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  1. Anyone Ever try AliExpress

    @Pretzel, why can't it be used for competition?
  2. Yes, it could be a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. (Apologies for the multiple posts. I didn't read this post until later..)
  3. I do not think at all that Inkster is remiss on the market dynamics. She is much too smart for that. Maybe some see it as a thinly veiled accusation of market sexism (I don't) and/or some believe she is trying to oversell but in either case, all power to her. It can only help. If nothing else, it is certainly a well timed pitch.
  4. Golf Snobbery

    I guess some are intimidated or suspicious of everything/everybody new. But after a few rounds everybody gets to know you and you become good friends with them, yeah? Kinda like life in general, no?
  5. Hi @downbylaw11, I think best to simplify the purpose of a practice swing to something very general like 'activate all' your joints which is much simpler and executable thought in your real swing instead of trying to create a detailed blueprint that you will try to replicate exactly in your ball swing. I don't know about you but I create some of the ugliest signatures when I try to consciously replicate the exact size and shape of the previous signature. I think 'ball focus' is a different subject all together but you can use soft focus techniques that @iacas has suggested on this site somewhere.
  6. I Played a 702 Yd. Par 5 Today!

    I think statistically nailing two good shots of over 250 yards in a row has gotta be top 3 hardest things to do in all of golf. Anytime you do that I would think you gain at least a smidgen over a stroke on the field.
  7. I Played a 702 Yd. Par 5 Today!

    @Golfingdad cool that you only had 165 left for 3rd in though. Too bad you bladed it. IIRC longest par 5 I have played is 'only' 620. I think came away with a bogie as well...
  8. My Swing (NatalieB)

    Natalie, you will run into folks who can't help themselves but cheat. Don't let it get to you at all. Your mom is right though. Write the email even if nothing happens. There is only so many times one can get away with lying.
  9. So I am going to root for Louis Oosty. A Louis win will bring me a box of Snells so I am a bit biased... :-)). Having said that a JT or KK win will not break my heart at all. I was listening to a discussion on GC last night with Chamblee, Duvall and Nobilo talking about parity in golf and set ups like this reduce the chances of having a stars heavy leader board. They compared it to how tennis majors almost always get treated much more by presence of Federer, Nadal, .. etc. on the weekends. I am not sure I have an opinion. Its always enjoyable to see a good grind regardless of who it comes from but good arguments on both sides of the coin.
  10. Are you a picker or a digger

    I pick em' clean all day. Wedges and all. Not by design though. Actually didn't think much about it up until couple of years ago when someone else pointed it out. It would be nice if I could have the club head in slightly more descending path at impact but I don't sweat it.
  11. What a rough day :(

    No stranger to first tee jitters myself. That's just a tough animal especially for your level of game when you can afford only one or two shots differential for the WHOLE round and you end up 'spending' them in the first 2 mins. In my experience, regardless of the heartbreak high expectations is a good thing as long it does not break your soul for good and you just quit. Keep coming back for more punishment and it's all good. You DO have the game to justify so it's not like honestly talk yourself out of them anyway..
  12. Eliminating hands from putting

    Putting is more individualistic than anything else so I can only share my 'macro' putting thought that has helped me somewhat - 'putt with your whole body'. For me it help keep joints like wrists soft (as @iacas mentioned) and yet keep them from being overactive. 'Rock your shoulders' also works for lot of folks as @saevel25 mentioned but be mindful of not making wrists rigid to keep them quiet. Some reason it makes the ball skip more than roll.
  13. What a rough day :(

    I have yet to develop any kind of resilience to mounting combo of embarrassment, anger, befuddlement and sheer helplessness when this happens. I doubt too many can if you have even an iota of pride in your game. It's hard to find your sense of humor. Sorry, no pearls of wisdom from me except I can speak for every golfer I know and say no one has been spared of these kind of days.
  14. LOL! Did you read the next sentence??