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  1. I have a lot of respect for his wife. Liked reading how she was always there for him in lowest of times. She must see some good in him. Seems to be a great father. I like his approach to parenting. Hopefully, he will do another Captain America for us again and we will all let by-gones be by-gones.. 😇
  2. Meh (I changed my vote). I am sure a great many folks think this is eradication of sexism. It could be, but not sure that is necessarily correct reflection of the change. IMHO a good thing in general but I am certainly curious as to what prompted the change.
  3. Great find Erik. Mechanics of ICE never cease to amaze even after over a century.
  4. Subscriptions are good for everything as long as you have the consistent need. From, what I understand, it is less leveraged supply chain which technically benefits the consumer.
  5. Yeah, I always though doubling down is a defense mechanism. Yes, but personal losses make it too much of a challenge at times. The 'f**k you' mocking posts are becoming a bit much.
  6. That explains a thing or two..😂
  7. The problem is not with handicapping. I think dishonesty is rampant only where allowed. At our cc/league dishonesty is addressed head on. There is serious shame points attached to it. One better be prepared to play alone. Some cc/leagues/circles chose not to care enough to address it...IMO that's wherein lies the issue. I will concede that random net events where folks from all over enter yield silly net scores. Those seem rife with thieves. I played in three VSGA net events with 100 + entries and there were 4 net scores in upper 50s. But nobody cares about the winner and the
  8. Yeah, I understand that the jury will always be out for some. What I don't understand is how are they so SURE of it being a hoax. As I said, not much you can say to that.
  9. You are obviously downplaying the threat for others. Why is their a difference.. i.e mutually exclusive? I think @phillykmakes good points about fear being a healthy instinct, even prudent. Not all fear is paralyzing.
  10. Good points. Although I think the post wasn't about mocking living in fear as much as their derived belief that the threat is fictitious is in the first place hence the fear is laughable. Not much you can say to that.
  11. Interesting.. didn't even notice. Makes sense though. Thanks.
  12. This is frustrating work... Hah.
  13. @MiuraMan yeah that changed lanes very quickly..ha ha ha.
  14. $35 through my home course in Virginia.
  15. Yes, I am sure the problem is with the user... But that was a mention besides the meat of my point.
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