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  1. We have Virginia Beach National (formerly TPC VB) and Kingmill (River) in Williamsburg that I play 1-2 times a year each. Both are fun and visually pleasing layouts but certainly doesn't seem to have intimidation factor or any trickery that Dye seems to be known for. Hope I get to play a few more. French Lick is in the bucket list.
  2. Doesn't seem like it's in his make up to do so. Obviously his sense of entitlement is bigger than Texas, but also thinks playing victim has great merit and the best strategy. Any acknowledgement of poor sportmanship is pandering to the burgeouis. I agree with Chamblee; he seems like the type who are irritated by facts more than anything when they don't work out in their favor.
  3. Difference is not like a V8 engine vs. a V6 engine. It's quality assurance for exact specifications. For eg, if your driver loft spec is 10.5 deg, off the rack can be +/- 1 deg. It may not matter to you (general non-serious 'you') as difference could be 5-10 yards. But that would be huge for a serious competitive golfer. They would gladly pay $800 for the more exact specs. My understanding is shaft frequency/kick point/twist torque combo is a major aspect of customization. It is worth it for many to be able to pick from 25 options vs. maybe 5.
  4. GolfLug


  5. Driving home after a shooting a 92 while looking for my swing from hole 1 to hole 18. Typically I find and self correct midway through the round but some days are a complete write off. I am sure we all have experienced it. It feels bleak. It feels like you went to your best friend's birthday all geeked up with the best gift ever and he ignores you the entire afternoon for no good reason. Of course, it doesn't last and I have always bounced back as it's just golf and not a serious life issue.
  6. Finally got a few to carry 240 today. Have no idea if I can bring it to the course but will be happy if 70 percent of my drives carry 230.
  7. Spin a bit high, launch on the low side. I think once I get these improved I can carry consistently over 235 on the better half of my hits.
  8. Welp.. you sound like them's all know you on first name basis over there. Please put in a good word if you would. Who knows.. Stranger Things have happened ya know.. As a side if 95 makes me the leader in the clubhouse on any day, let alone 1.. I must have been figuring this whole golf thing wrong all along.. ha
  9. See, that's the part I was trying to figure. How can I get paid $1000 for shooting a 95? Do share. Not the lottery trick though. I would like to see if I can make it to Pebble on the first day of spring armed with this trick... 😁
  10. Take the $1000 and immediately book a round at Pebble Beach. I would be covered for the 19th hole too. That would be a good deathbed story..
  11. Yes, yes, but will you kindly stop rubbing it in? 😭 Wow...hosel rocket.
  12. Take a larger view. Find a good instructor and work with them to learn golf swing basics. Chances are you have no idea of what seven other ills ail you. A new golfer trying to cure singular ills like OP is useless and even counter productive.
  13. Leadership matters most exactly when the chips are down in my book. But hey, it's Tiger....wouldn't expect anything different from you..😊
  14. Tiger 2.0 is as much fun. Has now truly added leadership, ownership and teamsmanship to his resume... He is a transformed man. That he went 3.0 is icing on the cake. Props to Els on eeking out a genuine fight out of a mostly young team in a battle that has been historically a snoozer. P.S. Kuchar's celebration made me laugh.
  15. 8. I hear they roll it to 10 for Eastern Virginia Amateur.
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