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  1. Orlando Golf Trip

    I though Orange County National was much better bang for the buck than Ritz. I think we payed half for OCN and the holes were a bit more 'exiting'.
  2. What the hell?

    If nothing very obvious that is not apparent then I think mechanical repeatability in our bodies can 'creep' mid round or next day, i.e., for example for me usually tad bit more sway (weight shift) creeps in regardless of how rigorously I go through my mental checklist of keys. Affects club path and face just enough to not be diagonosable on the fly and yet drive you nuts.
  3. Age at which you initially broke par and/or 80?

    Have not broken par. Broke 80 at age 37 for the 1st time after 8 years of picking up a club.
  4. NFL 2017-2018

    Pretty damn good. Pretty damn good.
  5. Lol.. I think by now she's prolly granted him generous visitation rights.
  6. Top 10. Doesn't he own this place?
  7. I am assuming this involves defining the blob of the clubhead by sensor stickers to map the face location. Seems logical. Off topic slightly but I would love the use of one at some point because in the realm of technologies (any field) this is absolutely cutting edge. Combining sample physical measurements with complex algorithms to come up with projections within a percent or two is phenomenal.
  8. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    IMO, we con ourselves that we are somewhere in between what we demonstrate 95% (suck) of the time and 5% (kick ass). The rogue mystique of golf makes sure that we will never be completely 100% self aware, or if so, only fleetingly. I would imagine when you suck 95% of the time, having a con-free self awareness can't be too sexy anyway..
  9. Is the USGA/R&A choking golf or keeping its integrity?

    I believe you are overestimating how much more undiscovered technology there is that will increase efficient transfer of leverage from to club to ball and repeatability. There is some, but not a persimmon to steel to graphite level magnitude change. Tennis is a good analogy. Once graphite frames introduced and improved strings, harmonized weight distribution etc. were milked (which all improves power transfer and repeat-ability), there ain't much left. Of course if you are saying that there new leverage like adding gunpowder to the club face should be allowed, then, well, yeah..
  10. Why the hurry?

    If a twosome or by myself and course open then I easily tear through in around 2.5 hours with my push cart but expecting to get through less than 4 hours on my course with bunch of foursomes is setting up for mood ruin. I don't think I have ever played a course where default pace is 3 hours. Maybe there are cliques out there that might have this general pace but reality is that on 99 percent courses it's just not going to happen.
  11. ...and given the same pressure, as an 8 HCP, I think I would be lucky to make contact with the ball on the first tee. That difference would be even more bigger. No? Putting purely as a skill differentiates less than ball striking as a skill. Much less. I think I can 2 putt tour greens from let's say 50 feet about 40-50% of the time and I am a very mediocre putter by Sunday afternoon league standards. Ball striking OTOH, well, one or two GIRs (10-15%) on a tour course would be a credible accomplishment for me.
  12. What are you listening to?

    I am usually 'whatever's playing on the radio' type of listener (or have been reduced to..). Couple of days ago Pearl Jam's 'Daughter' came on and I had to turn up the volume. So did I when in recent weeks Donnie Hathaway's 'Ghetto' (the long version) and Bill Wither's 'Ain't no sunshine' came on. I do really like Dua Lipa's 'No rules' that's on radio all the time lately. Get's you moving..
  13. Why the hurry?

    My brain will let me budget 4 hours max. After that I am on my own. Only time I can put up with a 5 hour round is if I am with the wife at a resort and we have nothing else going except a nice dinner. BTW, last time we did this in November, wife quit on the 13th hole and picked up a book for rest of the round (another 2 hours or so).
  14. Tiger's Swing "Dip"

    @Veteran Golf Fan, yeah, most agree that 'excessive' head dipping can magnify variance. But excessive is relative, no? Also, 'plenty' long is another relative term that you are using. So, let's say he gets 'far' more control by reducing 'excessive' dipping, will he still be the same level of 'plenty' long? If the difference now is between hitting 8 irons instead 9 irons then plenty of smart folks know that there is cost to be paid for that as well. Who knows and how do quantify? One thing we can go by is the current crop of no.1s in the last few years all have 'plenty' head dip and are 95% percentile of 'plenty' long.
  15. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks John!

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