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  1. GolfLug


    If money on line, it's a foot or less. Otherwise 2 footers max. I don't buy 'pace of play' a reason to rake in 5 footers. Just finish. What 10 seconds extra per putt? I miss more 3 footers than I would care to admit. Yeah, no.
  2. Can't believe I am saying this but feeling for Reed at the moment. Doods unraveling it seems. Wolff winning this rough consistently is crazy good. Wow.
  3. This was about day 1 love that was shown by the course. ...and we are going to see a US Open this weekend. 😄
  4. I will loose respect all around if someone wins at -7 or better. Shall we name it 'The Phil Mickleson movement'? Somewhere on this thread I said I nostalgically supported Phil because it's WF and it's the US Open and all the nostalgic. Still haven't completely abandoned the b-wagon but I'm waffling a bit. C'mon USGA where's them teeth at??
  5. Yeah, I heard from someone's mouth on GC yesterday they 'cut' the rough down. Welp, we'll see how this progresses. They got 3 days to toy around though. Money still on winning score over par but my faith shaken a bit.
  6. Wow, players need to stop showing off. All they are doing is pissing off the USGA..😋. Retribution will be swift and telling.
  7. I have managed to detach myself from my scores. Phew... Of course, completely out of necessity of self preservation.
  8. Yeah. Ha. Jimmy could have been a show by himself. I am sure Spieth thought he would do well on tour but prolly had to pinch himself everyday for a while as even he had to marvel at the riches flowing out of him. Now things have inexplicably dried up and poor fella's hobbling around looking for his 'stapler'. Nobody can explain. Bit sad but he is still young. Golf at the highest level remains an enigma.
  9. To be fair, at age 21-22 if I accomplished a quarter of what he did I would full on have started referring to myself in third person... lol.
  10. Yeah, he will be floating on lot a ton of nostalgic support and I will surely be in the choir. But agree that's a long way to float. Me thinks he will be praying for baked out greens, an area where he can still hang with the best.
  11. Good story. Too bad you witnessed the beginning of the most gut wrenching implosion of the 2000s. I am guessing that he would tell you it was the shot after that haunts him more. I also read somewhere that the 2013 loss was even harder on him. He said he couldn't get out of bed for days. But here he is.....still bouncy as ever. I don't think Phil is given enough credit for how resilient he is.
  12. Just keep climbing. After breaking ankle this year I feel fortunate I can swing a club at all. There's a million or two who don't even bother with a HCP..
  13. Feels that worked well on course. 1. Left hand/arm goes along for a ride in the BS. 2. Vertical (-ish) turn/flow of shoulders, arms and club. Horizontal element leads to pushes and pulls. Especially driver.
  14. Up to 14.8. Wasn't been able to buy a drive in my return since my 4 month layoff (Feb-May). Bit a light at the end of the tunnel last couple of weeks though.
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