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  1. Are these greens the fastest any greens can get? Feherty said they are stomping at 14 or even 15.
  2. I did immediately after the show. They said I should post my grief on a public online forum. Imagine having an opinion. Wonder why you bothered to read. Def not because I put a gun to your head. 😉
  3. No way. It is the best needling tool the Internationals have at the moment to unsettle the Americans. They gotta milk it atleast through the PC. I can't wait to see what the crowds bring and how thick Reed's skin is.
  4. Rant alert: Watched the Captain's assistants interview last night on GC. I get all the weeklong celebration and build up of the event and all the talk about how many texts are sent out 2 am in the morning, but these filler interviews are nauseating..😆. The Koala bear was a good touch though. They were smart enough to not attempt to bring a Kangaroo in the press room. Ha. Especially the camaraderie/team building questions are terrible. I mean how do you get 12 independent contractor type millionaires in a room and build a brotherhood? IDK but I think it be hilarious if Fred Couples said they all sleep in bunk beds together in a 12X12 room and shower together to build that undying--no-man-left-behind love for each other.. lol. Reporters putting JT and WS on the spot about about the Reed incidence was squirm inducing but I thought they both did an admirable job not 'no commenting' yet not throwing the fella under the bus. I am sure they were all expecting it and prepared. Can the damn matches start already?
  5. Just like the 'no harm, no foul', the intent debate has raged on for a long time. Even from people who should know better when it comes to rules. The way I see it is if you ain't preventing, you are trying. I see this kind of stuff at club level but think egregious it at top pro level. Also, if he thought nobody was watching he is not very bright either. I know am piling on but he is full shit. Hope he manages to find redemption at some point.
  6. He prolly thought it wasn't fair the ball was in a sandy depression so he must have thought he needed to level the playing field.. I mean literally.
  7. This is one place I would not complain about a 5+ hour round. Selfishly, I would prefer it...😊
  8. Going out on a limb but I think this happens when you don't have much 2ndary tilt. Right hand rolls over left much easier slamming the door close faster through impact. IDK, take this with a grain of salt but guys who start the DS with a mini squat get better secondary axis tilt, lead a bit longer with their right elbow and rotate better through impact. For me, if I try to rotate chest open through impact it actually stalls my hips. Not sure why it works the way it does but that's the exact opposite of what I intend to do (square shoulders and open hips through impact).
  9. I have a terrible hook miss where clubhead drops too far inside on the downswing resulting into an overly inside out club path - a push hook. I think it results from from me trying to get too wide at takeaway, swaying too much over right side, not setting right wrist early enough at A2 and not getting to a good pizza tray at the top. It's an old habit that appears anytime it wants to. Drives me nuts. You are doing some good work, BTW.
  10. I played Normandy Shores few years ago on a trip with wife and another couple. Nothing of great note but I thought was nice. Bit overpriced at $135 + $50 for club rentals, but I think that's a typical tourist rate for golf in the area for decent courses. I was told very comparable to Miami Beach club.
  11. Yes, I would do it once. After that I would want to play other great ones around that I have heard of from close friends who have - Spanish Bay, Spyglass, Poppy Hills, Quail. I spent quite a bit of time on the west coast back in the early 2000 for work until 2003. Have even done the 17 mile drive when it was free but had never touched a golf club and certainly had no understanding of the pedigree of PB. Even then I thought the place was heaven on earth. Wish I was a golfer then. Would have certainly found a way to enjoy these at least once.
  12. Mr. Double, the ringing endorsement adds to my resolve. I live by the coast (east) and definitely appreciate the romance. Torrey was lovely as well - my best golf memoriy of 2018.
  13. If I am spending $495.. I am spending $550 or $600. I am not going to miss few hundred dollars when I look back a year or 5 later. Honestly I would spend $600 on Pebble before $400 on Pinehurst #2. She just don't hook my fancy for some reason like PB does. I agree with the thought process of those who see it from a once in a lifetime experience. It's not like investing in a lifestyle expense. People spend far more on on recurring dumber things in life over time.
  14. Yes, yes... But $495?? C'mon. Lol..jk. I know what you mean. Hope to do it in not so distant future.😊
  15. @Vinsk, how's the recovery coming?
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