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  1. If I were a legal counsel for the PGA I would tell them there is not only no incentive to do this, there is a huge potential downside. After the soccer equitable pay case, last thing the PGA wants is to open that door.
  2. GolfLug

    Pace Problem

    @colin007, we all know the wicked sense of humor golf gods have. I wouldn't want to hit a career 3W the one time I don't wait for the green to clear.. lol!
  3. Beer with lunch earliest for me. I am someone who will drink even Poors Light with gratitude if that is all there is available as long as it is cold.
  4. @Vinsk they are all dime a dozen until they are not. Don't know a great deal about him but seems like all the tools for pga tour level career are there. He does seem a bit raw but is just a teen. All we can hope is that he has a solid support system that will see him through his learning phase. Having said that because of the prevalent parity on tour lately I think it unwise to think someone who can move a ball like he can has no chance of winning for another 3-4 years. He seems fun to watch though.
  5. I have a five-six years ago when I was always game for trying anything that made immediate sense. Anecdotally it is not a bad image for folks who have a tendency to scoop/flip at impact. But IMO it's hardly comes close to curing many fundamentally bad tendencies lot of us have. Come to find out it didn't cure any of my backswing bad habits like a flat swaying at take away. I had to and am still am working to be mindful of Keys 1 and 2 independent of all other aspects. Hammering a nail is a 'mechanical image'. AOA, face direction, club direction, speed,etc are all mechanical aspects of a swing. Not knocking anything here, just that he is over the 10% pure mechanics quota right outta gates, no? Bottom line is, the image is fine, but I would caution anyone who would somehow think rest of the steps from address onwards automatically map themselves - especially the backswing pieces. Oh how I wish though..
  6. I have a simplistic view of this. Take the belly out of the way or swing over it. Seems like he is already doing the later. Albeit, from my understanding a rounded upper back with arms over the chest is a much better structure than overly bending from the base of the spine, relatively speaking.
  7. 1-3... Only because I couldn't vote 0.25. I'm good for couple a solid shots a round, but 'pure' is another level IMO.
  8. Four eagles on short par 5s (450ish yards) and one on short par 4 (240 yards). Only one of the putts was what I would consider makable - inside of 10 ft. So yeah, almost all of them had one recurring theme - start with short and end with luck.
  9. I guess one thing comes to memory is a few years ago I played a round with a couple from up in Wisconsin. Long story short I kept driving to my ball after the husband and I teed off without waiting for his wife to tee off completely out of forgetfulness. The husband didn't say anything but she finally said "Excuse me, I haven't teed off yet, would you please mind waiting?". I have never felt like a bigger bonehead. Of course I apologized profusely for a couple of holes but I could tell she was a bit indignant for a while. She probably thought I was a sexist jerk. Was a good lesson in mindfulness for me.
  10. Only slight overrated. I don't think there is any more buzz around it than it did. It's not like they pulled in 'million dollah sponsors' or anything to begin with. I don't blame Inkster and Co. for overselling it a bit. I would if I were her. But yeah, the whole things a bit meh.
  11. That was a complete surprise for sure. After Salas's win, I was about to get up and get back to chores resolved to another ho-hum US win. Anyway, good for Pettersen. She was made out to be the unsporting villain in 2017 and now she has comeback as the hero. Fun all around. I know Lexi was injured and did not seem to be a factor, but golly that was some horrid amateurish putting who does this for a living. I mean even the best of them are going to miss a few but haven't seen a worse stroke in a while. Wie made every excuse on earth for her in the post event conference on GC.
  12. Control what you have control over. I think find a new crowd. The game is humbling for sure but humiliation from others not necessary at all. No need to feed jerks.
  13. I am looking at the whole pic. It was just my guess at what their thinking could be. I run a mfg plants that makes and sells 2000+ diff part nos. All kinds of diff value/volume models. So I understand mfg/retail P/L a bit. Exactly. Pricing not necessarily related to cost.
  14. I don't think it's about how they are able to it as much as why do they do it. IMO there are two ways to make 50 bucks in profit. Sell 5 items for 10$ in profit or 10 items for $5. I guess Mizuno thinks they are better off with the later math. It's always some kinda value/volume balance perception I think.
  15. Rory seems to be the most unaffected and personable of superstars. A bright and thoughtful fellow. Hard to not get behind him. Terribly exciting when firing on all cylinders. A very popular victory indeed.
  16. Welcome to TST. Best way to meet people is to simply go up to courses at semi busy times, usually afternoons and play as a single and hope that you get paired up with random folks. Golfers are generally nice folks and will be fine with this, but just like anything else in life you will run into an awkward experience or two. All part of becoming a golfer. Eventually, you can find a Friday afternoon league somewhere or something of the sort which will possibly get you into golf further. Maybe someone from your golf class at the University that you mention of. Have a read around here, start a swing thread, post a few comments.
  17. I think no.5 is valuable. Lot of stuff about focus and desire does not seem to useful.
  18. Koepka holding on to his chances with dear life with his driving and Rory putting on a clinic with the same club. This is fun to watch! Prolly a hair worth of difference in their games but it seems night and day.
  19. Think about this way, what are life changing consequences of a bad round? Other than our perception, which is what is being suggested that we own up to, what are you truly losing? Money? Home? Family?.. Sure it's no fun playing bad but there are folks who get truly upset or depressed with bad golf. Keep at it and come back next weekend. Maybe that's about the gist of what's being said, no?
  20. Keeping my chest over the ball throughout the swing has been a terribly helpful feel. It lowers my ball flight with the driver a bit but I can hit harder without fear of losing it right.
  21. Cobra... Have the new F9 driver. Might end up with the new MB/CB flow set too if I can get this bid to fall my way. Titleist a close 2nd.
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