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  1. I have both 4i and 4H. Rarely use 4H. Will feel like a sell out when I go to the 4H full time. Nothing yet though. All heart and soul so far.
  2. Maybe but IMO purchasing a brand new model fitted driver can give you the same high as playing a bucket list course. It feels reeeally good and wife may be upset but is not going to divorce you over it (generally..:-))).
  3. Good quotes by Kramer. I think trying to control your nerves/emotions is equivalent of trying to steer the club-head through impact... futile.
  4. I am not sure if this qualifies as a legit conspiracy theory but the one I believed for a long time is that Wall street runs Main street.
  5. For me a level swing with soft hands (bottom hand softer), and a forward shaft lean through impact seems to do a decent job. I also try to keep wrist cock to a minimum. Obviously you can't swing hard or the ball will rise.
  6. IMHO, a pro is a pro. No handicaps literally or figuratively (i.e. level of pro). So passes my 'smell test'. Unless secondary filters like 'club pro' are in place. If it was such a differentiating factor then I am sure the filter would have found itself in place somehow. I would think the top club pros are pretty damn good to hold their own in heady company.
  7. Oh, I am so freakin' ready for Jordon to win.. C'mon fella!!
  8. +1. Hence the term reaction..
  9. Pretty course @cipher, where is this?
  10. I read/watched some of the OP and last couple of pages. The one liners like 'club moves the body' or 'swing it like a feather' or what have you are not helpful feelings by themselves to be effective in entirety. I guess they are ok and can somewhat reduce negative effects of not swinging on plane, etc. but these are not substitutes for not doing so at all. The body still has to consciously put itself and the club in positions. And you HAVE to learn to map your positions - club and body. And yes, the margin of error is ridiculously small and supposedly associated 'feels' misguide you all the time. So yeah, if you hit your positions you can 'paint the cover off the ball' all day long.
  11. Since we can only guess, I would agree with @mchepp and @Valleygolfer as being the most probably development. A man (or woman) just needs or wants something new at some point in their life regardless of success. Hope it works out well for both of them.
  12. Nice @jamo! Some serious recoil action on them drives! Good luck!!
  13. Both obviously solid but I think it being the winning Sunday round makes the difference in favor of Miller's round. Having said that JT's 2nd on 18th was absolutely phenomenal. Should go down as one of the best 3 woods struck in recent history if you remove out all contexts. None from that round IMHO. When any of these guys are on, they are just on, regardless of course. The ball striking was on another level. Only thing that can (very slightly) water it down is that a whole bunch of them shot low rounds as well. So by that criteria it was a much more gettable course than Oakmont was possibly in 1973.
  14. Wow, cannot say saw that coming..