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  1. GolfLug

    Swing Path vs. Impact Point

    Sorry if off topic a bit, but a quick google search did not reveal any answers so asking - why do irons not have a bulge built in the face? ROG or other reasons?
  2. D, Putter, 56, 48, 9-5i, 3H. Can live without 52 gap, 4i and 2H. I carry 13 normally.
  3. Or, transfer to the upper deck. You will be plenty long from there... . FWIW, I found the ball flight to be normal long. I watched about 15 minutes worth earlier this week. Maybe I just caught a rough patch but I had hard time understanding why these fairly good golfers were missing the orange and blue targets more than half the time (their stats were 70-80% accuracy).
  4. GolfLug

    Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    I think Lacava might be ok for now. IMO TW's caddie should probably not be top 3 (or top 4,5..) on the priority list as a concern to be addressed at the moment anyway. Eventually as he gets further into 'hunt mode' a more decision making involved caddie might benefit him. I believe that a caddie does not necessarily contribute towards winning or losing as much as simply being part of the everyday support system. So it is probably more important that there is a 'personality' match. Yin to the yang type match. Tiger is obviously a unique mind but he is also a very rich man in his 40s (as opposed to a very rich man in his 20s and 30s..:-)) so a Stevie type demanding fella might come across as more of an annoyance than anything else at this stage of his life. Not much room for another alpha. I would suspect LaCava can probably carry a more informed conversation about March madness than Stevie could.
  5. GolfLug

    My Swing (NatalieB)

    Now that is something..! You go @NatalieB..!
  6. I never take divots. Even with a wedge. It is not deliberate but a true divot that would expose brown earth would be accidental or indication of a 'fat' strike. Not by design but I would classify myself as a picker. I have other swing issues like anybody else but this is not something that is on my to fix list. No purpose in doing so IMO.
  7. GolfLug

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    This^^^. This might be OT but I just wanted to chime in. After a tough season ending last year with a great mid-season I found after some camera work that I had completely lost both Keys 1 and 2 which are primarily 'body' keys. I had starting swaying and bobbing all over the place towards end of fall which were markedly better earlier in summer last year. I will never take my body reacting to dynamic motions as a granted aspect again. There is drift/creep going on all the time.
  8. GolfLug

    How can I go up from 105 mph?

    My personal homegrown experience so take it with a grain of salt: I have no idea how it feels to swing at 105 or over. My SS is between 102-103 (measured with SS radar and AFTER I warm up..:-)) so OP already further ahead but FWIW I am also 43 yo, 5'6",155 lbs and slightly crooked left forearm from an old injury. I was at 94-95 mph early 2017. And yes, I hit much fewer OBs to boot. Three things in my experience helped: 1) I used a 50gm shaft driver I bought for $40 (normal play shaft is 60 gms) for swinging fast whooshes along with my normal driver alternatively. Trains muscles to be fast without overloading them. I think important to not spin out and fall back on your trail foot which wrong sequencing and overloading promotes. Many recommend a 10 gram heavier shaft along with the light and normal shaft. I don't, but that's just my thought process. I am sure there would be some strength gains, but if you are already singing 105 I think you are good. 2) Mental imagery - think quick NOT hard. - Jamie Sadlowski. I love it. 3) Get a swing speed radar for practice if you haven't already - You will get faster by simply measuring/calibrating yourself everyday or some high weekly frequency. BTW, not at all surprised by someone gaining a few MPH by simply deciding to do so.
  9. GolfLug

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Great posts from both @iacas and @mvmac. That made for some good early morning reading.
  10. GolfLug

    How can I go up from 105 mph?

    FWIW, I have seen just as many or more '80-85 mph' driver speed guys in the trees. Cliche but swinging faster with proper mechanics is a good thing. Good points in this post.
  11. Blair is a pretty good golfer. The show gives 'tips' that have been presented a thousand times before in different ways. e.g. the above video tells you to hit a bit inside out through impact. Meh. I guess, the thought is that fresh packaging keeps instruction fresh. Obviously there are always folks who manage to squeeze out something every now and then that works for them but most golfers don't end up with anything terribly meaningful or long lasting. I don't fault the show for that but it's just not a very effective medium of learning. I will say, guys like Hall, Breed along with their demo models are pretty high energy and keeps the show from being a complete snoozer.
  12. GolfLug

    "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    Of course. Just saying that arms (both) are a huge part of leverage. And then additionally other things as you are alluding to.
  13. GolfLug

    "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    I think to use a broad analogy, arms are like a fishing rod providing casting leverage to the line. The rod itself does not generate leverage (although unfolding right elbow and right wrist is independent leverage) but it has almost all of the leverage transfer function to cast the line. The rod HAS to arc back and snap over and across with a lot of speed. Arms do the same to a large extent. I use the image of whipping soft arms (unflexed muscles) across with 'quiet' speed. Feel ain't real but using individual feels provide desired effect.
  14. GolfLug

    PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    Meh. Not as catchy as 'these guys are good'.

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