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  1. I don't know why it's so hard for people to get behind Koepka but the brute mental and physical strength of this man is undeniable. Maybe because he looks a bit like Thanos. Lol. But if I was in a battle for my life, I would want him by my side.
  2. 12th was key IMO. Koepka, Poulter, Molinari and Finau all capitulated. Except for Tiger. I think that hole singlehandedly turned the competition upside down.
  3. Jim Nantz is corny.. lol. Just let him put on the damn jacket already...
  4. There cannot be a greater story in all sport.
  5. Boooiyaaaaah!!!!
  6. Damn, that Golden Bell ain't so cute is she?
  7. Well, seems like they are being sensitive to your preference for them, or lack thereof on 12. 😊
  8. Lol.. I don't mind Koepka as much but yeah, that would give me time to run up to the grocery store for an extra Sunday errand.
  9. All I can say is there are way too suitors within 2 shots to predict ANYTHING. At this point I just want to throw hope and dread to the wind and enjoy the back 9. May the best man (cough..Tiger..cough) win, whoever that may be.
  10. I'm not watching. Assuming the course is still soft?
  11. Just saw Tiger paired with Poulter. Ha ha.. Theater. Theater.
  12. And the pars at 17...and 18. To be fair, I saw a terribly high number of putts from all manner of players where putts rolled right over painted holes. On the flip side he made the bomb on 9 nobody should have made. A two shot gift. If it hadn't gone in he would have been lucky to have a 15 footer for par. Yeah, she taketh some but giveth too/two. And then how about this leaderboard??! I mean...damn. Does anybody have an extra Master's ticket for the weekend?....Anybody? Will do your and your entire family's laundry for a year. Anybody??.... No? (chirp chirp chirp).... ok, alrighty then. Just thought I ask.
  13. Only way that is nice is if he put up a 14..
  14. I assume the English weather discourages lollygagging..😋
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