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  1. Oh dang Matt. Hope some rest this weekend will get you back to it...
  2. I guess, sponsor's invite is another venue still? If so can money won in any of those count towards it?
  3. Had 10 mins at lunch to stop by the range and wanted to see what have I truly internalized and can execute without much though after few days of not touching a club (work travel). Sorry in a rush and didn't do slo mo. I dunno, looks the same it always has.. ha ha. Ok, may be I can say that I see palm rolled open at A2. Both strikes were fine. I would play those all day. Posture wise I guess am still not bending sufficiently and chin still not dropping enough. Work remains. @iacas, let me know what you think if you have a moment. I will say I want to keep slapping my head for the camera angle as club looks more across the line than it actually is. Feet to club alignment is dead on parallel in reality (I checked each time before swinging). Not as closed as it seems. Season in full swing - have a big league group game on Sunday and completely geeked up about weekend of May 5th..
  4. Outstanding look! I am inspired to get my own.. I know not really new but lately I've come to realize super bounce is the new black..
  5. If u have never had Duck Donuts, well, the Hypoglycemia (or is it Hyper?...), whatever, is absolutely worth it..
  6. . I can totally empathize. Have lived it. Slight deviation from topic but having been one the 'thinkerers' are the most self-destructive kind of golfers.
  7. @JGus, yes, but what you feel and think is changing when you hit a 'horrendous' shot compared to an ok shot is different from what is actually happening. The difference will not be as observable as you think. I can almost guarantee that. If you were to film your swing and work with a knowledgeable instructor you will be floored how HUGE a change you would have to make feel wise to only see a slight difference in reality. Just sayin..
  8. In my experience, the easiest way to recognize consistency is that we almost always consistently keep falling back to the exact same swing faults/patterns. To elaborate using what I learnt from my own example, habitually I have always picked up the club straight in the air (similar to Rickie Fowler's old swing) and then reroute it back inside in an attempt to bring it back on plane an inconsistent amount (honestly cannot say how deliberate that is and how instinctive it is - depends on what day you ask me). Either way, the base fault is the same and consistent - but resulting variance is huge (trust me.. - varying from a huge push block to a pull duck hook and everything in between depending on how I try to 'save' the shot at impact). The varying result always made me think that I was fighting something different with correspondingly different results and experimented with different compensations for a long time. It took a long time of lot of convincing by @iacas, that I am in effect fighting the exact same ghost each time.
  9. Haven't booked a room but will stay near Reston. I have a Durango and plenty space if anybody needs transport help.
  10. So my son has a classmate whose dad is an orthopedic surgeon. In a casual conversation about L5-S1 fusion last weekend during the soccer game, he mentioned that that particular junction provides a significant portion of spine rotation - but usually what's lost in one joint is mostly made up by adjacent joints. For most parts bending is actually more limited for lot of folks with fusion than rotation. There are no absolutes. Anyway, yeah, in the least top level golf looking like a long shot.
  11. Didn't strike the ball all that well today but shot a decent 42-38 = 80 at Elizabeth Manor today. Putted better finally. Also shot 39 on back 9 Thursday 04/20, and 39 on front 9 on Friday 04/21. Fairly unspectacular in general.
  12. Can't comment on your particular swing but super softening left arm and hand always makes it easier to turn club face over.
  13. You have to have large current loans (eg. house loan and vehicles) and you have to be regular. Regularity on small debt like monthly expenses won't get you much, since it won't tell them how you will do on large loans. History helps a little (if good) but current is what matters.
  14. Is it too early to bid farewell? He needs to pick up a couple in remaining 8 or so holes I think..
  15. I take putting advise from all manner of caps all day..