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  1. GolfLug

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Over everything else I believe it tested best the toughest golf skill of all - to hit it long and straight. Relatively speaking it did not seem like it there was an unnecessary amount of over-thinking required to score well. It wasn't necessarily a push over either even though soft and seem to separate the men from the boys. What was so much fun was that they were forced to flag hunt to stand out. The leader-board was a list of who's who of the ball strikers on tour the whole week. The best tourney of the year so far for me.
  2. GolfLug

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    I hope Tiger slept in. Of course it will be a dream come true at many levels if he pulls this one off. Even in the case of Tiger, for a 40+ year old with a compromised body to rip through a leaderboard full of players in their absolute physical prime would be nothing short of astounding. And yet here we are..! Few fortunate rolls away from the improbable. I would love for Ricky to get his first but I will cry if Tiger wins.
  3. GolfLug

    Two Tommy Fleetwoods!

    I think it is amazing how international wire transfers can still be done 'manually'.
  4. GolfLug

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    That was 'posed to run out... EDIT: But wait!!!
  5. GolfLug

    Spare a Thought for Aussie Jarrod Lyle

    A very sad moment. Hats of to this courageous young man who through sheer strength of character saw himself through almost twenty years of living with this demon and yet accomplish what few us can even think of. Seems like he also had a great support system including his wife and daughters. RIP.
  6. GolfLug

    "Rules" other players have told you

    Round cross section grip illegal on putter.
  7. No. 4 is confusing. Lot of folks interprete that as rolling right hand/forearm over left actively. I think lots of golfers stall and goat hump all day trying to do that. I imagine I still do it to some extent.
  8. GolfLug

    Your First Car

    1993 Nissan 240SX. Beautiful pearl white hatchback. Bought it used in 1999 from a fellow up in New England who used it gently as his Sunday car for years. Both wife and I have lots of memories with it.
  9. GolfLug

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I have come to believe there is no strategy involved. Period. Well, unless patience would qualify as strategy. I think about it every time I am driving up to play. There is is no unthinking it for me. It seems not to matter what I 'think' anyway. One thing this challenge has helped me is to stay much more disciplined during a round. Not necessarily super focussed. I also have a renewed sense of how my swing needs to improve. I had receded quite a bit and have steadied. Hopefully I will get my no sixes before the season ends this year.
  10. GolfLug

    Phil Mickelson Dance

  11. GolfLug

    Phil Mickelson Dance

    Awesome. I am glad the model isn't representing only the 1% or so of Roman gods like male physiques out there. As far as the dance goes.. I bet his wife cringed or simply laughed her butt off. 😆
  12. GolfLug

    2018 WGC Invitational at Firestone

    Big names on the leaderboard early..
  13. GolfLug

    Driver Off the Deck

    "You gotta use a slightly descending yet sweeping move"...😋 As low as you tee your ball, I think every one of your drive seems like it's off the deck.. ha ha. Anyway, I have a few times on course with mixed results. Don't ever remember hitting it further than my 4 iron though (190ish..) so yeah, like few other posters above I really question the grandiose thought process behind trying this in the place "I need to hit this further than my 3W". Right (eye roll). If you (you, meaning everybody other than @DaveP043..:-)) don't do it at least once a week, it seems like a super low percentage shot.
  14. GolfLug

    Spare a Thought for Aussie Jarrod Lyle

    That is heartbreaking. He is only 36..
  15. GolfLug

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    @HJJ003, Don't see the harm. Takes a long time to ingrain. I would suggest is to do the downswing 'pump' with the butt end (grip) pointing towards the ball as long as comfortably possible. Also, if I were you, I would take down the rush to downswing when you hit the ball a notch (or three..). You will have a easier time ingraining the move.

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