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    Kuchar Pays Caddie $3K, Says Tom Gillis

    ^^Yupp. I believe he got paid more, but it seems best that he (caddy) broadcast that he got 'only' $3K. I bet the cartel fairy is already circling his house for its 'income tax'.
  2. GolfLug

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Damn dood.. that looks really good! It's hard to hook if you lead with right elbow and wrist lag as long as you maintain your spine incline and turn rates through impact - super important. That looks much more loaded. I could play with this swing all day. Look up YouTube of some tour players. It's amazing how much they flatten shaft in downswing from A4 to A5. They do it by bending back right wrist full bore with a nice snug pitch right elbow.
  3. GolfLug

    My Swing (chspeed)

    In my experience if I am not rotating my chest open through impact, my pelvis wants to goat hump. It is one of those things I have had to practice consciously - i.e. rotate chest through impact while maintaining incline. It's hard to do as we are so instinctively 'ball bound' at impact.
  4. GolfLug

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Yeah, I will echo your sentiment. Progress seems very apparent. IMHO, you should still try to set right wrist earlier (I think it is inline with your priorities). Reason being the later you set it in your backswing, more it will require you to finish your backswing to lengthen to lay off club sufficiently. Not a big deal when practicing and you seem to transition with a good layoff and on plane quite nicely in your vids above, but as we all know that most of our on course swings can be a bit quicker in tempo and transition to DS usually suffers the most from incomplete 'lay off' when even a tiny bit anxious. I think it also has an added benefit of a more pitched right elbow at A4 and allowing you to shorten your BS with a larger margin of error for ensuring sufficient 'lay off' (sorta).
  5. No sweat.. this should be easy and I don't think weird. I think this is advantageous as far as dropping in thick fluffy rough as the ball won't sink in the grass as much, I think.
  6. GolfLug

    Unusual Putting Technique

    Thanks for the tip. Should I attach the putter to the hips?
  7. GolfLug

    My Swing (GolfLug)

    I visited and spent a day at Golf Evolution with Erik Barzeski and Dave Wedzik early December. It was eye opening to see my move on video as analyzed by two top instructors. I have a reasonably functional swing but a very idiosyncratic swing address so I was not sure what to expect. They had seen my swing back in August so at least they had a fair idea. We spent better portion of the first two hours taping my 8 iron and 6 iron swing and analyzing it. They (we) decided to leave alone what was functional (a decent impact position) and helped me clean up a fairly steep, over-compensated, re-routed backswing and very cramped downswing to a much simpler flatter and wider 1-2 move to get to the same impact position. Of course, came away with 3 simple drills to ingrain it. Winter has limited practice to indoors mirror-work. Drills combine feel with visual guides from a mirror showing my DTL view. Short game: I have always been an ok chipper but pitching is another story. Erik taught me the shot I never had before - the soft high pitch. Also, my dislike for putting manifests in my three-putt frequency but courtesy of the SAM lab it turns out my stroke is not bad at all. That was a significant confidence boost. Also revisited Aim Point Express. Winter and holidays with family have restricted my rounds to 1.5 rounds since. Well let's just say if I sustain the ball striking, I am dropping around 3 strokes by mid summer. I am hoping to go back for a maintenance trip in April. 600 miles each way is a long haul but that's no hill for a climber. For having spent almost 7 hours at GE the day went faasst. Also, got to meet Erik's daughter when she stopped by for some afternoon practice. Delightful! Some experiences in life are just memorable. Both Erik and Dave are true gentlemen and class acts. I will document further swings in the next few weeks. Cheers, V FO Swing doesn't show anything but changes in setup, so I took that off. Most of my work can be seen in the short swing above.
  8. GolfLug

    My Swing (GolfLug)

    Adding to A1 from last nights practice. Turning 'out' right bicep/inside of right elbow a bit at set up makes it sooooo much easier to get to a laid off A4 and protect Keys 1 and 2 same time. The club almost wants to fall off the back in pizza tray with a nice pitched right elbow. Adding to A1 and A2: Feeling a very gentle stretch (NOT reaching) in the left arm from A1 to A2 also helping greatly with laying off at A4 and nice snug pitch right elbow from A2 through A6. Gosh, can 2019 be the year when I will finally laying off club at A4 without thinking?? Can I finally change the picture for good?? I guess it is not battle tested so can't get too excited but certainly feels like am off to a good start..
  9. GolfLug

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated. I love walking as long as temp below 90 degs. but I have not noticed a difference in scores with or without. If I think about it, I don't see a tangible connection. Some may see a 'rhythm' thing, but IMO that can be easily messed up by a slow group in front of you whether you are walking or riding.
  10. GolfLug

    Could Brooks Win a Slam? (Update: NO, Duh!)

    I am just writing the first thing that came to my empty mind. I am going to say a Slam with an *. PGA has a much deeper field than the British Open AFIK, so that would make it more impressive. Also if he wins the next two, I am betting on him winning the third one in succession and then there will be another thread trying to name 5 in a row! .....................you heard it here first..
  11. GolfLug

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Underrated. I am assuming we are not talking up purely 'bulking up'. Right kind of training, cardio/suppleness training/lifting weights combo can only help.
  12. GolfLug

    Stop Aiming at the Flag!!!

    ^This is how I play. The rangefinder is primarily there to help me figure the side to err. For example if center of green (regardless of where pin is) is 150 yards, then that is an in between distance (7i or 8i). If the pin is in the back (155-160), I will pull a 7i and if pin is in the front (140-145), I will pull an 8i. For me use of range finder has NOTHING to do with aiming at the flag. It is simple - I will use all information through every venue reasonably and quickly available to me. I don't have a GPS so I shoot edge of bunkers, trees, hazards, all sorts of things to understand my margin or error based on my shot zone.
  13. @Puttin4Dough, that is a really unfortunate take on OP. Lot of us are @iacas' students with in person and online lessons for years and he has helped transformed not only many of our golf swings in the most effective way but how we approach golf as a whole. You don't have to agree but it seems you are taking it a bit too far. Please stop doubling down on misguided drivel.
  14. GolfLug

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Wow, WW still green.. Nice!
  15. GolfLug

    My Swing (mvmac)

    Thanks. Appreciate you letting me pick your brain a bit. Couple of more questions when you have a moment. Would you say that your putter head arc is more vertical than it is horizontal? Putter head does not seem to roll over much. Is your realease feel still smooth or are you trying to pop it a tad? I also have been feeling like I use my body too much with chicken wing elbows, arms, hands and putter frozen to it through the stroke and distance control is a dice roll. My focus 'frame' has become too narrow (like I am about to pick a splinter out my sole with a needle) and putter head bound back and through the stroke which I think makes it worse. Anyway, what you are doing makes a lot of sense and a free-er, more reactive stroke would do me a lot of good.
  16. GolfLug

    My Swing (mvmac)

    That looked/sounded pure. It's been a good year to see you progress. Congrats. By that do you mean that it moves as a 'unit'?
  17. That's interesting. I had one last year that shattered when my driver clubhead took an unintended detour. Anyway, don't remember the separate settings. Must be on the newer ones. Wonder how the algorithms differ. From what I know about dopplers, it shouldn't matter. Anyway, the delta in gains is what matters as long as it is the same setting each time right?
  18. GolfLug

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Oh gosh, so overrated. If I'm playing well, what my opponent does or says does not matter. If I'm playing terribly, what my opponent does or says does not matter.
  19. GolfLug

    My Swing (boogielicious)

    Scott, whenever I have had a tendency to early extend right elbow through impact, I have had success visualizing a low hockey slap shot. Keeps upper right arm nice and snug through impact without stalling. Happy new year!
  20. GolfLug

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    Not a singular darkness to light moment, but this year everything is finally clicking together and it did manifest fairly quickly in a couple of rounds.
  21. GolfLug

    Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie

    Hans Gruber - "Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho", is about as close it comes to being a Christmas movie as it can. It would qualify as a cowboy western before it would qualify as a Christmas movie, with all the cowboy talk and all between Gruber and Mclane.
  22. GolfLug

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated. If we have decided that golf is an egalitarian sport then we better heed what that means. The population is changing in terms of what is acceptable as social attire and hence in effect, the golf population is changing. I love my 'golf attire' and look forward to putting it on before my rounds but I do not think the dress codes as originally intended are accomplishing what they wanted it to - respect on the course for others and the course and a general gentlemanly or womanly etiquette to is associated with dressing 'properly'. Really boors are boors and collars are hardly an effective antidote. Now I certainly draw the line at torn jeans, sweat pants and 'wife-beaters', kinda stuff you wouldn't wear to school, but turning away someone because of a collarless shirt for what is primarily a sporting out-door activity seems tone-deaf and archaic. It screams - "If you are going to get on our fancy premises you better look the part" - and screams rather loudly at that. Of course, each course operator is free to make and enforce a dress code they deem it worthy, not unlike restaurants. If I were to put more words in their mouth, it certainly is more of an image thing and the type of crowd they think they are attracting or the atmosphere they are creating. I just don't think they are accomplishing that and what is worse is it simply perpetuates an image of stuffiness that is too high a cost of entry for a very gettable potential golfing population otherwise.
  23. GolfLug

    Golf Philosophy… Which One for You?

    It's not exactly a philosophy as most guys I play with drive 230 yards or less on an average and I play what the group plays. But I guess closer to philosophy one. That rarely puts me at tees over 6,300 yards. Still run into plenty 400+ yards par 4s and 170 yards par 3s that test my long irons. It's nice to hit fairways but primarily I am happy to have a clear shot at the green from anywhere unless it's goarse type gnarly sticky/rough that you can't get a club through. I will also happily take a fairway bunker that's 25 yards closer.
  24. GolfLug

    A Rules Sequence: 2018 vs. 2019

    For 2018, following penalties: 1 stroke for incorrect drop. 2 strokes (general penalty) for illegal ball substitution. 1 stroke for double hit (Chen Chen) 1 stroke for accidentally causing the ball to move. 1 stroke if they tried to tamp down a spike mark but none if a previous ball mark imperfection. 2 strokes for hitting the flagstick. Total: 8 or 7 (depending on type of mark fixed) 2019: No penalties for any of the 'infractions'. Damn.. I know the odds of all this happening in reality the above sequence is very very slim, but that is a massive difference.

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