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  1. Not sure if this is a problem that needs solving.
  2. I think lot of players suffer from hyper focus and manufactured tempo. Myself included. I have been trying to 'pop' the ball at impact and that seems to make a difference.
  3. So here's mine. Hastin (pronounced just like 'Justin) was ecstatic about being on 'youtube' and Meera insisted on video taping my vlog. And yes, I know slogan I came up with for the East is lame.. lol!
  4. @bkuehn1952, great post. Yeah, that kinda cognitive dissonance affects most golfers to a varying degree. Some blame, some explain away and then there are some that blatantly deny any ownership of a particularly poor day on the course. A good friend of mine is fairly streaky - I guess you can say that about most weekenders like myself but his worst is 20+ shots than his best. He always says something at the end of a bad (for him) round, shooting let's say 104 - "yeah tough day, but we all know I'm an eighties shooter". Of course he does shoot in the low eighties on occasion so it's not an entirely a lie but we all patronize the shit out of him and it's funny how it seems to make him feel better.. lol!
  5. He seems to clean the sole at 0:12, so seems aware that soil was removed. From my perspective he should have penalized himself for the breach once he figured he shoveled some loose soil out of the way.
  6. I guess there ARE times when you want to celebrate someone missing a put. Bravo!
  7. Damn. You've been posting doom and gloom a lot lately. You still playing? +1 Don't remember quitting other than when my left forearm pain rears every now and then (old injury).
  8. It's been a while since my last post. Anyway, even though there has been not much golf in the last few months, the golf that I have gotten for most parts has been fun. The miss I have is still that it always has been - club drops too far inwards on the downswing and results in a block slice or a smother hook. But, the occurrence has gone down drastically. Have been practicing keys 1 and 2 (steady head and weight forward) diligently with the help of a home made balance board. Check points in set up and BS: 1. Rounded back and unified arms. 2. A2 without lifting arms and club almost parallel to ground. 3. A4 nice and vertical with a bit of cupping in the left wrist. Allows my club to lay off easily. DS: 1. Stay in posture - spine incline and a bit of secondary axis tilt through impact. Transition is still tad bit loopy but I find it frees me up to swing as hard as I want through impact without fear of smother pull.
  9. There are plenty of folks who will pay huge premiums for diminishing returns. "What's a $90k Patek Philippe going to tell me that my $400 Garmin won't?" "Nothing. But it probably will tell others something about you".
  10. Drew, that is a very clever guess. I am virtually certain of it. Toptracer is Topgolf with tracer tech (if you hadn't figured that already). I might be taking the family to one up in Clifton (VA) tomorrow if I can convince the wife.
  11. I don't get BC. The bombers aren't exactly dominating from trees. They are accurate too. He is just mad that the length fear factor of longer holes his generation used to have is not the same anymore.
  12. Hell no. That's when you go out and buy the latest epic-mega-super-flash driver that will add 22 yards to your drive.....aaaaaanddd you start the cycle of 'self-affirmations' (cough..lies..cough) all over again. Deepak Chopra who??
  13. I think 18 or better is the threshold. You are better than a bogey golfer at 15 trending to 14. BTW, getting there from 36 in 18 months is impressive. Very nice.
  14. @JustForeFun, congratulations on your retirement. Hope to get there one day in good health. I lived in Troy, MI from 2004 to 2007. Enjoyed my time there. Good memories. Golf is great fun as long as you manage expectations. It is especially hard on beginners as you probably already know. Don't be embarrassed to tee up every shot. Remember, even two or three good shots in an entire day is a good day. Congratulations again! Enjoy and welcome to TST.
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