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  1. Couldn't help studying the maiden effort a bit. The one glaring thing I see is still the slight arm lift from A1 to A2 which leads to the slight flatness in the shoulder pitch and club shaft across the line at A4. But I absolutely have to cup lead wrist so maybe not a a terribly bad thing, plus right wrist is soft and comfortably in pizza at A4 so the club lays off at transition fairly well which is a big win from all the work last few years. All in all what I am thinking and feeling is starting to align with what I am seeing on camera. I think these are things I can clean up when I get back into swing of things in a few months.
  2. Yeah, I got my 2 month stirs out of system now. Back in boot. No worries, all good. Zero side push.
  3. So doctor cleared me to do partial weight bearing for a couple of weeks. Did some dry backswings for a couple of minutes focusing only on forward weight and steady head with softness in upper body, arms and hands. Of course, have been icing ankle since.. 😄
  4. Yes, many times and they all go missing simultaneously more times than I care to admit too.
  5. Geez, how can I forget @Golfingdad! One of my best TST friends. Haven't seen much from him lately. Where are you man?
  6. Wow, I could fill a couple of pages easily. Forgive me for being influenced by recency but here goes: @billchao and @boogielicious for being solid all out citizens of TST. Both content and support is bar none. Thank you. @DaveP043, @David in FL, @ncates00@Golfing Dad , @ChetlovesMer , @bkuehn1952 and @DeadMan for their thoughtful and prolific content. @klineka, @billchao, @saevel25 and of course @mvmac for their outstanding swing work and detailing of their body of swing work. @Double Mocha Man, @FlyingAce, @Vinsk for freshness and light hearted perspective on things. @colin007, @jsgolfer, @DaveP043, @billchao, @Hardspoon who I have met and played with and have become my great friends for life. And last but not least @iacas who has not only changed my golf life but continues to check on me and keep my spirits up while I remain incapacitated because of my injury. And yes, I stop here thinking I can easily add another 25+ names. Edit: I miss @RandallT greatly.
  7. It was a test. I mean..duh. And I've got some great noos for u: You passed!! 😄
  8. How can you tell the lower exit? Feel or vid?
  9. It's been 6 ish weeks since I broke my ankle in a climbing fall. So eager to start rehabing but non weight bearing for 2 more weeks. Since I can't make full swings probably till July, have been doing dry slow movements and a lot of putting with my right ankle propped up on a knee scooter. I think this may apply to my full swing, chipping and pitching alike, but a major fault is applying structural downward and/or outward pressure with my left thumb by locking wrist and elbow. I believe it is a serious path modifier and results in a block as the club wants to drop inwards to align with structural pressure. The face then determines a severe slice or hook. So? Welp, so the idea is nothing good comes out of pressuring the shaft until the very moment of impact. Starts with a soft hanging set up and then let shaft swing around the non-stiff upper body with a ropy left arm and soft hands and do my best to never pressure the shaft outward or downward in the DS. For putting, trying to continue to work on a little armsy 'shove-pop' stroke instead a full torso/shoulder rocking motion. Seems simpler and ball seems to be rolling truer. Was starting to make a lot more short ones and sense of distance was much better last few rounds before the forced hiatus began. Now all I gotta do it train myself to DO IT for good. :-)). Hope summer will be sunny, figuratively speaking. Chin up.
  10. Yes, I think that was the original loose idea. Then the secondary thinkers were like..uhh wait a minute.. why would a gazillionaire care about $1000? So hence the thought behind the cut off. But yeah, that would not be next week. I think it will a bit of both - every body gets something immediately, for some it will be rent money, for others it will be local restaurant take out money. And then part two will be the sliding scale help that will be more like a monthly stipend, as a single shot won't alleviate long term troubles. EDIT: I heard this on an interview with Chuck Schumer that this is in the talks on the floor (PLEASE.. no political comebacks).
  11. Great company...on 8 outta 10 days. The other 2, welp, I need to get home above all else, obnoxious or not as long there ain't a fist fight or something... Ha.
  12. GolfLug

    2020 Masters

    Why not? Seriously. If people can discipline themselves to stay put it should be enough time for all. I would think individual orgs can decide to extend if they find necessary. I doubt if this stops spread altogether. But surely this should bring it down where hopefully the health care system can manage it without being overwhelmed - very realistic scenario if the spread doesn't slow down significantly from all accounts. Also a huge part of the battle is identifying most of those who are pregnant with the virus but have not manifested. I think this goes a long way in let it play out without further spread.
  13. What??? Dave attempting colorful humor? Gotta be a first.. lol! Welcome! 😋 In all seriousness, regardless of how you feel about this..puhhhleease just stay put. Let's just get this over with. I know Japanese kids have been home for a couple of weeks and will do couple more. We ain't unique.
  14. My golf is toast till July at least due to an injury but it would not have been affected because of the virus.... I think. Have played once or twice a month for a year anyway. For work, all international travel banned, local travel (out of or within town) takes approval from company president. No customer visits, from or to. No goods accepted from China. I s'pose same for most mid/large corporations.
  15. This. A beginner is best introduced to golf by a patient experienced golfer. It makes their chances of surviving beginner golf and getting enough self sustaining interest go up exponentially. It improves even further if the 'mentor' gets them to learn it properly through a teaching pro.
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