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  1. GolfLug

    3/4" Off Driver Shaft

    I cut mine off an inch down to 44 in. It did feel funny for a few rounds (I just did a butt trim) but fine afterwards. BTW, my opinion but I disagree with those who say longer the shaft more the distance if you had a sorted out swing. It can, but by no means is that a given.
  2. GolfLug

    Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    Yeah, by that measure I am due a good year anytime now...😄
  3. Aren't we all selfish by design, rooted in self preservation and all? From what I have read, selflessness is simply social conditioning and proportional to size of our pre-frontal cortex. The only phenomenon I have never fully understood is rubber necking an accident. There is no pleasure or real pain in the experience and does not seem tied to fight or flight. It's just weird.
  4. GolfLug

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Lee had a great mindset. He has a ton of good quotes, but one that stuck was something to the effect of ''pros putting for pars are like dogs chasing cars..neither of them will last.''
  5. GolfLug

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Generally overrated. And typically overused. Mercilessly. But to be fair to believers, lot of high profile golfers of yester-years (and few of today) have perpetuated the belief. Also, I suspect lot of game planning/management 'fell' under mental game from their perspective. For example 'play within yourself' was (and is) always a good advise and sort of fell under mental aspect but today we know this falls under at least in great part knowing ones shot zones and playing to it. If I were to really be pressed for it, my mental game action list boils to two things: - be consistent with swing thoughts throughout the round (I tend to drift away as round goes on). - It's ok to be nervous. If you care enough you will be.
  6. GolfLug

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    'Thank goodness playing golf is not my day job..'
  7. GolfLug

    Goodbye Pro V1

    I didn't say they all feel the same. But people equate feel to performance. For example, if a ball feels soft they automatically equate it to more greenside spin. Harder balls? Prolly fly further.. etc..
  8. GolfLug

    Goodbye Pro V1

    All premium balls are within 2 percent of each other in all categories these days.
  9. I could be wrong but there is no push or pull anywhere in the core muscles of the body - just rotate. Push or pull only create linear forces and if you experience them then most probably some kind of compensation. Heck I could argue that deliberate linear push or pulls even create 'power leaks'. A good swing to observe this phenomenon is Jamie Sadlowski who creates serious leverage - his right foot literally drags behind through impact and post. I agree that lot of what Hogan or Nicklaus, for that matter, wrote, was what they felt - long before true biomechanics became much more clear. We all know feels are biomechanically individualistic.
  10. GolfLug

    John Senden - Driver Snaps, Stroke Counts

    When I made that comment last night... ..^^this was the part I was missing.
  11. I play in the 40s here in Virginia Beach area. I lose about 15-20 yards on all my clubs compared to summer. Longer the club more the distance loss. I also think I am not as loose in winter and lose some swing speed as well.
  12. GolfLug

    John Senden - Driver Snaps, Stroke Counts

    Of course he did. Anything he would say otherwise truth or not won't change a thing and he will simply come across as a whiner.
  13. GolfLug

    John Senden - Driver Snaps, Stroke Counts

    So now you support the rule change leveling the playing field from an enforcement stand point of view? Seems like your version of 'trophy for everyone'. I know what the rule is. There's only ten thousand posts in that thread. Dumb? - hah, why? I don't think they should have made it THAT standard. Didn't like it then, don't like it now. Ha ha. Yes, I have more than once - and not the first time on slo-mo either. Heck have myself snapped my driver head at Pinehurst few years ago in an almost similar fashion. I have a post in my 'My Swing' thread. My golf bag had fallen off the cart on the previous hole and must have 'kinked' the shaft. Not sure I understand the point. What's that gotta do with Senden's normal finish compared to this one? Senden doesn't chicken wing or spin out on his normal swing (duh...) that you see in his club break swing - which to me are both symptoms of someone (of a level of a touring pro) trying to avoid contact. Especially the spin out part. Geoff Ogilvy pointed that out too. Senden said in his interview that it was too late to stop the club but didn't say he didn't try to stop - implying he did. The funny thing is the RO had not seen the swing in person or on a replay. And if unclear he could have taken his playing partner's word who has no vested interest. But he didn't. I read up earlier so I know why it's a free drop, but I won't spoil it for others.
  14. GolfLug

    John Senden - Driver Snaps, Stroke Counts

    Fair enough. IIRC you were not in favor of that yourself some time ago when that happened (via Lexi rule). I am entitled to my opinion too. Did not ignore at all. I said if slo-mo was available. Not the whole thing. I deal with the practicality and difficulty rules enforcement all day everyday (my job). See below part of my post. ^^^ It's clear to me that he seems to be pulling up and successfully avoided striking the ball (chicken wing finish seems consistent with someone whose intention is to NOT strike). Rule 14/1.5 would apply. Just my opinion from what I saw since the RO did not agree. Heck his competitor who was right there wasn't exactly thrilled either. Ok, I know this is not a rules thread so I won't post further.
  15. GolfLug

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Wow, 2019 season in session already!! Still feels like silly season. Make it count T...

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