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  1. I have never had a bogey free 9, let alone 18. I think 5 or 6 par streak tops. OP, very cool!
  2. Thanks. I wonder why priority method different for #1 and #2 ties.
  3. I did this. Came away with a new F9. OP, don't be bashful in asking to hit as many drivers. Do not get pressured into buying anything unless you are certain yourself. Only other thing I would suggest is that since you are just getting back to swinging after years, maybe give it a month or two to let your swing settle before a fitting. Of course if your heart is set on an immediate purchase then have at it. My rule is mama don't ask when she wants new shoes and daddy don't ask when he wants a new bag (ahem...driver)..:))
  4. Wow..the first thing I noticed is the width created in the back-swing!! Outstanding.
  5. So I checked today with baby powder on face today in my backyard net. Switched the weight back and forth. Long story short for some reason I am catching the ball half inch higher on the face with weight forward fairly consistently. I also noticed it sounds heavier instead the high pitch tinny sound.
  6. Agreed.. your A4 looks night and day better in pics above.
  7. Hope you don't mind my posting on your thread, but doesn't the rock skipping motion work for you? Nothing specific but I think it works for a lot of folks as a general feeling of open impact.
  8. Hard to say. We went back and forth few times to see If wasn't doing something different, but couldn't pin it on anything that I could feel. I even hit the white version with both settings. My guess was it reduced the vertical gear effect by bring MOI higher up the face and hence knuckling down spin a bit even on shots with contact low on the face. Relatively speaking. It was interesting though.
  9. Cobra F9 (Yellow), 10.5 degree Fujikura ATMOS (Stiff) for me. TM M5 was not-so-close 2nd. I considered the white but the yellow was just too pimp to pass up...lol. Sound/feel/carry/dispersion were ALL better than anything else. The spin dropped from 3,900 rpms to 2,100 rpms as soon as he moved the 14 gm weight forward. Carry went up by 14 yards over 10 shots on an average. I even managed to get a couple of carries in the low 240s (that is a big carry for me) on the LM. Clubhead speed was avg. 4 mph higher than M5. Best thing is the shot zone seems like it shrunk to almost 80% of my current one and the flight is mostly straight with less curve. I am hoping to have a good season..
  10. It boils down to the fact that nobody has a higher opinion of Phil than Phil. Which is why he has always taken a very high percentage of low percentage shots.
  11. So, during the interview he explained that he thought there was enough opening/gap between the net and ground to squeeze it through. I actually buy that, but to attempt it right handed with an upside down shovel clubface made me shake my head. But he insisted it was an execution gaffe more than planning. Of course, the only time Phil ever admitted to a bad choice was in 2006.
  12. I'm envious. My dad had no interest in sports, we never had any bonding activities. So I try to do everything with my kids including golf. Anyway, my neighbor back in 2000 showed up with a bag of 25 diff assorted clubs he picked up from Cash Converters and dragged me to a local range. I remember being extremely mad I couldn't make contact more than once out of 3-4 swings and came away with some skinned ripped off my palms and fingers..😊. Anyway, couple of years later another hack buddy at work took me to the course and then slowly got into playing more. I was a high handicap until about 4 years ago till I got some help here.
  13. Ha ha, FWIW, he is still a damn good bet.
  14. Lol.. Phil gets a bit distracted from common sense when there's an opportunity to show off his 'otherworldly' talents. I love Phil.. Ha ha.
  15. Olden Star Wars strings and brass heavy type sound I think. Yeah, not sure how relatable, but whatever. At least it's not Frank Sinatra or something overly nostalgic.
  16. Yeah, for a weekend warrior I suppose no reason why you can't go all hybrids. @jsgolfer is a good single digit who plays hybrids pretty deep down in the set. Maybe he can provide further insight. I have heard that irons are a bit more versatile in flight trajectory control for those who are able enough. Especially shorter irons. For me it's just a 'like' thing similar to @billchao. I have 2H and a 3H.
  17. IDK.. honestly a bit weird for me. Players are tasked to enforce rules themselves yet they are not required to be informed/knowledgeable of the rules. Not sure what am I missing in this picture. You would not encounter that in any other walk of life.
  18. In the past I have been guilty of thinking 'that is so unfair...' to some situation but am proud to say that I have a better grasp of rules as a whole after taking a more serious interest in understanding the rules ground up. I am only a weekend warrior so honestly I am failing to understand why there is not some kind of mandatory 'rules certification' requirement for a professional. This sort of adversarial stance between the highest level of professionals and the ruling body is a horrible look for the sport in general, but to me it is clear that the players have it wrong here. The general public will obviously listen to Rickie (the general 'Rickie') instead of educating themselves the correct way. It's just much too easy and it is unfortunate.
  19. Yeah, quit worrying. I think it boils down to the fact that some folks (maybe like the angry fella in OP) take it as an insult to their intelligence that manufacturers try to sell the latest GI/SGI iron as 'longer' by claiming better technology but in their eyes all they are doing you is selling a 5 iron in the 'name' of a 7 iron. Meh..whatever. Like Buddha says 'know and be still'..
  20. Regardless of the overwhelmingly favorable odds this is a no brainer for me. I couldn't even begin to contemplate 5 years without my kids. My little guy and I are absolute soul mates. Not a chance. @Pretzel, I have some real life experience working cummulative probability odds gambling online some 15 years ago. Let's just say I did well for a few months until the day the ball landed on red 18 times in a row. BTW, on the prison note, I have heard that even white collar prisoners get lonely.. 😋
  21. Brush, hard/'flighted' 7, white belt... BTW, having a cleaning brush seems like a mandatory item - not a 'too serious' category. I mean its just stupid to play with dirt in grooves.
  22. Hah. I must a unique type of idiot. Jokes aside, from my understanding, anything the golf industry designs that can be deemed 'idiot proof' or having a significant non-skill related advantage ends up in the non-conforming category.
  23. What next? Get quality instruction, practice right, practice more, play with folks better than you. If you haven't gotten fit for clubs, make sure you do so. But what's really bothering me is this I-am-busy-monday-thru-friday nonsense. You don't got time for that shit. Marry you a sugar mama and get right to the real business my man. Life's short you know.
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