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  1. Will do for sure. Thanks everyone! will keep working
  2. Just wondering what is actually causing my head to drop during downswing? Or is that hard to tell from the vid?
  3. done, lower body feels really constricted like Im forcing hips to stay completely still (Though they are turning). Besides that couldnt feel any other dramatic changes
  4. Yeah I have been! just cant seem to get it done when off the wall.
  5. Just still working on getting the shoulder turn better. Here is two backswings fast then one slow. Just was focusing on backswing and not really doing downswings. My head is still dipping during backswing, im really struggling to get the feel of stopping this. Feel my shoulder and hip turn is much better though.
  6. yep my exact thoughts but I notice my swing has always been a bit above it but I feel its creeping up even more haha.
  7. This is my just doing some backswing reps, trying to get that shoulder turn happening. Any closer?
  8. As some of you know I have done some lessons with a right side swing coach. He is a really nice guy and a good coach but I have decided I would rather learn a more conventional swing. My problem is I feel it will be weird or even a bit harsh towards him to leave him for a different coach at the same driving range. This is the only driving range I can get to so for me to do lessons I need to go there. He has done me deals for my lessons making them cheaper because I am a student but as I said I want to learn a conventional swing so I really dont know what to do. I feel it will hurt his feelings
  9. Lately I have felt a bit uncomfortable when standing over the ball! Just wondering what is the correct distance from the ball at address. Is there a 'proper' way or just comfort?
  10. will do, with the drill can you give me some direction of what my hips want to be doing?
  11. So annoying, moving house and back at uni has made me not be able to play or practice for almost two weeks. Feel I was just getting some nice tempo and now I feel next time I pick up a club I will have lost everything. Is this something to worry about and tips on my first range session to try and get back into rhythm?
  12. I got to say Rory McIlroy for me, love that big dip he does on his downswing
  13. Who has the best looking, fluent, consistant swing on tour at the moment?
  14. Yeah thats the feeling I was kinda trying to get when I was practicing it! I got that of a Mark Crossfeild vid on youtube!
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