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  1. @cipher, on a separate note if you could DM the charges at convenience, then we can get it taken care of.
  2. Nice!! I can't speak for others but these times are absolutely perfect! Thanks Nate and Erik. Beers owed!
  3. My wife told me to grow the f*** up. Lol. I think a $5 per person net skins pot always a great idea. Just right IMO. Two- man blind draw, Foursome high-low.. all net.
  4. Hands down, but some peeps gave me crap for not being all over curds.. 😂 so I'm gonna go all out. Hmm.. DQ curds didn't quite leave that level of impression few weeks ago, but I would be more than happy to receive the upgrade from the real stuff. In fact, very much looking forward to it.
  5. You mean that I don't like the taste? Yeah, so? Tried some here locally. Want to see how the authentic stuff tastes.. 😊
  6. If the clunky look doesn't bother you then I have heard it is easier for some to start hooking with high offset irons. Of course it could be a good thing for others. Depends on who you ask.
  7. Well, in broad terms yes, but we were debating in the specific case of a fist fight (seems to be) whether it would land as a felony or misdemeanor. Seems to be circumstantial.
  8. So a fist fight is unlikely to rise to a felony or in the least the burden of proof rests on the prosecution. Thanks. Yeah, that is good (relatively speaking) for the young man if so.
  9. Seems like he has a larger issue of possible felony indictment if aggravated assualt/battery charges were filed. His hope is that of a misdemeanor if a good lawyer can knock it down to 'had a very bad day'. Worrying about a separate tour ban would be a secondary concern. Lifetime ban seems to be an over the top suggestion unless there were significant injuries, etc.
  10. Thank @iacas. Yes I will get the tilt back into it. Have been setting only driver square (irons still hooded, albeit less) so the palmy grip (yes, true) is a mental crutch till I get a bit more confidence. Keeping the left arm super soft and lightly resting on the grip to not stress the forearm injury (works fine I think).
  11. Trying to not let right arm/wrist get bendy-hingy. Feels like a half swing and flat like a m..
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