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  1. Go blue!! Go @jsgolfer!! Congratulations!
  2. BTW, a huge shout out and thanks to @RandallT, @billchao and @nevets88! You guys are lifelines for all of us glued to the laptop or mobiles. Beers owed!!
  3. +1 Yeah, I guess that's match play for you. Good shooting man..
  4. Hey what's important is you guys looked good doing it! Love the outfits...
  5. Nice comeback fellas! Enjoy the beer. Sounds like a great day of golf!!
  6. Suddenly I am seeing a lot of blue on the scoreboard
  7. He was just checking how much sand in bunkers after Drew hit his shot out of it (apparently).. I'm going to say it's an Erik thing ..ha ha
  8. Interesting, didn't know there was such a thing.. Normally complaints about bunkers I have come across is almost always about not enough sand.
  9. Keep battling blue!! EVERY half point counts....
  10. Sorry, but can anyone provide player matchups? Edit: Uhh, disregard.....