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  1. Interesting. I was simply ribbing @NMGolf. @NM Golf. But hey, my worker background would explain my affinity for darker tones. Although, my wife does make me wear lighter tones in social settings. She always tells me if left to my own devices I always show up to socials looking like I just got off work. Ha.
  2. Take-one-do it is... Can't see any other season I would wear one.. 😋
  3. Only if you wear a white belt.... 🤣
  4. Yes, you can out-drive, out-score, out-pretty, etc. me all you want but two years down the road the only thing I will remember about you is you were 'that-guy-with-the-white-belt..' 😂
  5. You mean.. 'do you take golf serious'.. lol
  6. Mr.puddle.. and who other two? I see the grammar po-po is out with radar gun today...Oh load, let me pull up a chair..
  7. I've had a few. Mostly folks who have trouble with addition of score on a hole that I have helped correct in cases where it mattered. Mostly in a nice way like @bkuehn1952. But my 'best' experience is at the cc I was a member at for couple of years. One of a prominent members in our co-ed league had this habit of picking up the ball and shoving the marker a loooong way forward past the ball location in a swift single motion. It was fairly crafty actually when it was only a few mm off. But many times she would shove the marker 4-6 inches closer to the hole even in plain sight and it would be so blatant that we would all cringe. One of guys asked her to mark it again properly in our co-ed league once. She indignantly said 'no' but the marking seemed clean for rest of the round. He fumed no one else spoke up including myself and I regret it. I heard she got called out at once at a husband-wife format tourney. Not sure if she still does it don't think leopards change their spots so easily.
  8. Hey, at least they finished the round... lol. I made the mistake of inviting wife's best friend's husband who couldn't break 100 on a putt-putt course aaaaannd happened to have the ego of the size of a soccer ball (compared to a normal size of a golf ball..😄). Long story short he just couldn't take how much he sucked throughout the day and when we got to the 17th hole snatched his bag of the cart without nary a good bye, thank you, sorry, whatever... and walked straight to the parking lot, threw his bag in the trunk and drove home. Didn't hear from him for two month until we met again for another social. Also, found out he had told his wife, he 'lost' (there was no competition.. only the one in his head) the round because I cheated. Amazing. Point is, taking the game seriously one thing but some folks need to do themselves and others around a favor by catching up to their actual age.
  9. Well, IMO the difference is weather. Just like flu season the contagion is easier in cooler weather. Here is VA, the mask wearing has been more rigorous but the spread seems to not be slowing down and actually accelerating like most other states and we have had a relatively mild ride through the pandemic. I am writing this with my mask on and no-one within 10 feet of my cubicle. My hope and bet is on vaccine and I am going to research herd immunity further...
  10. I think safe bail out to allow for some shot zone margin of error anywhere on this hole is almost gambling on par by design. Getting up and down on this green is fraught with danger too. If you are 10+ shots behind on Sunday afternoon, I don't see any reason to not want to play for a birdie favoring slight left of the pin with a 8 iron in hand an a perfect lie to boot. Tiger made a good swing, but I guess good was not good enough. It had to be perfect because of wind. The more I think about this hole the more I realize how hard this hole is from a shot zone perspective.
  11. I guess he is going to fall flat on his face a few times. The 24/7 full throttle red-lining always entertaining though.
  12. Aww, poor BDC. Not gloating at all..that's one sad looking face. Doesn't look like he will make the weekend. For a course where he was going to chop out 5 shots a round by turning par 5s into par 4s (bit of a brag but I don't think completely baseless) and is there for the taking like a bride on wedding night, this will sting. In the other hand, loving this leaderboard all around. Nike's green on day 1 and brown today color theme is pretty cool. I like color depth.
  13. I think I work towards improvement of my swing, my game, keep abreast of professional golf, support this forum, play 25 ish rounds a year, couple of three travel games and keep a GHIN. Outside of work and family (not in that order..), nothing has my heart like golf. But just like you a shoot plenty of shit scores and laugh it off. Love my buddies and enjoy my time with them even when I spend more time looking for my (and their..) balls in the trees than playing from the fairways.
  14. So is 14th. But TR has the lamest approach in all of golf - 13th par 5 amphitheatre green. Obviously he did these greens for nothing more than first time shock value. Oh yeah, I think 6.5 or 7.0 is actually a little on the generous side. Stranz's better work is down in Myrtle and he wasn't exactly a top caliber designer to begin with. Yes, we all know the reigning NC MVP has very high standards. Thanks for giving it the consideration you did. We are richer for it.
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