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  1. IMHO, hybrid head construction and point of hosel connection to the club head makes it tiny bit easier for it to turn over than a traditional iron for a draw clubpath/clubface face combo. Over the years I have noticed that, when I hook, my hook flight is much hookier with a hybrid than a an iron. I am sure this is the experience of many.
  2. I guess I better term would be deep tissue massage. I use quite a bit of force. I also have been doing it to break down the post op scar tissue in my ankle and stiffness. I can't quantify the improvement as result of the massage but I have a lot more mobility than 3 months ago. I will keep at it. I guess genetic make up will do it's thing but I am a firm believer that all soft tissue responds to massage, some more some less. I see DC the same way as a see scar tissue. Gotta break it down.
  3. Few minutes. From what I read, any squeeze rubbing can help 'fiber splitting'. It seems to work. Of course, I can imagine it could be painful and prolly not as effective for some advanced stages.
  4. Brian, sorry I missed this post. So glad you came through ok. Hope we can get together and tee it up this summer on one of my work visits to the mitten.
  5. I have early onset DC on my left hand. Last September-October I started waking up with left pinky curled up. More annoyance than pain. Anyway I read up on it and manage it with daily hand massage like you would try to break up scar tissue. Seems to have gotten better a tad bit but as @woodzie264 said I think progression is inevitable. We will see. I see all little and big health niggles only through glasses of how it affects golf 😄. It doesn't bug me as much if other things are diminished as long as I can keep swinging.
  6. Let me up the ante.. $150 says he will have taken a full swing by October. Caveats - his right knee soft tissue intact and he doesn't develop post op infection of any kind. Heck you can take full swings with a completely fused right ankle.
  7. Uhh, he will walk with crutches in 6-8 weeks. Weight bearing in another 4-5 weeks. After that range of possibilities are wider than the Grand canyon. As far as golf is concerned, the one thing he has going for him is that the left leg is intact (I can't find anywhere anything that says otherwise). So, I will wager $150, he will be playing full rounds in mid 2022. How 'bout them apples?? Anyone?
  8. Ahh, this is the stat I did not think about.
  9. I did. Thinking is, Tour player make their fair share of birdies elsewhere and understandably more risk averse even on short holes. Birdies don't come by that easily for a scratch, hence should be more aggressive when a chance presents itself with manageable risk.
  10. Part of reason I chose driver is because if I am avging 290, I am thinking birdie chance even from rough. Chances of birdie from 45 yards significantly higher than from 100 in. Higher than the 25 percent chance of ending up in the drink. Also, outside chance of GIR/nGIR. Layup seems too defensive in this case.
  11. Rory's swing seems prettier. IDK about pretti'est' though. I would argue Oosthuizen has the most fluid motion I have ever seen.
  12. I hit water with driver 50 percent of time if it's in play in general. 'Only' 25 percent chance would mean I am having a stellar driving day...😁 No way I'm laying up...
  13. I shattered my right ankle (Trimalleolar fracture) last Feb, got bunch of hardware and was out playing full time by July. Had I broken my left (am right handed) I would still not have bothered to touch a club.
  14. Yeah, structurally build to be sacrificial. If this happens in an older model 15 years ago we would all be praying for his life instead of wondering if he will ever play golf again. Hard to find a silver lining here, but really we oughta be thankful he ain't dead.
  15. I was responding to the Jim Nantz interview video. Not the crash. Did you forget YOUR meds?
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