was also the softest ball you could buy. I was more or less referring to an earlier post stating the Nike balls (past or present) aren't soft. Well, in actuality the Platinum was too soft, making that statement bunk. Today's One Tour and Tour D are fantastic balls. Aside from the folks who refuse to say anything good about anything Nike, I've read and heard nothing but good things about the balls. Especially considering the price on them. Check out the One Vapor balls. Those are great. Hell, if you want to talk distance, the 2010 released Crush is a great ball.
  15. You could say I like Nike..... Without going into the big story of why/how I got into Nike Golf I'll just add that it is indeed the real deal in terms of equipment. Nike Golf has come a long, long way in a decade and they just keep improving. I've almost exclusively gamed Nike equipment since I picked up the game about 7 years ago. I get some looks and attitude even today, but that's a part of the reason why I game it. WIthout going into details about pieces of equipment, I must question how some of the posters can feel the ONE balls aren't good and/or soft? The Nike ONE Platinum and now ONE TOUR, are literally about the softest balls you can get. As for apparel, well, to me, it's the best there is.
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