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  1. GolfLug

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I agree with broadcasting but I have been a golfer only for 13 years. Don't know much about him as a player outside a magical day at Oakmont. As a broadcaster I loved his clarity, unpatronizing honesty and his edgy simplicity. He could scold without being condescending. Kept a difficult job interesting without making it sound like high art that needed ivy league education. Will miss him.
  2. GolfLug

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    I noo you wuz whipped.. ha ha
  3. GolfLug

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    Ah I see you have found the root cause of all bad golf shots..😉
  4. GolfLug

    Need Advice on India Travel?

    Hi @adampaul, my last visit to India was in 2008, so I can be of some limited assistance. Are you looking for recommendations for places to travel?
  5. I think folks who embellish a little on the internet are actually positive thinkers who happen to know that a little self affirmation (cough...embellishment..cough) to bunch of virtual folks they will never meet does wonders to your confidence and which in turn unlocks the door to the 'distance treasure' buried deep in their bowels. Seriously, being honest about a 200 yard drive downhill randomly is just as, well, random. Who cares..
  6. GolfLug

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I voted 'Players are responsible for knowing the rule'. The first one is funny/sarcastic/option 2 in disguise.. whatever.. but makes the point. It is ridiculous. Yeah, so why bother? I guess your assumption seems right. This is designed to not have another Lexi event on TV.
  7. GolfLug

    U.S. captain for 2020 Ryder Cup

    Yeah, I agree, but like him anyway. He is a scraper. An overachiever much in the mold of the second string RC Euros that seem to always eek out extra pound than you would expect them to. Captains don't seem to make a huge difference but maybe we can benefit from his underdog image. Also, not that Stricker is a dino but I am feeling a younger more current player for next RC. Just a hunch.
  8. GolfLug

    U.S. captain for 2020 Ryder Cup

    No, but I like ZJ.
  9. GolfLug

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Work through it while I continue rolling dice. Have been doing it for years so why stop now?..:-) For one thing it is the only club I can hit over 200 yards 80% of the time even if it is in the trees. Without it I would be left with 170+ on approach on majority of par 4s even if I hit every fairway with a long iron/hybrid (I wouldn't). I get up and down 1 out of 5 times from that kinda distance. So yeah, that's a no go right of the bat.
  10. GolfLug

    Mental Game Practice?

    I think mental game practice should be tangible. It is impractical to expect to not think about score or not have emotional ups and downs over 3-4 hours. Trying to control that is not significantly impactful or in some cases can be even counterproductive. A pre-shot routine that has a few check points that you do on the practice range should be a prime candidate for mental game practice. Do you have a pre-shot routine? If you have one, do you perform it consistently 70-100 times a round? If you do it consistently, do you check all your boxes each time? I have ways to go myself with a pre-shot but I am finding I swing more freely any time I do it successfully.
  11. GolfLug

    Are you a brand snob?

    I would like to change my position on this. I think I am brand snob(ish). If you find my dead body near a 'Power Built' 7i is because some tasteless person has used it to take me down and forgot to get rid of the evidence. Yeah, and don't even get me started on RAM wedges with holes on the face instead of grooves. I completely expect to get run over by the stick that shows up with gun metal PXGs but can you imagine the shame if you get hosed by some one wielding a Top Flite chipper or dinking around Tommy Armor balls?? I wouldn't get out of bed for days.
  12. GolfLug

    Match Play Question

    You are correct. I did not read that all scenarios are covered. My mistake.
  13. GolfLug

    Match Play Question

    Just curious why they mention only the case of someone declaring higher hcp in the above ruling. Same would apply if they declare a lower hcp (to their detriment), correct?
  14. GolfLug

    Beginner and obsessed

    From rest of the post, it sounds like he won't be for too long.. 😊
  15. GolfLug

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Do you know of someone who uses their celebrity bully pulpit to misdirect their frustration on an unsuspecting bystander? He saves his decency for his family so yeah, he seems a good family guy. Thats all well and good. I don't know what you mean by 'really bad things' but he is a bully. I don't understand how you are missing that aspect of his persona. It's hard for me to like people like that. It's not just about being cocky or showy. I would easily give him a pass if that's all it was.

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